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Music production studio in a box

[Emil Smith] is an electronic music producer in the Greater London area. He spent a lot of time coming and going from central London so he decided to set up COVERT-19, a portable music production studio. After making a few prototypes, [Emil] settled on what he needed from his portable studio: a sampler, sequencer, synthesizer, mixer, and a way to record his work.

[Emil] has left no stone unturned with its mechanical design. Taking into account the beautiful London weather, he designed a laser-cut plywood enclosure with a neoprene foam gasket to prevent water from entering when closed and placed all inlets and outlets to the inside the case. Inside the case, he opted for machine screws with threaded inserts so he could disassemble and reassemble his creation as often as he wanted, and he included gas springs to keep the studio open while he is making music. [Emil] even thought of including ventilation slots to keep the built-in PC cool!

A portable studio is useless without a power supply, so [Emil] taught himself circuit theory and purchased his first soldering iron to create the custom power distribution system. Power is supplied by a twelve cell 18650 battery with switching converters to provide the three different voltages his studio needs. Even with all of its music creation equipment, it manages to get around four hours of battery life!

The music creation equipment consists of a sequencer and synthesizer as well as a touchscreen NUC PC running Xubuntu. The built-in PC runs software that lets him mix audio, apply additional effects, record his creations, and save his patches when he’s finished working. The system even has an additional MIDI output and audio input to allow it to integrate an external synthesizer.

If you want to get started with MIDI synthesizers, but are more interested in building than buying, check out the KELPIE.

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