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Band/Singer Quotes Page 1
Band/Singer Quotes Page 2

"Sorry, mom I like to make out!"
- Benji of Good Charlotte

"These are.nice socks"
-Joel of Good Charlotte at Wet Seal

"Music is supposed to be an escape, It's supposed to be somewhere you can go, where you can be yourself, or be whatever you wanna be."
- Joel from Good Charlotte

"Good Charlotte is anger management teen angst."
- Joel Madden [GC]

"Those people who shun us just because of the label we're on, or the fact that we've got a video out there that's getting us somewhere, are only limiting themselves, because they aren't keeping an open mind. Besides, no band has ever given us shit for our career path. It's mostly just jaded punkers. And if that's the way they're gonna be, I'd rather have someone who doesn't know a thing about punk coming to our shows, 'cause they're the ones who like it for what it is, not for what it isn't."
- Joel [GC]

"Punk rockers have feelings too!"
Benji Madden [GC]

"Have we ever murdered a boy band? YES! There was a boy band named P-Town and we shot them."
- Benji, GC

"Life is Benji, The rest is just details . Benji is Life. I have what you want."
- Benji, GC summing up life to a bumper sticker

"I'm lost."
- Joel, GC summing up life to a bumper sticker

"Malibu Stacey! Malibu Stacey! I would be Malibu Stacey. She has a nice car."
- Benji, GC on what barbie he would be

"Bloody Barbie."
Joel, GC on what barbie he would be

"I would be the barbie with the interchangeable boobs."
- Benji, GC on what barbie he would be

"I'm just in the band."
- Joel, GC on his talents

"Yeah of course, the boxers are yummy and it's the bacon that gets the gals! No wait…it's the other way around."
- Benji of Good Charlotte

"Now I sound like a News broadcaster"
- Benji (GC)
"Yeah, this just in.Benji's an a**hole"
- Joel(GC) from All Things Rock

"You know, I just like to keep it all in the family."
- Benji from Good Charlotte (after being accused of having "relations" with Joel)

"[During] the first song we looked at each other and we were like, 'this is what we're doing,'" remembers Joel. "From then on we just wanted to rock."
- Joel from GC

"Yo mommas fatter than a crackmonkey.wait nevermind.corny 'yo momma' joke. "
- Paul from GC

"He's ummm. a pitbull?"
- Paul from GC on Cash Dogg

"Dude, I just wanna break one of these off."
- Billy from Good Charlotte

"I just wanna break one of these off."
- Paul from Good Charlotte on Benji's spikey hair

"First gig in three months I'm not nervous."
- Benji Madden of Good Charlotte

"Benji usually tries to match his hair with his underwear, and you know how he had the pink hair for a while well we caught him in a pink thong one day!"
- Joel (GC)

"Joel even though everyone makes fun of you , your still doing a good job."
- Benji
"Well that really raises my confidence a lot."
- Joel

"When I heard Nirvana, it changed my life."
- Joel (vocals of Good Charlotte) on the album that had the biggest affect on him

"My mom is Christian, and she wouldn't let us listen to rock music. So me and my brother, we had this tape player with head phones, and we locked ouselves in the pantry. We were fighting over the headphones, sitting in the dark pantry listening to Metallica."
- Joel Madden on his earliest music memory

"Although I consider myself a punk rocker, Billy (guitar) listens to alot of metal, paul (bass) is into the Pixies and Sabadoh, and my brother worships Morrissey"
- Benji of G.C

"Life is Benjithe rest is just detailsBenji is life"
- Benji from Good Charlotte

"When I heard Nirvana, it changed my life."
- Joel (vocals of Good Charlotte) on the album that had the biggest affect on him

"My mom is Christian, and she wouldn't let us listen to rock music. So me and my brother, we had this tape player with head phones, and we locked ouselves in the pantry. We were fighting over the headphones, sitting in the dark pantry listening to Metallica."
- Joel Madden on his earliest music memory

"Although I consider myself a punk rocker, Billy (guitar) listens to alot of metal, paul (bass) is into the Pixies and Sabadoh, and my brother worships Morrissey"
- Benji of G.C

"I'm kinda disappointed that Canada isn't like the South Park movie said it was."
- Joel, Good Charlotte

"You guys have been in the studio too long.I remember when we were making our first record I'd be like "If you do more time.I'll.uh.lick your balls!" yea.It's only gay if you swallow!"
- Joel from GC to Pierre of Simple Plan

"Girls! Like you.Boys! Like me.Girls! Like Joel!"
- Paul to the Garbage song "Androgony"

"People come up to me and say "Can I have a Paul hug?".WHAT THE HECK IS A PAUL HUG!?!?"
- Paul of GC

"I'm learning Italian.Gratzie!"
- Benji of Good Charlotte

"We have cousins from Chicago.Mest!"
- Benji of Good Charlotte

"Dude.I took one of your shirts."
- Benji of Good Charlotte to Carson Daly on TRL

"What? You guys got make-up!?! Ohhhhh."
- Benji of Good Charlotte on TRL

"We have to go get ready for the show."-Joel of Good Charlotte
"We do?"-Benji of Good Charlotte
".Not really.this is what we wear on stage."-Joel

" you wear a cup on stage?"
- Benji Madden of Good Charlotte

"These guys ride you think I'm stupid for calling them motorcycles?"
- Joel Of Good Charlotte about Dirtbikes

"We can say anything? ANYTHING? Okay.who wants to fuck Billy?"-Joel of Good Charlotte
"Who wants to fuck me? That's not something we should discuss!"-Billy of Good Charlotte

"Your on your own Biatch!"
- Benji (GC)

"Im the self proclaimed leader of the band. Self proclaimed."
- Benji (GC)

"If you want me to wait I'll wait for you Benji says its about his dog so you know I have no clue."
- Billy (GC on Benji's song Wondering)

"This band is kinda like a marriage. Me and Benj exspecially."
- Joel on the band.

