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Perth music production school Lab Six launches label

Lab Six, a Perth-based electronic music and DJ school, is launching its own label.

Led by Jeremy Smith, the label officially launched on Saturday July 24 at the Lab Six building in Perth, and the label is set to release its debut track on Wednesday July 28.

Lab Six Records will provide distribution services and production workshops for emerging and new artists, and will initially serve as a platform for the school community to share their musical works with a wider audience.

The label also intends to release music from Perth’s wider music community, with a focus on building a strong roster of local artists in electronic, dance, hip- hop and pop.

Established in 2013, Lab Six has helped launch the careers of artists like Reija Lee, Sydnee Carter, White Pepper and TWERL.

Past and present instructors who lecture at the academy include Slumberjack, Boston Switch, Pendulum’s El Hornet, and co-founders Zeke Beats and Chang.

Smith said her mission is to create a brand that encourages people to unleash their creative potential.

“From humble beginnings as a DJ school in 2013, Lab Six has integrated a music production program, developed full partnerships with events and festivals in Perth and has hosted some of the world’s biggest artists through its doors,” Smith added.

“Lab Six Records is the evolution of the Lab Six brand. Over the years our community has grown, fueling the need to create a platform to showcase their work and empower local artists in Perth.

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