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Tracktion Waveform Free 2021 is proof that free DAWs are getting more and more powerful. How will this make music production more accessible?

In an age when people can produce movies on iPhone and novels in Word, we’re learning that cost doesn’t have to be a barrier to creating high-quality art anymore. Music is no exception.

High-quality digital audio workstations (DAWs) – which have long been an option only for those who can shell out the cash – are increasingly available for free. Now more than ever, we are seeing feature-rich software with fewer restrictions, which can teach musicians who are just starting their careers or expand the knowledge of a seasoned producer – at no cost.

Let’s take a closer look at an important player in this field: Tracktion Waveform Free.

Systems like Tracktion’s Waveform free, BandLabs Cakewalk or Studio One Prime are affordable, powerful and catch up with the demands of low-budget music producers. These DAWs impose little or no compromise on your musical creation, proving that you don’t need to sacrifice quality for a budget.

So what do these highly accessible systems look like? Are they really worth it compared to their more expensive counterparts?

Traction Waveform Free is the only cross-platform, unrestricted, comprehensive free DAW. It benefits from an intuitive and simple workflow. Waveform Free is simply an older version of the current (and paid) Waveform Pro, meaning that the now free DAW was once Tracktion’s flagship product.

Free pull waveform:

  • Has the timeout and no watermark.
  • Unlimited number of tracks.
  • Has a wide variety of options and formats for rendering and saving projects, without limits.
  • Allows all third-party instrument and effect plug-ins.
  • Has no copyright restrictions.

The DAW welcomes its users with a variety of templates and tutorials, which are a great starting point for those new to the Tracktion environment or integrated music production in general.

Editing clips is made easy with features like range selection, ripple removal, and silence healing (consolidation), while the step-by-step clip editor eases the process of programming clips. Action panels allow you to save and customize your most used tools, which can be easily recalled with the click of a button.

The Pattern Generator and Instruments and Effects allow the use of presets or your own generated material. To top it off, the system includes a MIDI input function so you can seamlessly switch between editing and performance.

Overall, Tracktion Waveform Free is designed to improve your workflow. It is customizable rather than stagnant and encourages its users to interact with every part of the program without restriction.

Tracktion Waveform Free has been compared to REAPER, which is arguably a more flexible DAW that receives more regular updates and features. While incredibly versatile, REAPER is not technically free.

The system offers its users a free trial but costs $ 60 to legally use once you have passed the trial period. Although it is significantly lower in price than most other DAWs, Tracktion Waveform Free is proof that it is possible to create high quality music with a completely free system.

Learn more or download Tracktion Waveform Free here.

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