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Ayoba launches a new music application

Ayoba has revamped its music homepage with an improved design, improved player, and optimized images for artists and playlists. The new app also offers options to add voice and video calls to the platform’s offering.

To access full functionality, users need to upgrade their apps to version 0.42.2 on the Ayoba website.

“It has been an incredible journey to build a music service in Ayoba,” said company CEO Burak Akinci. “The year started with 40,000 monthly music users and we are currently at 300,000 monthly music users. The main territories are South Africa, Nigeria and Cameroon and we expect this growth trend to continue. The new music homepage in Ayoba will further improve the discovery of music in the app, and we expect a favorable response from users ”.

Simfy Africa, in partnership with MTN, also announced the closure of its standalone music streaming service MusicTime, which operated in multiple regions including South Africa since 2018. The music service will be integrated with Ayoba to provide messaging and music. streaming platform. MusicTime will close to new users this week, while existing subscribers will be able to access the service until November 30, 2021.

“We take this opportunity to thank all of our Simfy and MusicTime users for their support,” Akinci said. “It’s been 10 years since the Simfy service was launched, and the music industry and competitor landscape has changed dramatically. We see a greater opportunity for growth with the music offering in Ayoba. The music homepage upgrade in Ayoba is the first in a series of upgrades coming to the app with our increased focus on music and content.

The app for Africa and the Middle East offers 20 localized playlists for each market. Popular playlists are updated weekly and include top songs and new music on Fridays. Other notable playlists are Gloire à Dieu (Cameroon and Congo-Brazzaville), Ziyaduma! (South Africa), Olamide: Birthday Playlist (Nigeria) and Top 50 Songs (Ghana).

Ayoba has over 160 content channels in various categories with over 8 million monthly active users. MTN customers are offered free data to use Ayoba, with the exception of users in Benin. The free data can be used for all of the app’s services, including messaging, browsing, gaming, and listening to music. However, voice and video calls are excluded from the free data provisions.

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