"Joel is laid back and innocent but sometimes its like dude come on."
- Benji on Joel

"They think Im funny ma."
- Joel (GC)

"I'm the bass player, no one has a crush on the bass player."
- Paul (GC)

"I'm the one that tries to make jokes and no body laughs at. The kids are laughing at Paul not With Paul." - Paul on himself

"There are some people i'd take a bullet for, and some people i'd like to put a bullet in."
- Benji Madden of GC

"I was just in the middle of singing a song about how broke we were and now my cell phone rings."
- Joel from Good Charlotte

"You need a life bro"
- Joel from Good Charlotte

"Bonjour, biotch! Au revior, boitch!"
- Benji(GC)

"Don't worry mom . I am still a virgin."
- Benji Madden [GC]. Friday october 4th 2002 .[GC] hosting TRL.

"This is the makeout song. Although you should ask the person first 'cause I've had some troubles with that before."
- Benji from GC, during 'Seasons'.

"You can only start a boyband if you kill one of the ones already out there."

"I think that our goal in Good Charlotte is just to be Good Charlotte, and whatever happens, whatever that means, we don't even know, we just push on and tour and make music and do whatever."

"We're all music fans and we just love being in a band, and that's why we do it."

"I'm scared of cops.!"

"We spend a majority of the show after the playing just walking around the crowd and meeting kids. Kids are like 'Why do you do this?' And we all say, 'Well, if it wasn't for you guys, we'd be nothing.' It's like it makes sense to us just to hang out cause we like to."
- Billy

"1 egg, 1 sperm.2 babies!"
- Benji

"I sell out every day. I say give me a five dollars and I'll give you a kiss."
- Benji

"I fell off the stage and all my clothes fell off! And I wet my pants, but they fell off, so I couldn't wet them, so it must have been the kid standing next to me."

"You know who else likes making out? Sum 41. I know from first hand experience. Or. my friend does."

"I dropped an anvil on Benji."

"I'd do anything for him."
- Joel, talking about Benji

"I sell out everyday. I say: give me five bucks, and I'll give you a kiss."
- Benji.

"I don't know how your gonna take this, but Santa Claus isn't real, Bro."
-Benji to Joel.

"In 10th grade, I kissed your girlfriend. But don't worry, I didn't like it. She used too much tounge."
-Joel, to Benji.

"I think Benj is a little bit more outgoing and in your face. I'm a little bit more reserved and quiet and conservative in some ways. Benj is wild, you never know what to except out of him. He's out of control sometimes, and that's the way he is and I love him for it. I wouldn't change one thing about him. We're just like Ying and Yang, me and him, like night and day sometimes. He's really outspoken and he says what he thinks right away. He's got strong opinions and he's very hard core about being um… he's not straight-edged, like he doesn't call himself straight-edged but he is just very extreme. Whatever he does is extreme and I'm not quite as much like that."
-Joel, describing how him and Benji are different.

"I think the terrorists are just idiots."

"One time I ripped Joel's nipples off! One time I pierced Paul's butt cheeks together!"
- Benji

"I don't really think there is such a thing as a band selling out."
- Billy

Joel: We're in a band called Good Charlotte
Benji: Yes. Joel likes to mention this every time.
Joel: (acts stupid for distraction)
Benji: Dude, get serious. We're gonna get fired.

Joel: about 3/4 of our band is vegitarian so
Mike & Bob: thats cool
Paul: I'm the only carnivore.
Mike: I figured it was you Paul
Paul: Yeah, I didn't get this physic from eating vegetables (laughs)
Bob: Do they say snide comments to you like 'way to go' or ' hows your stake murderer?'.
Joel: Yeah murderer, hows it feel?
(all laugh)

Benji: Heyyy, welcome back to All Things Rock, we're from the band Good Charlotte. There Joel, I said it!
Joel: Thank you.

Joel: I think if they had a California music award for show hosts, we'd win.
Benji: True! I think so too. We're really good. Well let's check out the video, and while the video is playing we can talk about how good we are amongst ourselves.

"And me and Joel were thinking that we should change our band to be rap medal so we could be rich too. I'd buy 6 cars."
- Benji

"Most bands break up after one record, or two--our second record is about to come out. We're not broken up! *smiles*"
- Benji

Benji: (While reading a post from the ATR Message Board) We also agree that Benji is the best host.
Joel: (actually believes it says that and looks at paper)

'Yes, it's the greatest one hour of tv you'll ever see!"
- Benji

Joel: Go to the MTV All Things Rock message board.
Benji: And tell me how great I am!

"P.S. Benji is a better host than Joel."
- Benji reading a post

Joel: Welcome to All Things Rock, I'm Joel.
Benji: And I'm Benji.
Joel: Yeahunfortunately.

Joel: Well you can go to, you can go to the message board there
Benji: Don't forget to do that.
Joel: OR you could go to Good, there's a message board there too!
Benji: Hey GC kids. *waves*

Joel: Go to and tell us what you think of the show.
Benji: And what you think of Joel, and if he should really be on this show.
Joel: That's right.

Joel: Matt filled in for him last year when he got injured in a mugging.
Benji: A mugging?!
Joel: Yes, a mugging.
Benji: .I don't know anything about it.

Joel: Every band dreams of that.I know our band does; we don't have a platinum record!
Benji: We've got platinum teeth man, sup wit that?!

