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Gone are the days of MTV music and the Indus channel to broadcast new music, and although radio is still popular, its use is waning as new substitutes appear to meet the desires of every user. YouTube is a great app for streaming music, although the constant ads can be quite annoying, leaving us in a good mood while listening. Additionally, YouTube doesn’t let you play music offline or exit the app, and while the YouTube Music app has covered the gap, it hasn’t gained as much popularity.

Many Pakistani users have chosen to download music online or use Patari, a music app that offers a large collection of local music organized into playlists by genre and mood. However, as Spotify entered the Pakistani market, the competition increased. So what’s the best app for streaming, downloading, and listening to music and podcasts? We take a look.

Music collection

Both music apps have a large collection of music, although Patari mainly focuses on local productions, while Spotify includes music from all over the world. Spotify brings you a variety of music from undiscovered emerging artists in different genres, while Patari offers a selection of music from Pakistani artists and is a great app for listening to dramas and new releases. The local Lahore-based app is up to date and not only offers music in Urdu but also includes music in other regional languages ​​like Punjabi and Baluchi. Each of the two apps contains a unique collection, both of which cannot be found in the other. Patari does not have a wide range of English international music, and while Spotify may have it, it does not have the large collection of local music that can be found in Patari.

Both apps have organized playlists based on moods, genres, occasion, year, new releases, and more. Patari offers a separate category of English music sung by local Pakistani artists, while Spotify offers a separate collection of Bollywood and Pakistani music. Patari does not have international music, but offers original Coke Studio music, as well as new campaign music from Pepsi called “Pourquoi pas meri jaan?”


Patari is a localized podcast app with new episodes every week, on a variety of topics ranging from politics and poetry recitation in Urdu, to short fictional audiobooks and history lectures. Patari Orignal’s podcasts featured the stories behind the making of the music, interviews and coverage of important events such as the Aurat March. However, the number and variety of podcasts has declined since 2018, with barely a few new podcasts in recent years.

Spotify, on the other hand, has a wide variety of topics, including playlists from YouTube that have been uploaded by third parties, and also includes Hulu Orignals soundtracks. Spotify provides access to humorous talk shows, informative podcasts like Ted Talks, from philosophy and religion to literature and aeronautics.

Interface and functionalities

Spotify has a more developed and user-friendly interface and interface, which makes it easier to navigate and learn how to use the app. The app works smoothly with rare bug issues, even allowing users to create collaborative playlists with their friends that can be edited by anyone.

Group sessions allow you to listen to music playlists together, but only available to premium subscribers. Group sessions support two to five people and can be shared with a link that can be sent to friends. Users can create an artist radio station to create a playlist of songs by the same and similar artists.

Patari has a less attractive interface and design, while a few bugs do not allow new users to register and create an account. Users have sent several complaints about app issues not working properly, but no updates to resolve the issues have been released. The free and non-paid version disables features like skipping to the next song, while bombarding users with pop-up ads in the app. This is also the case with the free version of Spotify, some playback features may be disabled while the music will be interrupted by audio ads between sessions.

Premium subscriptions

Patari has a reasonable deal of Rs 100 per month or the Rs 25 weekly package, offering various payment options including JazzCash and Easy Paisa. However, it also doesn’t have a student discount. The Premium version is ad-free, allows you full access to play with controls and skip songs, download songs and create playlists.

Spotify is slightly more expensive with an individual plan of Rs299 per month and Rs. 149 for students. The app also offers a duo plan of Rs390 and a family plan of 479 with up to six active accounts. Premium versions are ad-free, allow full playback control, and allow users to stream music offline.

While both Patari and Spotify are available on phones and web browsers, choosing the right app depends on your needs. If you listen to local music more and are not interested in podcasts, Patari is the best app for you. A regular Patari user reviewed the app and said: “I am just blown away by this local app which has all the bands from my youth, with the history of their creation or formation, as well as their discography. And most importantly, the style of interaction with its user is also very familiar, which makes the application very close to the heart.

Spotify, on the other hand, is for users who want to listen to a wide variety of music from anywhere and need a large collection of podcasts to listen to. One Spotify user rightly pointed out, however, that while Spotify’s student plan is affordable and their services are quite remarkable, the only downside to the app is the lack of lyrics, because “behind the lyrics” is of no use.

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