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Have you lost the use of Audius? Here’s how to navigate the decentralized music app

Audius, the decentralized music streaming platform owned by artists, fans and developers, provides a platform for artists to share new songs and directly monetize their streams.

Although Audius has been a hidden gem since its launch in 2018, the music streaming app is now doing a lot of advance into the mainstream. It is because of his unique take on music streaming and its strategy, his focus on independent artists and the support he gets from celebrities, including popular mainstream artists.

So we’ve written this article to help you navigate the Audius app on your mobile device.

What is Audius?

If you are not familiar with Audius, it wouldn’t be a surprise. That’s because Audius has bubbled up and is now gaining popularity thanks to its partnership with TikTok and its association with domestic music artists who invest in the streaming service.

Audius is a music app for independent artists and now commercial artists. The service is crypto-based and uses blockchain technology. Its appeal is that it aims to make the streaming industry fairer for all artists, producers, etc.


Some of the popular mainstream performers include Skrillex, Weezer, deadmau5, Russ, Diplo, and Disclosure.

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How to navigate your Audius feed

When you launch the Audius app, you land on Your feed. Press the profile icon at the bottom left of the screen. Here you will find messages from other users and original messages. To filter one or the other, press All Posts and select the filter you prefer.

To navigate your flow on the desktop, simply navigate to the top left corner of the screen, then click Food under the Discover tongue.

Listen and share songs

Each published track shows you the interactions it has received, such as the number of reposts and favorites it has accumulated. You too can republish the song by pressing the button repost under the music information, or you can favorite Where to share with your network outside the Audius platform.

To play the previewed track, simply press the track name in bold, which will bring you to a window displaying the track information, the possibility of to play as well as other pieces by this creator.

Discovering the creators

To see more info about the creator who posted the track you’re watching, just tap the name of creator under the track name, which will take you to the Audius of this creator profile. From there, you can choose to follow this creator by tapping the To follow button to the right of their name.

Below you will be able to see the Bitcoin level they are on, as well as buttons for their social media profiles, which you can tap if you want to view them.

Finally, you can consult their tracks, albums, playlists, reruns, and collectibles by pressing the corresponding tabs.

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How to navigate your profile on Audius

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It’s easier to navigate your profile on the mobile app. To start, press the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen. Here you will see your profile information at the top of the screen, such as your number. Playlists, Followers, and the users that you are Following.

If you are an artist, you can download your music below by tapping Download the track. Then you will see all the music that you have reposted, if any, under the Repost tongue. To view your playlists, tap Playlists To the right.

Could Audius be complemented with Apple Music and Spotify?

While Audius was initially an underdog in the music streaming space, it is becoming more and more popular as mainstream artists like Nas, Katy Perry, Jason Derulo and others invest in the platform, this which gives it more reputation and popularity.

Because its uniqueness and mission make it attractive to artists, Audius could establish itself as a serious contender in the music streaming market. However, it is still too early to pit it against streaming giants like Apple Music and Spotify.

For now though, you can be proud of the fact that every time you support an artist on Audius, you are helping them get paid directly, helping to empower that artist.

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