October 26, 2021

How To Cut Your Costs On Television And Music Streaming Services Money

WWith household bills on the rise, it’s time to start considering cutting back on those unnecessary subscriptions. Streaming services are a godsend to keep you entertained when winter nights roll in, but with more and more competition to grab your attention, here are 10 ways to cut them down, find deals, and save money. .

Decide which ones to cut

The most effective way to save money on streaming services is to cancel the ones you don’t use regularly. Take a look at the time you spend watching each TV service you subscribe to and you will likely find that you watch a lot more than others. There is no automated way to do this on various devices, but some services like Netflix allow you to review your activity which can help.

Some services are better for TV than movies and vice versa, so prioritizing one or the other keeps the content you watch the most available while lowering costs.

Sky’s entertainment at £ 9.99 now comes packaged with box sets but doesn’t have movies, for example.

Many movies and TV shows are also duplicated on many different services.

The free JustWatch app helps you find where the content you want to watch is available and how much each service offers.

For example, you’ll find 22 seasons of Midsomer Murders on BritBox (£ 5.99 per month), but you’ll also find four for free on ITV Hub.

Neil Dudgeon as DCI Barnaby and Nick Hendrix as DS Winter in Midsomer Murders, available on BritBox. Photograph: ITV / Rex / Shutterstock

Switch between services

Most streaming services can be paid on an ongoing monthly basis, so you can quickly switch between them and save money by only paying for one at a time. Many of the most popular TV shows are exclusive to particular services, with new episodes released once a week to keep you subscribed. The best way to watch them all for the least amount of money is to wait until all the episodes are available, then pay for a single month and watch them all at once.

It can be hard to avoid spoilers, and you’ll be late with your friends and colleagues, but time well and you can at least watch the season finale with everyone. Switching between services this way can save you a lot without running out of content.

Use free trials

Many services offer free trials, which you can cancel before they expire to avoid being charged. If you only want to watch one TV show on a particular streamer, binge-watching during a seven-day trial means you can watch it all for free. Scrolling through email addresses and household members can also unlock several free trials.

Switch to cheaper services

Many streaming services have multiple subscription levels, often based on picture quality and the number of screens you can use simultaneously to watch the same or different things. For example, Netflix’s premium subscription costs £ 13.99 per month if you want to stream it to four screens at once and for quality up to 4K ultra HD. If you only have an HDTV, switching to a standard plan saves you £ 4 per month or choosing basic standard definition saves you £ 8.

If you want to cut the cost of watching Sky’s content, its Now streaming service offers it for less every month and on an ongoing basis, broken down by categories such as entertainment, movies, and sports, so you can pay only. for the type of content you want.

Find packages and offers

A TV remote control with streaming platform buttons
Are you paying for streaming services that you don’t watch regularly? Photograph: Beata Zawrzel / NurPhoto / Rex / Shutterstock

Buying your streaming services in packages or deals with other subscriptions may be cheaper. For example, many mobile phone contracts offer an optional video or music streaming service. EE’s “smart packages” may include Netflix, Apple Music, or Apple TV +, some of O2’s packages include six months of Disney +, Prime Video, Amazon Music or others, Vodafone’s “with entertainment” packages include Prime Video, Spotify or YouTube Premium and there is a lot more.

Likewise, you may be able to get cheaper streaming services through your pay TV or phone provider. Sky’s Netflix add-on costs £ 5, saving 99 pence per month, while O2 offers £ 2 off Disney + per month.

If you are committed to a particular streaming service, paying a year in advance can save you money. Disney +, for example, costs £ 7.99 per month, but you can buy a year for £ 79.90 – 12 months for the cost of 10.

Threaten to cancel

You can’t haggle with most streaming services, but a few, like Now, will sometimes try to keep you as a customer when you threaten to cancel. It’s not quite the same as phoning and negotiating, but if you log into your account online and go through the cancellation process, you might be asked why you are trying to leave. If you select the “too expensive” or similar option, you may be offered a discount.

Pay attention to family plans

For services that don’t allow multiple users at once, family plans can save you money on separate subscriptions. Spotify’s ad-free service costs £ 9.99 per month, but you can save £ 5.99 with its “Duo” plans at £ 13.99 per month for two people or up to £ 42.95 with its “plans” Family ‘which cost £ 16.99 per month for up to six. accounts at the same address. It’s the same with Apple Music, which costs £ 9.99 per month or £ 14.99 per month for a family plan for up to six people, and YouTube Premium with YouTube Music costs £ 11.99 for an account or £ 17.99 for a family plan of up to five people.

Young woman with closed eyes listening to music through headphones
Music streaming services such as Spotify allow multiple users at the same address to share a family plan. Photography: Digital Vision. / Getty Images

Get a student discount

Many streaming services offer a student discount through services such as Unidays, Totum, or Student Beans that prove you are at an eligible college or university. Spotify costs £ 5.99 (saving £ 4) per month for students, while Apple Music costs £ 4.99 (saving £ 5) per month and also comes with Apple TV + free. YouTube Premium with YouTube Music costs £ 6.99 (saving £ 5) per month, while Amazon Prime costs £ 3.99 (saving £ 4) per month for students.

Earn money

Some streaming services offer cashback offers through certain credit cards or cashback sites. It’s worth checking your banking app to see if it has any offers. Also check out the cashback sites: you can get 64% cashback on Apple Music at Quidco or 70% at Topcashback, or £ 10 cashback on an annual Disney + subscription of both. Be careful, the cashback can sometimes be refused for various reasons so do not bet on it.

Pay with a gift card

Some streaming services like Netflix, Now and Apple Music or Apple TV + can be paid for with gift cards or vouchers, which can sometimes be purchased for less than face value.

Large retailers such as Tesco and Amazon often offer 10% off periodic sales, meaning a £ 100 gift certificate is available for £ 90, while smaller online retailers usually offer gift cards. with smaller discounts of up to 5% depending on value.

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