"You know, if one kid bought a record for every one kid that said I suckthat'd be a lot of platinum records, man!"
- Benji

Benji: I started buying records kinda late. I got Nirvana's "Nevermind", Rancid's first record, Joel got MC Hammer.
Joel: *shrugs* Can't lie.

"It's a lot of fun, the Internet. I think it's gonna be big."
- Benji

Joel: I really love Dashboard, if you don't have the cd you should really check it out.
Benji: Joel listens to it and just cries, and sobs.tears of heartbreak.

Benji: I like dark videos, I got Frankenstein on my shirt.
Joel: *confused look because Benji is random*

Joel: Welcome back to All Things Rock. I'm Joel and this is Benji.
Benji: Yes, I am Benji.but I am also the giver of information!

Benji: Welcome back to the best show on MTV, and we are the best hosts!
Joel: You're very confident.
Benji: Yes! I am the best.

Joel: Hey, you're watching All Things Rock and I'm one half of your hosts, Joel.
Benji: Yes, and I am the better half, Benji.

Graffiti's good kids. Get out there!"
- Benji

Benji: We are back!
Joel: Back.
Benji: Back.
Joel: Back.

Joel: What do you think Benj?
Benji: ahh, shut up kid!

Benji: You know, personally, I haven't had any problems with being married and being on tour.
Joel: You're not married.
Benji: .oh
Joel: You never will be married.

Benji: (talking about buying a cd) You can go to your local Target store
Joel: Tarjayyy
Benji: Yes, I used to work at Target. Uhh.long story, I got fired for painting a tuxedo on my naked body at a company function.the punch spilled, it was a mess.
Joel: Bad story.
Benji: Bad story.

Joel: I told you we knew NFG! I told you!
Benji: We weren't lying.
Chad from NFG: See this is what its all about.(shakes Joel's hand and gives Benji a hug, Chad's about a foot taller than Benji, he looks like a little boy hugging his dad).
Chad from NFG: All Things Rock! All Things Rock! (picks up some rocks and starts throwing them at Joel)

Benji: (responding to a post) I just want to say that if I was on the message board, if I do post, my name would be a lot cooler than All Things Benji. Sorry, its not me.
Joel: Once again, people are surfing the net on someone else's
Benji and Joel: someone else's surfboard. (both look at each other and giggle)

Benji: I sorta feel like when people compare me to Joel, even though he's my twin, its like kicking me in the face and then punching me again.
Joel: Well when people compare me to you its like.
Benji: (interrupts) Let's play the video.
Joel: (makes a face because he can't think of anything)

Benji: And the next video comes from Joel's favorite band in history, Default.
Joel: (look of surprise)

Benji: I'm Benji, this is my brother Joel, and you're watching my show. (skip ahead to the post)
Joel: Why don't you just go ahead and read it since you're running things right now. Since you don't do anything else.
Benji: Thank you my brother for finally recognizing!

Joel: Well my grandmother is a big fan of Good Charlotte. We're for the grannies.
Benji: My grandma watches the show so Hi Grandma! I e-mail with her.
Joel: Hi Grandma, We love you!!! (they both wave)
Joel: Let's dedicate the next video to our grandma.

Benji: Well, let's take a look at Papa Roach's She Loves Me Not, and Joel.please don't sing along.
Joel: WORD!

Joel: Anthony Keidas (of red hot chilli peppers), good guy, I know him personally.
Benji: No you don't.
Joel: (talks about how the song is a true story about Anthony's break up)
Benji: It wasn't working out, I had to let him go. (trying not to laugh)
Joel: You broke up with him?
Benji: (smiles) YES!
Joel: Whatever dude.
Benji: It's ok, cause now he can be rich, he's got a hit!

Benji: I found a shocking one.
Joel: It IS a shocking one.
Benji: "First of all, I want to say that those wannabe punk rockers from Good Charlotte are the worst hosts I've ever laid my eyes on." (Joel looks at the paper and makes a shocked face). "I don't think that they should be able to be on tv in the first place. Why don't MTV just find any bum off the street and give them a job to host a crappy rock show."
Joel: (silent pause) Well, my mom always told me there would be haters, just keep doing your thing. Not everyone can love ya.
Benji: I . I don't even know what to say. I'm really hurt.
Joel: I wouldn't get a bum off the street though. You guys remember Jesse Camp?
Benji: You couldn't understand a word he was saying.
Joel: You couldn't understand "Ahyyahhayyahha Jesse Camp"

Benji: (talking about people requesting a song a lot) Which means Joel here has been spending a lot of time on his laptop. A-HA! (total fake laugh)
Joel: Shut up.

Benji: I have my foot on the monitor.
Joel: Thats right, Benji is doing the big rock star move.

Benji: Hey everyone this is All Things Rock, I'm Scott Stapp. (smiles) I'm just kidding, I'm Benji and this is Joel. (Benji starts cracking up laughing!)

Joel: What do you think of that Scott?
Benji: I think that's great, Joel.

Joel: I'mI'm Joel and this is Benji
Benji: I'mI'm Joel and this is Benji.
Joel: (keeps talking)
Benji: (shrugs his shoulders) I thought it was funny.
Joel: That's wasn't funny, he is never funny. (goes back to talking)
Benji: (makes this funny face and starts doing "the robot")

Joel: We'll still be on the Warped Tour.
Benji: Still having not showered for weeks.
Joel: Weeks on end.
Benji: (lifts up his arm and stiffs his armpit, makes a disgusted face)

Benji: Hey kids, do not change the channel or I will kill you. (Joel is laughing and shaking his head)
Joel: No, its alright he is not going to kill you, he couldn't kill anything. (Benji just stares at him)

Joel: And don't forget.
Benji: .to give me lots of compliments.
Joel: Give him lots of compliments.he needs it.
Benji: (nods his head in agreement)

Joel: (speaking to the band Quarashi) Do you guys ever get tired of Benj trying to sleep on your bus?
Quarashi: Sometimes
Joel: It gets old, I know, I have to be on the bus with him.
Benji: Hey! What can I say? I'm a fan.

