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Win music software with Trackbout’s new music production contests

Trackbout, Inc. offers a new online platform for weekly global music production competitions.

An online platform was launched by Trackbout Inc., the makers of the free software Ripchord plugin. The platform offers the possibility of participating in international music production competitions, with prizes to be won.

Trackbout was launched to help independent music producers. It was also created by producers, with the idea of ​​helping others develop their skills, make connections and stay motivated. The main goal of Trackbout is to get producers to “make music instead of just talking about it”. Competitions are a way to encourage producers to share their craft and collaborate with each other, as well as to make themselves known.

The prices will include equipment such as software or music production hardware. Trackbout partners with different professional audio companies every week to sponsor the awards. The launch week sponsor, for example, was a Los Angeles-based software developer Baby Audio. They provided plugins as prizes for the winners.

Music production contests will be held weekly, with entrants submitting one 90-second track. A chord progression will be posted every Thursday for producers to get inspired. From there, everyone will have until the following Tuesday to invent a piece using all or part of the chords.

What happens next? Once the registration window closes, the preliminary vote will choose which leads will advance to the final, as all submitted leads are made public on the Trackbout website for everyone to vote on. Trackbout has also partnered with Stripe through Stripe Connect, so producers can make money through an online tip jar service.

Every Thursday at 10 a.m. PST, there will be a livestream on the Trackbout site where the host will play the tracks from the finalists, with the finalists invited to discuss the creation of their songs. A final ballot then determines the winners.

Find out more information and how to enter this week’s competition here.

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