Music streaming

Do you use a hi-fi music streaming service?

Or do you stick to standard quality?


Although it seems like the market has largely settled on a few flagship options, there’s no shortage of ways to stream your favorite tunes these days. Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music – these are just a few of the apps you can download from the Play Store right now before diving into curated playlists and new releases. If you really want to get the most out of your music library, you’ll need better sound. You can always turn to local playback, but if you prefer to stick with streaming, many existing plans offer precisely that.

There’s of course the Spotify-shaped elephant in the room. Despite announcing a high-quality level over a year ago, the company has yet to launch its “HiFi” branded service – and that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. In January, we learned there were no specific timeline details for the plan yet, despite the first blog post announcing a 2021 release. Luckily, it’s easy to switch from Spotify to another service that Is have higher quality music streams, and there’s plenty to choose from.


Apple Music caused a stir last year after announcing high-quality songs at no extra cost, but with shaky device support on its side. It was a move that drew a lot of action from competitors, as Amazon followed suit by dropping its hi-fi tier instead of the standard “Music Unlimited” plan at no extra cost.

And of course there’s Tidal, one of the original names in high-quality streaming gaming. Although he’s less recognized than some of the biggest players in this space, he’s still rolling. Late last year, Tidal even launched an ad-supported plan to rival Spotify, as well as a cheaper high-quality plan now priced to match the rest of the industry. Smaller services like Deezer and Qobuz also offer high-speed streaming, although their prices are higher than current competition.

With high-quality music services now cheaper than ever, we’re curious if our readers have taken the plunge. Did you subscribe to a lossless or hi-fi streaming service, or are you happy with your standard plan?

Do you use a hi-fi music streaming service?

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