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Huawei Music, the service for listening to streaming music

Huawei Music is the new app for streaming music. Available on the Huawei store, it provides for the payment of a monthly subscription of 9.99 euros

The Chinese giant is also making the streaming music service Huawei Music available in Europe. In Italy, the streaming platform takes the name of “Music” and offers a fairly large catalog, a catalog that is sure to expand according to Huawei’s plans to enter the market where competition is currently very strong. , to start with Spotify.

Huawei’s music app is part of the project launched by the Chinese company for a few months now following the ban imposed by Donald Trump. To replace the applications and services developed by Google, Huawei has set to work to create a series of ad hoc applications that will gradually replace those of Big G. And Huawei Music fits perfectly into this new plan. The application is available on Application gallery, Huawei’s online store, on which the company focuses heavily and in which it invests millions of dollars. Music is an application that provides a monthly subscription to have Premium mode, as is the case with other music streaming services.

Huawei Music: how it works

the Huawei Music the interface is clean and neat. It is possible to search by author or song, download songs to your device to listen to them offline, create personalized or themed playlists, listen to web radio stations and recognize a song with a feature. which follows the well-known Shazam application. At the moment, audio reproduction of streaming songs is limited to 320 kbps, but the maximum quality listed for listening is 640 kbps.

Huawei Music

Huawei music: the cost and how to download it

Huawei Music now offers the classic free trial period of one month, at the end of which it is possible to subscribe to a subscription at the price of 9.99 euros per month. The price is identical to that charged by competitor number one, or Spotify, but also by Tidal, YouTube Premium and Apple Music.

The catalog, for the moment, is a little limited, but in the coming months it will be expanded. On the latest models of Huawei and Honor smartphones, the Huawei Music app is pre-installed, while the APK can be downloaded from the web page dedicated to the service. Registration should be done using Huawei ID only, while at least for now payment is only accepted by credit card.

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