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Adele amplifies the D’Music application | Saint Lucia Loop

The wait is finally over.

Adele’s highly anticipated album, ’30’, was released today and is available on the D’Music app.

Since releasing her first single “Easy On Me,” Adele has been the top artist on the D’Music app, with listeners in Jamaica, Saint Lucia and Guyana showing the most love in the Caribbean.

Oscar Castellano, Head of D Music and Go Loud Applications, said Loop news that since the release of ‘Easy on Me’, the British singer has been the top performer on the platform and that they have immersed listeners in all things Adele.

“We pushed Adele hard through our own media, social, retail and other assets. The single became our best track on the platform and a week later we did a Shake to Win campaign with the Best of Adele playlist to gift an iPhone 13 and that playlist became the best list ever. reading for us. We have been promoting heavily with ‘Easy on Me’ and the Best of Adele playlist and now for this launch we are also planning to do another promotion bigger than ever, ”he teased.

Castellano noted that Sony, Adele’s label, has been very supportive of D’Music’s efforts as a streaming platform.

“Across Play Go (films and documentaries), Go Loud (podcasts and radio), Loop (news) and Bip (instant messaging), among others, we have a suite of apps that work together to maximize artist strength, ”he said.

Even though Adele is a global artist, her popularity in the region has certainly helped the D’Music app amplify its strengths as a dedicated streaming service providing listeners in the Caribbean with the best experience.

The app, Castellano said, offers the best local experience as any licensed artist in the area is featured prominently on the app and the music covers all genres native to the Caribbean, from Soca to Kompa.

The app prides itself on an efficient user experience that gives listeners instant access to a menu of new albums, playlists, strictly local music, seasonal favorites, trending genres and music videos.

Best of all, the app is accessible to everyone as there is no need to use a credit or debit card to stream your favorite songs. Additionally, without ever seeing an ad, users can also have an Introductory Music Experience (simply called D’Music) or a Full Premium Experience with full access to over 55 million songs, playlist creations, downloads, music videos and more, to enjoy in the daily, weekly or monthly plans provided.

Digicel customers who purchase a premium package have true free access to music because data is included in their packages.

Available for both Android and iOS, the D’Music app makes it easy for users with web access available for those who prefer to listen on the desktop.

Download the D’Music app for an unparalleled listening experience

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