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UduX and music streaming in Nigeria

Azuka Ogujiuba

For the first time in the Nigerian entertainment space, a record 300,000 people were made aware of the life coverage of Wizkid’s Made in Lagos concert held in London’s iconic 02 Arena. It was the first time that an internationally renowned show had been presented to Nigerians from the comfort of our rooms, desks and on the screens of our phones. The mountain was lowered so that we could climb. And, despite the fact that the partnership of Wizkid, UduX and the African telecommunications giant, MTN could only bring to the screens of our gadgets, on the first day of the milestone event which was November 28, it left an indelible mark in the hearts of Nigerians, as it was the first time such a feat has been achieved by an African artist, and it has brought hope to Nigerian music lovers that no matter how far away they can always be. connect with their favorite artists. It was a remarkable event that established itself as the # 1 trend on Nigerian Twitter for five hours.

The digital streaming industry has been dominated by notable companies – YouTube Music, Apple iTunes Store and Spotify for too long, and to break away from the norm and also record its presence / share of live streaming accolades and dividends, UduX was launched in April 2019 by a Nigerian tech company known as the Groove Platform. It aimed to bridge the gap between the value of music and the audience. Founded by Chidi Okeke, who is its CEO, UduX has so far lived up to its billing. It has been licensed by the three major global record companies under its cover and these are Sony, UC and Warner.

Following Wizkid’s signing with Sony Music, it was easier for UduX to obtain the license for the live broadcast of the MIL concert. Taking it one step further, it has a catalog of over 20 million tracks from local and global collections with top-notch sound quality.

Referring to the origin of UduX, video streaming was not part of the master plan, but as a focal opportunity, which justifies the consumption of video content more than any other form of content, UduX took advantage of the opportunity to be loved by a wider audience as we have never heard of.

UduX Founder and CEO Chidi Okeke said, “UduX is a platform for innovative solutions within the music ecosystem, constantly seeking ways to create meaningful experiences that people can connect to and connect with. root. Wizkid’s performance at the O2 Arena enabled uduX to fulfill this mandate, especially as we Nigerians applaud and celebrate Wiz’s evolution as an artist and his musical achievements.

“The live broadcast of Wizkid’s O2 Arena concert is just the start of uduX’s foray into more immersive entertainment experiences for Africa. We are in a digital age that eliminates physical and geographic barriers and offers opportunities for the curation of experiences that were not possible before. Nowhere is this more noticeable than in the entertainment space, think AR and the Metaverse. Granted, video is more at the end of immersive experiences, but it’s a step up from what’s available in Africa.

Company COO Douglas Jekan adds, “Since its inception in Nigeria, UduX has launched various initiatives to provide our subscribers with a well-organized, innovative and high-quality music experience, but this was a new high. . Wizkid’s live broadcast also came at the right time as we and other Nigerians applaud and celebrate his musical evolution and his Grammy nominations. “

As per the details of the UduX and MTN partnership, while praising Wizkid’s success, MTN Nigeria Marketing Director Adia Sowho said: “The record-breaking gig from one of Africa’s greats is an achievement. epic, for which all of Nigeria and Africa are proud. MTN proudly supported the show by allowing more than 10 times the capacity of the arena to enjoy the concert from the comfort of their own homes across Nigeria. We hope this is the first of many opportunities to bring the world to Africa and to bring Africa to the world ”.

Jekan added, “Technology and entertainment come together in different ways to bring more immersive and healthy experiences to personal spaces. While video isn’t the most immersive experience, in the age of argumentative reality and metaverse, it’s richer than just sound. For a show of this magnitude, we felt we needed to bring as much experience as possible, not just the sound. “

As expected, after the show there was an increase in sponsorship of the UduX platform, but she is not only grateful for this, but also for the fact that she was able to bring joy and happiness to many. Nigerians.

UduX clearly breaks down barriers and abolishes limits to the growth and experience of African music and its distribution around the world. The company reaffirmed its concern for consistency, “to always offer music video streaming among its services, because people consume it more than any other artistic content.”

Contrary to the proposition that access to the event via the live stream will be free, confusion ensued and MTN customers had to pay N1,000 before gaining access before realizing it was actually free. UduX subsequently apologized for the inconvenience and also made the best of the situation. Without a doubt, UduX was the best for the Wizkid concert as it was very innovative in championing the course of African music over time.

“For Wizkid it was a chance to show love to his Nigerian fans and we made it easy, taking the experience out of the 02Arena and making it available to Nigerians through our platform,” he said. said Jekan.

On December 19, UduX re-broadcast the MIL event as promised, as well as the documentary series in collaboration with MTN.

Said Jekan: “There is also a free subscription to stream any visual content of your choice on the UduX platform after your eligibility details have been verified.”

Regarding the collaboration with MTN, Okeke appreciated how a shared purpose, ideology and philosophy facilitated the whole process of collaboration, adding: “The partnership with MTN and Wizkid was built on a common philosophy, the one that represents the best of Africa in the world. . MTN is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Africa. In many ways, they embody this philosophy.

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