Joel: We're on the tour all summer long with these guys. We actually shower together and stuff, it's great.
Benji: (talking about the lead singer) I actually borrowed his underwear yesterday, it was awesome. I'll give it back to you later.

Joel: We're standing here on this mosaic--
Benji: I made a mosaic in fifth grade out of noodles.
Joel:.very famous -- that's nice, Benj'.

"Tom Cruise is soooo dreamy!."
- Joel

Benji: They're going to be in LA
Joel: (gets in Benji's face, almost stunned like) LOS ANGELES???
Benji: Yes.

Benji: Have you seen Kid Rock's new beer commercial?
Joel: No.
Benji: It made me want to drink soda
Joel: *stares blankly*
Benji: Was that funny?
Joel: No.

Joel: .and this is from their '97 album, 'Nimrod'
Benji: Whoa! that's the year I graduated high school!
Joel: Yes it is.
Benji: (looks at camera) see! I told you guys I graduated!

Benji: (reading a post) Benji and Joel, can you guys hug?
(Both pause and look at each other)
Benji: No.
Joel: Nope.
Benji: Moving on to the next video.

"Hey! You're watching All Things Rock, which is my show, and I'm Benji. *Looks at Joel* Aren't you glad I let you hang out sometimes?"
- Benji

Joel: So watch the VMAs, hosted by Jimmy Fallon
Benji: My friend.
Joel: You've never met him, you don't know him, he's not your friend.
Benji: Then that's my award.
Joel: No its not.

Benji: He's got those fake tattoos I don't know if I'm down with that. Ya see, these aren't real.
Joel: Yeah, but he could.
Benji: Kick my ass? Yeah I'm sure he could.
(talking about vin diesel and his fake tattoos)

"Change the channel and die. (smiles)"
- Benji

Joel: Hey everyone, welcome back. I'm Joel, and this is my brother Benji.
Benji: Yes, the rumors are true, we ARE related.

Benji: (talking about lead singer of the White Stripes) he says he doesn't have any ASSperations to become a big movie star.
Joel: He doesn't have any ASSperations?
Benji: No.(continues talking about him) I've got ASSperations!
Joel: You do??
Benji: of being, like, one of those guys in the civil war movies that dies, like right away.

Joel: We're doin' this spankin' new style this week.
Benji: Spankin' new style?
Joel: Spankin' new, yo.
Benji: Word.
Joel: Word. So anyway, we're here with--
Benji: Wait a minute, you're not making fun of hip hop are you?
Joel: Nono!
Benji: Good, cause I'll break you, fool.

Joel: *says something about some video director*
Benji: He also directed Christina Aguliera's video for "Dirrty" the best video in the history of videos ever!!Ever."

Benji: You probably shouldn't punch the floor on stage while you're angry.(points to Joel) you should punch your brother, that's what brothers are for, you should hit your brother.
Joel: Well, I'm speechless.

(Benji and Joel talking to The Halo Friendlies about bowling)
Benji: Do you like heavy balls?
Natalie: Mediumballs.
Joel: You know, kids, it's important when you bowl, to use the right size balls. Ya know the balls are really the most important part of the game.
Benji: Balls are important aren't they?

Benji: They said the track was written about the overwhelming temptations of stardom.
Joel: I know I get overwhelmed.
Benji: You're not a star.
Joel: Oh yeah.

Benji: (stops talking and listens to anouncer in bowling alley) They just called for the ball boy, Joel.
Joel: Gotta go! *walks off set*

Benji: (talking about his equipment).which you probably can't see 'cause of a lot of stains from fruits and tomatoes and other various items thrown at me while I'm on stage.
Joel: People hate you.
Benji:.small children.midget parts.
Joel: People must really hate you.
Benji:.I am, I'm not a very loved man in this country am I?

Interviewer: So Benji, I hear you love Kasey Chambers
Benji: Yeah-
Joel: (rips microphone out of interviewer's hands) Man, he wants to love ALL of Kasey Chambers, if you know what I mean
Benji: -laughs and looks guilty- Yeah

Billy: (laughs) That was an escaped llama.

Paul:.[looks behind us] What are you doing? Why am I doing two interviews and you're not doing any?
Joel: I'm filming you for our DVD. Say hi to the DVD.
Paul: Um, hi DVD.

(When Benji was asked what Joel was hopeless at)
Joel: Atleast you didn't say girls.
Benji: Nah, you're getting better with girls.

"I got my first drum kit when I was 3," he says. "I don't know how musical it was, but I banged." - Dusty

Joel: You guys got make up?
Billy & Paul: Yea.
Joel & Benji: Aww!!

"We never thought we'd leave the basement!"
- Benji

"I think we're a hair band now.
- Joel

"Do we even play music now? Nah!
- Paul

Benji: Doin whatever we wanna do, sayin whatever we wanna say.
Joel: Makin fun of people.
Benji: Yes we are!

"We promised we'd let you guys ask us whatever you want today, just nothing too personal, my mom's watching. Yes Mom, I'm still a virgin!"
- Benji

Fan: What's your newest tattoo and where is it?
Benji: Hm. my newest tattoo that I can show you.
Joel: Ooooo.

