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IOS 14.5.1 update crashes Apple Music app on CarPlay

Photo credit: Dimitri Karastelev

Apple Music on CarPlay repeatedly crashes for some iOS users. Here are all the details.

Yesterday, many reports from Apple Music users started surfacing about CarPlay app crashes. The Music on CarPlay app repeatedly crashes on launch, not going past the start screen. Apple Music CarPlay crash seems to only happen for those who have upgraded to iOS 14.5.1. However, the problem did not start immediately after updating users.

“The Apple Music app has stopped working on CarPlay. When I click on it, it opens, then immediately closes and returns to the home screen. No idea what has changed, ”wrote a frustrated user on Reddit. “I made sure everything was updated on my iPhone, restarted the phone and turned the car stereo on and off. Nothing helped.

When Apple Music keeps crashing, these are many of the recommended steps to resolve the issue. But it looks like this is a server side issue that Apple will need to release a fix to fix it. Some users report that putting the phone in Airplane mode to turn off WiFi and cellular fixes the problem, but the Apple Music app will crash if it is connected to the internet again.

“Most likely, this is an Apple Music issue causing the app to crash, with Apple expecting to release a server-side fix that would get things back to normal sooner rather than later,” reports Self-evolution.

Interestingly, Apple Music CarPlay crashes only affect the most recent version of iOS. Those who haven’t updated their iPhones to the latest version can still use the Apple Music app with CarPlay without a problem. Are you having problems connecting Apple Music to CarPlay or immediately crashing CarPlay?

How to fix Apple Music CarPlay crashes

For this particular issue, you will have to wait for Apple to release a server-side update. You should always try to restart your phone, turn the car stereo on and off, and make sure your apps are up to date. Although in this case, the problem seems to stem from an update released by Apple.

If you’re having trouble with the Apple Music app on your phone, there are a few things you can try. Restart your device and clear the app cache if you can’t launch the app on your iPhone.

You can check the Digital Music News guide to find out what to do if Apple Music continues to crash. This article offers detailed help in diagnosing and correcting errors that are not related to CarPlay.

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