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Women in Music Production Unite to Support Women in Afghanistan

Women in music production organizations are about to hold a masterclass with star engineer Olga FitzRoy, with donations to support women in Afghanistan.

A collection of organizations that promote women in music production, including Music Production for Women (MPW), Saffron music, We move the needle, Equalize music production, and She knows the technology, team up to host a webinar with an award-winning recording and mixing engineer, Olga FitzRoy.

Title ‘What to consider to get the best recordings’, the webinar will take place on December 9. Although participation is free, donations are encouraged and will be forwarded to Care International to support women in Afghanistan.

Photo: Blake Ezra

Olga FitzRoy has had an exemplary studio career, racking up credits that include Coldplay, Dua Lipa, Paul McCartney, and George Michael – not to mention the soundtrack’s work on The crown and Doctor Who. The hour-long masterclass focuses on capturing the magic at the source, whether it’s a vocal or instrumental take.

In addition to having a formidable studio record, FitzRoy is a strong advocate for the advancement of women’s education. “I wouldn’t have anything if I hadn’t been allowed to study and work – I think women and girls in Afghanistan deserve exactly the same rights” she writes.

Head to the MPW website to reserve your place.

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