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New music app offers free premium membership for nurses and doctors

Deezer, a music streaming app, thanks doctors and nurses with free and unlimited music.

Starting Wednesday, May 20, the app will allow eligible doctors and nurses to listen to unlimited music, radio and podcasts on Deezer as a Premium subscriber.

Three months of premium subscription will be granted to eligible staff at no cost. After the three-month period, doctors and nurses will be able to purchase the half-price premium subscription for one year.

“We thank our heroes in the best possible way through our music, our podcasts and our radio,” said Deborah Jourdan, Head of North and Central America. “We want to help doctors and nurses relieve some of the extreme pressures they face on a daily basis. Music is a great mood booster and is known to reduce stress and anxiety. Now they can stream their favorite content without interruption, recharge their batteries and focus on their well-being.

Premium features include:

an endless, personal music stream created especially for each listener based on Deezer’s internal algorithm, missed with editors’ recommendations.

which allows fans to sing their favorite tracks from the app.

a feature built into the application allowing the listener to identify unknown tracks and add them to their library.

Original and third-party podcasts,

which offers over 15 personalized podcast channels.

so listeners can download all the music and podcasts they want without an internet connection. Recently,

produced by expert local Deezer editors around the world.

Well-being content is also available on the new Stay at Home channel.

Offer is only available to MD and DO licensed physicians and RN, ARNP, PN, LPN, APRN, NP, NA, CNM and CNA licensed nurses.

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