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A new digital music streaming app will shake up the global music industry


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streamer girl

Fintech company ‘STREAMER’ focuses on lucrative global mobile markets and aims to attract over 30 million users by the end of 2022

Our vision is to make STREAMER the world’s leading NFT music streaming platform, providing fair compensation, distribution and exposure to independent musicians.

— Marie Garcia

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, March 7, 2022 / — Sydney-based fintech company NFTMUSIC.STREAM has just launched a new music streaming app called ‘STREAMER’ which integrates Blockchain-based NFT distribution. In a blockchain, fungible tokens are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are units of data representing a unique digital asset stored and verified on the blockchain.

This NFT integration will allow STREAMER to reach a unique music-loving demographic, with industry experts predicting an adoption of over 30 million new “STREAMER” users by December 2022. is already associated with the ETHEREUM blockchain and launched on Uniswap in early January. This year.

Company spokeswoman Marie Garcia said, “Our vision is to establish the brand as the premier global NFT music streaming platform, providing fair compensation, distribution and exposure to independent musicians. She added, “Our approach to product awareness is global in scope. and local in execution. By the end of 2022, we aim to license over 30 million tracks and host at least 1 million independent musicians on our platform,”

NFT MUSIC STREAM is for everyone who loves music, from artists and fans to record labels and crypto investors. Users now have a single platform to stream and download music products, receive rewards for their activity, interact with artists, and buy and sell NFT MUSIC STREAM tokens to become investors in music.

Music artists will have the ability to “tokenize” their music and receive real-time royalties and new revenue streams. They can now receive royalties in real time and create new revenue streams. It’s an exciting new economy based on tokens and NFTs.

Marie Garcia said, “NFT MUSIC STREAM is an ecosystem of services for the global community of music artists, fans and music providers with a beautiful music market. We aim to become the world’s leading NFT music streaming platform by the end of this year. Users will be able to invest in music projects, be part of a vibrant, strong and enthusiastic community, and of course buy and sell NFT MUSIC STREAM cryptocurrency.

NFT MUSIC STREAM will soon be available for iPhone™ and Android™ devices with special tools designed to further enhance the user experience.

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