Benji: Now Joel, our family wasn't bad was it?
Joel: Ah no, it was perfect!
Benji: Perfect, we don't have any problems. We're not weird at all. We're not screwed up at all!

Benji:Ahh the memories, it seems like it was only last week.
Joel: It was only last week
Benji: I know, you're not supposed to say that. That was the whole point of the joke!

"Do you know how much stuff it takes to make my hair stay up?!?!"
- Billy

"My comment on it is, if you take the C off of Billy Corgan's last name, his name would be Billy Organ."
- Benji of Good Charlotte (on people complaining about the new Zwan cd screwing up their speakers)

"When I was 17 I liked anyone who gave me the time of day"
- Benji

"Benji swears the song "wondering" is for Cashdogg"
- Billy

"Every 5 minutes a hamster is getting brutily beaten with a stick"
- Billy Martin and his hamster!

"They symbolize that I can do what I want. They ensure that I will never work a regular job."
- Benji (on his tattoos and piercings)

"Hey, guys, I have some bad news for you. We were backing out of the parking lot and I think we ran over Lil Bow Wow. Sorry, our bad!"
- Benji

"This one time, Joel was too scared to ask a girl to a dance so he had me call her up and pretend I was him. And she said no and then she said, 'This isn't Joel, is it?' and I said, 'No its Benj!'"
- Benji

"What's my official statement? My official statement is. that I've been wearing the same underwear for the the past four days!"
- Benji

"I haven't taken a shower in 4 days, I guess that makes me more punk."
- Benji

"When we fight, it's not about things you think we'd fight about, like music. It's about like, I'll wear Joel's socks and he'll be like, 'Dude. dude. I told you not to wear my socks, dude. You know I like my socks. Benji.Dude, oh are those my boxers, too? Dude ooh Ohh do you have to go there? Dude. dude!' And then we're, like, in the studio in this really important part of the song and I'll be like 'What do you think we should do?''I don't care are those my boxers? DUDE!"
- Benji (on fighting with Joel)

"Hey, you guys wanna know Joel's middle name? Wanna know Joel's middle name? Joel's middle name is Reuben!"
- Benji

"Getting beat."
- Benji (on his best childhood memory)

Interviewer: Would you ever consider turning in your instruments to learn choreography and become a boy band?
Benji: Umm. after you shot me in the head.

"State your position!"
- Benji

"Wheres the peanut butter"
- Billy

Joel: Bush
Benji: (starts laughing histericly)
Joel: Lets go to a commercial (confused look)

"I have not showered in a week"
- Benji

"Thanks to red wine, Bob, and to are parents to doing it"
- Benji Madden

"Joel, I don't tell you this enough but I love you, You've always been my best friend, and you always will be, you're the most talented, caring person I have ever met, I think you got the better half of the egg."
- Benji

"I would like to thank my parents for doing it, the red wine, Burt Bacharach, candleleight, and the egg for splitting so I didn't have to be te lead singer."
- Benji

"I used to munch on sunday, but now I munch on saturday. Why saturday instead of sunday? Umm. foo (fool) because munching on saturday is trendy! hehe"
- Billy

"I hope my allergies don't act up"
- Benji Madden

"Yes I'm pimpin this jacket thank you very much!"
- Joel

"One time we went around the neighbourhood and stuck all the mailbox flags up! Or, or there was this one time we drove up to fast food places, ordered tons of food, paid for it, then drove off before we got it."
- Benji

"If I wasn't in the band, I'd be in jail!"
- Benji

"We actually grew up amish"
- Benji

"Damn girl, you don't have to pinch so hard, turn around, now it's your turn!"
- Joel

"I'm a goody goody. I never do bad things"
- Billy

Benji: I heard about you at the bar last night, Paul. there's gonna be shaving cream to your head!
Joel: any- Benji: shhhheee!! (imitating squirting shaving cream)
Joel: sor- Benji: shheeee!!
Joel: BENJI!!

"St. Paul is not gay! He's very, very straight."
- Paul

"Because I love you, because I care, because.BECAUSE.because you need clean socks!!"
- Benji to Joel about his socks

"Keep representin GC, cause you know we're representin you!"
- Benji

Benji: What do you think of that billy?
Billy: (in scared voice) Spoooky!!

"You can call him Benjamin, that's what Mama calls him."
- Joel talking about Benji

'I put rat poison in Billy's food one time"
- Benji

"I'm going by Benjamin now. It sounds more mature."
- Benji

"Joel is the innocent one"
- Benji on Joel

" I will kiss you. I will make out with you. I will make out with anyone with boobies. Aaah besides Paul of course. That's all in the past"
- Benji after Sydnie of Simply GC asked him for a kiss

Benji: "I like rockstardom. You can have girls flash you for free and have girls actually want to make out with you. But then again some guys want to make out with Joel"
Joel: "Yea I am the man's man. Benji, you're the lama's man"
Benji: "Maybe so, but I get more action than you do"
Joel: "Actually you don't because as far as I will tell anyone, we are both still virgins and probably will be until our twelve-year-old fans become 18 and meet us when we are like 29"
Benji: "Hey girls, in six years I will be free so come propose anytime so I can lose my big V"
Joel: "Uhh I think they'd be more experienced than you"
Benji: "I doubt it. I have a blow up doll and you"
Joel: "Dude that was wrong"
Benji: "But so VERY true" (fake laughs)
Joel: "Uhh no"
(both argue and keep saying yes no yes no yes no)

Benji: "We will be back with more rock videos in a few, but first let's go to MTV news"
Joel :(right before Ian came on TV) "Newsflash, Benji is an idiot"

"Every single FRICKIN time I go anywhere these little girls come up to me and go "AAH WHERES YOUR TWIN JOEL AT?" and so now I just kinda go "Joel who? Who are you talking about?"
- Benji on being recognized in public

