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Apple Logic Pro Update: New Version of Music Production Software Is ‘Biggest Change in Years’, Says Company | The independent

Apple has unveiled a major new update to Logic Pro X, its music production software.

The new update brings better ways to create beats and a redesigned sampling workflow, as well as a new Live Loops feature borrowed from Garageband that allows users to create loops on a grid.

Apple says the update is the biggest since the app was renamed Logic Pro X in 2013.

“The Mac and Logic Pro X are essential tools used by the world’s best musicians and producers to create the music we all love,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of application marketing, in a statement.

“Logic Pro X 10.5 represents the biggest update to Logic since the launch of Logic Pro X, with powerful new tools that will inspire every artist, from those new to Logic to those who already use it to produce award-winning albums. at the Grammy Awards. We can’t wait to hear what these artists will create next.

The latest update is free for anyone who has purchased Logic in the past. It costs £ 199.99 on the Mac App Store, though the company recently started offering a 90-day free trial.

Included in the updated features is a new “Quick Sampler” which allows users to grab any individual sound and turn it into a playable instrument. The sound of someone speaking can be picked up from the Voice Memos app, for example, and then played like a musical instrument with a keyboard.

Live Loops allows users to take samples, loops or recordings in the same way and organize them in a grid so that they can be mixed and have effects applied.

Both features are more reminiscent of Garageband, Apple’s free music creation software tool, available on all of its platforms. Apple has been working to bring the two apps together for the past few years, allowing people to start creating songs on their iPhones and moving them into the premium professional editing suite, for example.

Apple has also added new rhythm-making features, including a new step sequencer to make it faster and easier for users to launch sounds together to turn them into rhythm. Other features such as Drum Machine Designer – which allows users to create their own drum sounds – will integrate with this new feature.

Logic Remote, Apple’s separate application for iPhone or iPad that allows users to control the workstation from their computer, will also receive an update to support the new features.

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