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Gaana – India’s Favorite Music App

Much work has taken place behind the scenes at gaana to take the user experience to the next level, we are as excited and passionate about what Gaana is becoming than we ever have been. Here’s a brief update on what we’ve been working on at Gaana, and some of the results that make us want to wake up every morning and bring music to a billion Indians!

Create the most intuitive and engaging music experience
At its core, our passions are centered on making Gaana the most intuitive and engaging musical product available. We’ve worked hard to improve a lot of things under the hood to make it happen – like optimizing our recommendation algorithm, speeding up music playback, and improving our user experience.

The main metric, which tells us if we’re doing a good job, is retention – how many people who used Gaana last month are still using it this month. And we’re happy to share that from May to September, we improved our monthly retention by 48%.

Source: App Annie

Other measures tell us the same thing. Today, our users are listening to 36% more songs and spending more time per day on Gaana than ever before, up 39% in the past 6 months.

The verdict is clear: users love Gaana, more than any other streaming product

Source: Google Play Store

User loyalty and growth
Our goal has been to ensure that Gaana provides a great experience. And for this reason, our growth efficiency is higher than ever. Over the past few months, we’ve improved our marketing efficiency (net cost per user added) by 31%.

Make Gaana a healthy business
Providing a great musical experience for millions of Indians is exciting, but we are also here to build a healthy business. We have redesigned our advertising products to make them more effective. The increase in the share of direct business allows us to really reduce the advertising load. The net impact is that our ad revenue per user (ARPU) has increased 135% in the past six months.

I’ve only been CEO of Gaana for four months, and I know we’re just getting started. We have so much more to offer, and you’ll continue to see exciting product innovations and of course great music on Gaana in the months to come. Today, hundreds of millions of music lovers use Gaana. We are building one of the largest mainstream media platforms in India. The party has just started!

Bas Bajna Chahiye Gaana,

Gaana - India's Favorite Music App

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