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Universal Audio Luna music recording platform debuts for Mac

Universal Audio Luna is a brand new all-in-one recording platform. Creators of the incredible Apollo and Arrow audio interfaces, TO brings more than 60 years of analog audio expertise to the service of the new platform for creating and recording analog music. Those familiar with the brand will probably expect an astronomical price tag and a whole new interface with Luna, but it’s actually a massive downloadable add-on for existing users of the Universal Audio interface. Not to mention one of the most exciting new NAMM 2020 announcements yet. Jump under the fold for all the details.

Universal Audio Luna

Universal Audio Luna transforms existing UA interfaces with a major software update into what the company calls the “the most inspiring and fully integrated recording systems available. Considering Universal audio pedigree in the industry and how much we love his gear here, that statement might in fact be true.

The system is made up of four main elements: the integration of the Apollo interface, the integrated Neve summation, the multitrack tape emulation and the LUNA instruments.

A complete DAW

A new “accelerated real-time monitoring feature” will allow latency-free routing through UA plug-ins inside the new LUNA recording system DAW. It is not just a series of software extensions for existing systems, but rather a complete recording suite. While longtime Pro Tools and Logic Pro X users might not be too interested in the DAW side of things here, the rest of the features (including the aforementioned routing situation) are a dream come true for users. UA interface users of all kinds.

Universal audio virtual instruments!

We’ve all been waiting for the day when the company will leverage its existing DSP systems to deliver Universal Audio-worthy virtual instruments, and that wait is finally over:

LUNA further sets itself apart with the all-new software-based LUNA instruments, bringing Universal Audio’s expertise in electrical and acoustic modeling, sampling, synthesis and signal processing to virtual instruments for the first time. .

The first instruments available will be the Moog Minimoog, the Ravel Grand Piano (Steinway Model B) and the Free Shape – “a creative toolkit complete with vintage keys, drums / percussion, guitar / bass, orchestral content, and realtime synthesis, courtesy of courtesy of Universal Audio, Spitfire Audio, Orange Tree Samples, Cream Loops, and more.

Moon Neve summing

Another incredibly cool feature here is the built-in Neve summation. For those unfamiliar with it, there’s just something about the way vintage summing amplifiers in Neve gear bring audio projects together with rich harmonics / vintage warmth, and UA brings that to the masses. To put it bluntly, the feature is designed to turn pristine digital sound into a “classic sound recording filled with energy and life” without having to rent a studio with a giant Neve console that costs as much as your car. Here are more UA details:

The LUNA recording system delivers precisely emulated audio summing circuitry from the Neve 80 series audio mixing consoles designed by Neve Electronics in the 1960s and early 1970s, with the harmonic rich sound of the amplifier summons Neve 1272.

Universal Audio Luna is available as a free download for Thunderbolt-equipped Owners of the Apollo and Arrow audio interfaces (macOS only). It will be available in “spring 2020”.

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