"And now we're back"- (Benji and Joel at exact same time)
"Yes, we are twins, isn't it so cute?"-Benji

"The All-American Rejects have a story for us here"-Benji (all american rejects say something about rocking balls and Mike busting his head on a speaker)
"Aha nice one" -Joel.
"You guys cannot top my story. See? Once I was rocking balls in my bedroom and my mom came in and caught me" -Benji
"That's a nice story Benji."-Joel (All Things Rock)

"Yes-we are back. you thought those annoying veejays from that dumb band were gone-but NO-we're still here."
- Benji

"If we sound like uneducated idiots, its because we are."
- Benji

"Leave it to JC Chazes to bring back the mullet."
- Benji (on JC's video)

Paul: "This is Paul."
Joel: "I'm Joel"
Benji: "And BRAD spelled backwards is DARB."

"Good evening boys and girls! Welcome to the Nutcracker. This is Rob Tim, I will crack your nuts. Today I'm going to teach you a little lesson about life, the Rob Tim way."
- Benji

"This is Joel at the mall. 'Hey girl, who you with? You ever heard that song 'Little Things'? Yo, that's about me, girl. Awww yeah.'"
- Benji

"Yeah, on our day off we went to Disney for our first time and Joel was like a little kid. He was like 'Come on guys we have to hurry to Space Mountain!' And this morning when I walked in the bathroom, I swear I heard him singing 'When You Wish Upon A Star.'"
- Benji

Torie (interviewer): "Okay cool, Well just for my general knowledge, did your parents dress you and Benji alike?"
Joel: [laughs] "Oh my god yes, up until we were like in 5th or 6th grade they did yeah, after that we kind of developed our own styles."

Torie*interviewer*: "Who would you not ever go on tour with?"
Joel: "Crazy Town."
. Torie: [laughs] "Okay why not crazy town?"
Joel: "Because they suck!"

(Allan and Gina are interviewers)
Allan: "I hear you guys used to play at good ole fashioned barn raisers."
Benji: "But, there was a pay phone down the street so it's all good."
Gina: "Yes, electricity was just a stone's throw away."
Benji: "In the winter we burrowed."
*everyone laughs hysterically*
Benji: "What? That's what they called it."
Joel: "Shut up!"
Benji: "No, it's true. It's like a tradition. All of the families, they get cold and sleep together. They don't like sleep sleep together. It's called burrowing."
Aaron: "I ain't even gonna comment."
Gina: "They generate body heat."
Benji: "How do I know that? I don't know."
Allan: "You and your whole family spooning."
*everyone laughs*
Gina: "Mom, get off me, man. You're hot."
Benji: "Good Charlotte and Allan Scott. Spooning."

Benji: "If you ask Linkin Park if we're friends they'll say yes."
Joel: "They don't even who you are."

Billy: "Do you ever think about sauce pans?"
Joel: "Uhm. No."
Billy: "No, me either."

"You all may love Canada, I hate Canada!"
- Joel

- Benji

"I remember when we ah, 3 years back we did the video for or song 'Little Things',I thought it was really cheesy, right along with our first album cover, I thought that was cheesy. So I got the Wisconsin state flag tattooed on my ass." -Benji
"But it didn't work cause since then have been cheesy" - Joel
"Cheesy" -Benji
"Well damn it sucks to be us, huh?!"-Joel (Joel and Benji talkin about good luck tattoos)

Fan: "Joel!! Take off your shirt!"
Joel: "How 'bout you take off yours?"

"Go Bert, it's your birthday!"
- Joel

"He dates an actor, Gwyneth Paltrow-they probably have SEX!"
- Joel talking about the lead singer of Coldplay

Billy: "Nice moves Paul!"
Paul: "Thank you, they're pretty good"

"And we'll be the ugliest old couple alive, with our old tattooes and piercings and we'll still be having sex to no affects!"
- Benji

"That's some good shit, I mean stuff"
- Billy

"One egg, one sperm, two babies."
- Benji

"We love you all."
- Joel

"This song is for the girls in [insert your town here], because they mess with your head."
- Joel

"Black nailpolish didn't come with testosterone."
- Benji

"We don't really consider ourselves a punk rock band. Punk rock is supposed to be anti-clique, but these days, even punk rock has gotten cliquey."
- Benji

"I got all the hoes!"
- Benji

"You were the one who gave me those boxers? I wondered where they came from, I wear those! Although I'm not a big fan of flannel, it gets a little hot down there, if you know what I mean."
- Joel

"Joel your gloves suck!"
- Benji

"That's funny, we were just talking about sex!"
- Benji

"That performance really moved me.I gotta go now."
- Benji

"I have a confession to make: I love making out. it's fun and innocent. And besides, you can't get pregnant from making out."
- Benji

"Uh.I like dogs.I have a dog.his name is Cash."
- Benji

"They call me Benj, they call him Joel." from the interview from the Feastival in Philly,
- Benji

*Hands me the pen* "Can I pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee have It?" *puppy dog face*
- Benji

"Aww. Thanx, you get a hug for that!"
- Benji

"Corruption? What's that? No, we probably corrupted each other."
- Benji

"Someone call the fire department this one's out of control!" (said while shaking his hips back and forth) (He said this outside the club they played that turned into a dance club after and u could hear techno in the back HE WAS DANCING!)
- Benji

"My ass smells like Joel."
- Benji

"I was in a boy band once myself.
- Benji

"Yeah of course, the boxers are yummy and its the bacon that gets the gals! No wait.its the other way around."
- Benji

"Stop watching them making out!"
- Benji

"Hey, guys. I have some bad news for you.we were backing out of the parking lot and I think we ran over Lil Bow Wow."
- Benji

"We feel really lucky right now, especially because we're so young. We feel like we can do anything, nothing can hold us back, and we've got a lot of energy."
- Benji

"I'm agoraphobic.I just want someone to love me."
- Benji

(During "Seasons") "I'm really feelin' those lighters." (like Fred Durst in the song "Outside") ::silence:: "Oh, come on! That was supposed to be funny!"
- Benji

Little Kid: "Hey benji, will you sign my report card?"
Benji: (looks around, trys not to laugh) "Wow, that's really good!"

