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Houston-based Diplomat Technologies Inc. Launches Innovative Music App That Connects DJs, Artists, and Their Audiences, Allowing On-Demand Song Requests

Houston, TX, May 07, 2022 — ( — Entrepreneurs and music enthusiasts Matthew Hayes and Elvis Hedji have launched a first-of-its-kind product, Kyle App, an app designed to give DJs the ability to earn more playing music on demand requested by an audience willing to pay or tip. The app was recently launched on the App Store.

The music ecosystem is driven by the artists who make the records, the record companies who distribute them to the masses, and the DJs who boost their relevance by measuring audience reaction. DJs are arguably the most underrated member of this ecosystem, but they have the most presence and we depend on their ability to artistically introduce records in myriad ways to quench the thirst of the audience.

The concept of an audience approaching a DJ to make a request is not new. Historically, DJs have been known to accept people’s requests and incorporate them into their set; a five or twenty dollar bill was often exchanged with a handshake to ensure the desired record would be played. Both entrepreneurs have had stints as DJs and understand very well that it can be overwhelming and annoying to receive these requests, but the financial incentive definitely changes the perspective, which makes it worth it.

Digitizing this interaction is Kyle App’s primary focus in this era of COVID-19. This is just the beginning, the pair intend to integrate musical artists who were former chart toppers looking for new channels for their latest projects and up-and-coming artists who still need exposure with communities. influential.

The app offers a free request option, allowing you to tip the performer and give feedback. This gives DJs the ability to use Kyle App at any event, whether it’s a wedding, piano bar, or lounge. Kyle also provides a DJ search option to help users find the desired DJ in case there is no QR code available on the site.

Kyle debuted in Houston, mostly hiring up-and-coming DJs, such as DJ T Will. You can see the Kyle App in action by visiting the Kyle App Instagram page to see the DJs who use the app and the events they host.

To contact Kyle App and learn more:
Twitter and Instagram: @Usekyleapp

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