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Spotify targets Africa for growth in music streaming

This is crucial for the goal of one billion users of the Swedish app.

The problem is how to handle payments on a continent where many people do not have bank accounts.

Mobile phone companies may have the answer.

In Kenya, Spotify has partnered with the M-Pesa mobile payment app, owned by the local network Safaricom.

Phiona Okumu is Head of Music for Spotify in Sub-Saharan Africa:

“Some parts of Africa, a lot of African countries are unbanked which means they don’t use credit cards and that’s very true for a lot of East Africa. In Kenya you use M-Pesa for the most part. So we made sure that there was this facility so that fans don’t have as many barriers to accessing the music, which we should all be able to enjoy. “

Spotify is not the only one to partner with telephone networks.

African rivals such as Nigerian Boomplay are taking similar steps.

Content creators seem to be excited about the arrival of streaming companies.

Charles Otieno is a music producer in Kenya:

“So as far as Kenya is concerned, now we can go to ‘Spotify for artists’, you can see the newspapers, you can see how your music is basically developing.”

New products see phone companies selling music packages that give subscribers access to content from streaming companies.

This should increase the income of performers and the number of subscribers of streamers.

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