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Apple Music app lands on Samsung smart TVs

Apple Music has made its way to more and more non-Apple platforms recently, including Windows, Android, and even Amazon Echo and Sonos speakers. The Apple Music app is now breaking into new territory: smart TVs, starting with Samsung.

Scheduled to debut today, the Apple Music app will be available on Samsung smart TV models from 2018 to present and in more than 100 markets.

If you are a Samsung Smart TV user, you can find the Apple Music app in the Samsung Smart TV App Store. Once the app is installed, you can sign in with your Apple IDs or create a new Apple account.

Apple Music subscriptions start at $10 per month for individuals or $15 per month for families (which include up to six family members). Apple is also offering a three-month free trial to owners of Samsung smart TVs.

Apple Music offers more than 60 million ad-free tracks, plus Beats 1 radio station and “At Home With Apple Music” content, which includes editorial playlists, artist interviews and group FaceTime chats .

Music apps on smart TVs are of course nothing new; Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and iHeartRadio all offer them for a variety of smart TV platforms.

Apple Music’s arrival on Samsung TVs (or TVs in general) makes sense given how Apple is catching up in the streaming music arena. At last count (in June 2019, the last time Apple gave numbers), Apple had around 60 million Apple Music subscribers, a staggering number that is nevertheless dwarfed by Spotify’s huge base of paying subscribers. of 124 million.

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