*Pushes ring into Joel's cheek and watches it light up* "It's so purty!"
- Benji

"This is a sweet song, it's for the guys of MXPX. Cuz one night, I was having a real tough night, one of the guys from MXPX invited me on his bus. He helped me out a lot, yeah, he held me all night long."
- Benji

"It must be real tough to be a punk rocker in Wisconsin, you get chased by rednecks and stuff."
- Benji

"This one time, Joel was too scared to ask a girl to a dance so he had me call her up and pretend I was him, and she said no and then she said 'This isn't Joel is it?' and I said, 'No it's Benj!'"
- Benji

I told him I backed into a parked car on the way to a show and he said.(laughs) "Are you okay?" "Okay, now who stole my wallet?"
- Joel

"Good Charlotte is anger management teen angst."
- Joel

"I don't want to see anyone leaving single tonight. I want everyone to leave impregnated."
- Joel

"Tonight I'm spooning with Tom on my couch!" (referring to mxpx)
- Benji

"I want all of you leave here pregnant!" (right before Seasons)
- Benji

"We need wives or husbands so that we can stay in Australia." (During the Melbourne gig)
- Benji

Interviewer: "Benji, with all your piercings have you got your 'Prince Albert' done?"
Benji: "Ahahahahahaha.(innocently) Who's Prince Albert?."

"That's surprising [that I smell good] seeing I haven't showered in.three weeks."
- Benji

"Billy drives like an old grandma."
- Paul

"You have beautiful handwriting."
- Paul

"How you doin' babygurl?"
- Paul

"Are you sure you don't want Joel's autograph instead?"
- Paul

Paul: "St. Paul is not gay!! He's very, very straight."
Aaron: "Ok, buddy, whatever you want to believe."
Paul: "You're really starting to hurt my feelings."

"Are you SURE you're not from Waldorf? I swear I've seen you so much before."
- Paul

".music is supposed to be an escape. It's supposed to be somewhere you go, where you can be yourself, or be whatever you want to be."
- Joel

"Look what you did, you just made me say badass Buffalo five times."
- Joel

"Yes, I am pimpin' this coat, thank you very much."
- Joel

"You can only start a boy band if you kill one of the other ones already out there."
- Joel

"So I wanna see all of you making out during this song."
- Joel

Joel: "This song is about quitting school, quitting work, quitting everything and starting a band. A punk rock band, a ska band, any kind of band. But what do you gotta do if you wanna start a boyband?"
Crowd: "You gotta kill one of the ones already out there!"
JOEL: "That's right, because you gotta get in the rotation."

"I was in Menudo."
- Joel

(when asked how touring has changed their lives) "I think you could say that we know more about the world, and we are now experts on the care and feeding of stinky, smelly socks." from interview,
- Joel

"It was the same thing, we stood in a room and picked! 'We want that guy!'"
- Joel

(Singing Seasons) "Walking all along the.grass, ya told me.ah y'all I forgot the words."
- Joel

"Anywhere on your leg is near the bone and that shit hurts." from hiponline interview,
- Joel

"Yeah, I hurt my finger, does anyone have a Band-Aid?
- Joel

"Instead of going out and shooting people, why don't you go start a band."
- Joel

Canadian Radio DJ: "Do you know who the prime minister of Canada is?"
Joel: "Boris Yeltsin!"

"We're definitely not jaded. We never really considered ourselves serious musicians who are changing music. We're just kids who wanted to be in a band."
- Joel

"People think that I'm a really outgoing person because of how I am on stage. But I'm not. I'm really shy."
- Joel

"This one's for all you emo and skater kids, we know your sensitive" ( about Motivation Proclamation)
- Joel

Joel: I've sung to a girl under the stars. A song I wrote for her.
Benji: I sang a girl to sleep

"Picture? SURE!! You want a picture? Lets take a picture!!"
- Billy

"You just cursed on the radio!" (Said to Joel.)

- Benji

"Black nailpolish didn't come with testosterone."
- Benji

Benji: "For me?"
Person: "If you squeeze it, it sings the twilight zone song."
Benji: "Come here you get a hug!"

"We can't be responsible for our good fortune though," argues Joel. "Those people who shun us just because of the label we're on, or the fact that we've got a video out there that's getting us somewhere are only limiting themselves, because they aren't keeping an open mind."
- Joel

"It's very cliched to go, 'You're not punk.' We don't care if we are, and we don't care if we aren't,"
- Joel

"I've flown across America, I've scaled fences, I've stood under windows and gone out of my way hundreds of times. I'm a hopeless romantic. There's no hope for me."
- Joel

"People can call us sellouts, but I'm not selling out — I'm doing what I wanted to do since I was 13, and that's get on MTV and make videos and live the dream."
- Billy

"I think that it is a great opportunity to see bands who pretty much the only reason they do this is to do the live show and perform for kids and just make you forget about all of the problems in your life, and just come to a show and just listen to music and don't think about anything else"
- Billy

"Wisdom about the business. don't quit, keep playing everyday. If you want it as bad as you think it does, you'll work for it. I guess that works in life too, if you want it, you won't stop until you get it."
- Paul

"I have a special heart in my place. I mean a special place in my heart for Avril.I am not good with words when it comes to girls!"
- Benji, hosting at TRL

"Someday we will walk hand in hand down the rainbow all happy"
- Billy

"I'm going to go.walk.into traffic"
- Benj

"I hate you"
- Benji (Speaking to Joel)

"Joel's a girl.even mom said so"
- Benji

"My girlfriend calls him joelly moley!!"
- Benji

Person: "I saw your high school pictures."
Billy: "Oh god, don't go there."

