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Popular music production forum Gearslutz to change name following online petition

Gearslutz – one of the world’s most popular and oldest music production and engineering forums has issued a statement saying it will change its name and drop the “-slutz” following a Change petition. org signed by more than 4,500 people.

Website founder Jules Standen – who initially defended the name of the site as “an ironic way of describing those who, like me, had no control over their desires to acquire recording material” and that the name was “not intended to send a derogatory message to women or to discourage them from participating in the forum” – said Tuesday January 19: “A recent petition to change the name of the forum has sparked a heated debate. We recognize and agree that the pun in the name has gotten old and now is the time to move on. Gearslutz will be changing its name.

The petition – started by Cam Ran – was written on the page: “Every engineer I know has used / uses it, and most engineers I know feel uncomfortable with the name. I was one of two women sitting in an engineering class and a teacher uncomfortably mentioned the website, apologizing [sic] for the name, but mentioning it because it was an important resource to use when learning the equipment. He continued, “I look forward to a brighter future where women and people who present women feel comfortable in all spheres of work and passion, and this small change would be a big step. If you are angry or annoyed by this request, really ask yourself why.

Gearslutz is one of the world’s largest resources for knowledge and discussion of music production, with over 1.6 million monthly visitors from 218 countries. In 2011, Gearslutz added an alternative “Gearz” logo option when users claimed the logo was not appropriate for work environments, although it was not clear what the name of the new site will be. Standen closed his statement by stating: “This process is going to take some time as it is an important technical task. So, we ask you to be patient as we embark on it.”

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