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220 students participate in a music recording at Hunter Hall School

Ankoma BigSing at the Hunter Room

On Monday June 10, Hunter Hall in Penrith welcomed over 220 children to the school, who took part in the “Ankoma Dream Schools Choir” to record a CD for the Ankoma Outreach project.

Ankoma Outreach supports a small rural village called Ankoma in Kwahu-East, Ghana. The objective is to contribute to the development of Ankoma in terms of health, education and sanitation, while helping the inhabitants of Ankoma to become self-reliant. Craig and Asha Richardson, the founders of the Ankoma Outreach charity, first discovered Ankoma in 2012, since then they have welcomed many volunteers to Ankoma to help manage several projects, ranging from babies to the elderly.

Hunter Hall has supported the Ankoma Outreach Project in several ways for a few years, including sending netball and football kits, pairs of shoes, and recently a spare school uniform to Ankoma. They also hosted five of Ankoma Dream’s children for a day in September 2018.

The Ankoma Dream Schools Choir is the most recent event Hunter Hall has attended. All the children of Hunter Hall, as well as the elementary school choirs of Long Marton, Asby, Newlathes, Warcop, Morland and Bolton were involved. Asha (founder of the project) and Sophie (who composed the song Ankoma Dream) visited each school earlier in the term to conduct a workshop for teaching song to all students, then all schools got together with a sound crew to professionally record the track in the Hunter Hall School lobby last Monday.

Thanks to a beautiful sunshine, all the children were singing together in the yard sporting their charity t-shirts which had all been previously purchased for the children to donate to this worthy charity. A TV crew also witnessed the video footage being taken to be broadcast and the kids can’t wait to see the footage aired and hear the song.

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