"See that? (blows air) Cold."
- Joel

"Girls don't like boys, Girls like cars an money, Boys will laugh at girls when they're not funny"
- Joel on 'Girls and Boys'

"You know making videos kids" *PAUSE* "It's hard work" *PAUSE* "Have to do things like this" *PAUSE* "You might want to think twice before you" *PAUSE* "Start a rock band."
- Benji

"Alright, stop this now. Gonna get. Gonna get all tear teary eyed."
- Joel

"If you got married to Curt Loader your name would be Suchin Loader."
- Benji to Shuchin Pak of MTV News

"If you do a good job there will be cake and ice cream for everyone afterwards."
- Benji

Interviewer: "Can you dance?"
Benji: " I can freak."

"Look at Joel over here. He's got a camera attached to his bike." *PAUSE* "I can hardly even steer this thing on my own!"
- Billy

"Getting ready ta ride some gansta bikes."
- Billy

"I went from band member to extra just like that!" *PAUSE* "It's cool." *PAUSE* "It's the story of my life."
- Paul

"It's like a real party because they're all our friends. Let's see. Tony from Mest." (Tony smacks Joel on the face.) "Ow! That was Tony form Mest, and I'm gonna go kick his a** right now!" (He starts after him and there are some beeps.)
- Joel

Joel: "The guys in Chevelle say they're having second thoughts about their name, which was taken from the classic Chevy muscle car, the Chevy Chevelle, which I really love."
Benji: "I like the Chevelle."
Joel: "Now why would you question a name like Chevelle?"
Benji: "I don't know. Why?"
Joel: "A cool name like Chevelle, when it could be worse. You could have a band named after a children's book about a little girl. A book you never even read. A book like Good Charlotte. And then you have to answer all these questions about why, what's the significance of your name, when you really don't know, you were just fifteen and you named the band. And now you're bigger."
Benji: "And you got a mohawk and tattoos and you're named after a little girl. It could be worse guys, Chevelle's an okay name."
Joel: "Don't cry about it. It's all good."

"This is All Things Rock and I'm Benji, and this is MY show!!! ohhh yeah, and this is my little helper Joel"
- Benji

Benji: (reading post) "Do you guys read actual posts or do the writers give you something?' .Do you think that we're puppets? I don't make this stuff. Some kids wrote these things on the message boards."
Joel: "This show can't afford writers." Benji: "Do you think I write these? Here, listen. 'Benji is hot.' 'Benji is god.' 'ATR rocks.' 'Benji is cool.' I don't think I write these. We are not puppets!"
Joel: "No more posts for you. (snatches posts from Benji)"

Benji: (talking about No Doubt's video game) "I'm buying that one."
Joel: "I got Play Station 2 (points at Benji), he's got X-Box."
Benji: "Billy and Paul bought me X-Box. I think they just got it so they could play with it though."
Joel: "Yeah. Thanks guys, Billy and Paul. We love you guys. Anyways."

Benji: (reading post) "Some nice person decided to post a little poll on who should get fired, me or Joel. A little contest of something."
Joel: "This should be funny."
Benji: "Yeah. Well, 1% says that Joel should get fired."
Joel: "Ha ha ha."
Benji: "1% says that I should get fired. That's 2%. The other 98% of people say that we should both get fired, that we suck, we don't know what we're doing, we don't belong on MTV, we're no good. We look bad."
Joel: "OK, OK!!"

"Could it be anymore obvious that he was reading from a cue card!? He's like this the whole time" (looks back and forth from the cue card to the camera and mocks benji*, "UH, RECENTLY."
- Joel

"The screen name is GoodCharlotte7." - Joel
"I like it so far I like it." - Benji
"First of all I think Good Charlotte rocks and I love the first CD." - Joel
"Yes keep going." - Benji
"I can't wait until October 1 when you're new CD The Young and The Hopeless comes out." - Joel
"You know it's funny she should say that, we have a cd coming out October 1 called The Young and The Hopeless, and uh ya know you should check it out." - Benji
"Are you ever in your career coming to Alaska?" - Joel
"I should hope so and another band that might come to Alaska is Default, and we should hope they go to Alaska." - Benji

"I sort of feel like when people compare me to Joel even though we're twins it's like kicking me in the face and then punching me." - Benji
"Well when people compare me to you it's-" - Joel
"Let's play the video." - Benji

"Satan has a sister and she's a fan of ours?" - Benji
"Be quiet, this gets serious." - Joel
"The asthma attacks are probably pretty frequent, in hell. We're sorry that satan's your sister." Benji

"Stay with us or we'll have our feelings hurt." - Benji while him and Joel make puppy dog faces

"Tonight's post it goes 'hey did anyone see Benji on tuesday nights show he was scratching his ass at the end while Joel was talking, I can't believe he would do that on TV I thought it was funny'. You know you guys, I enjoy the posts I love reading the message boards but sometimes you just send in the weirdest stuff and let's try to ("for real" Joel in the background) yeah don't make up stories about me scratching my ass, let's get serious."
- Benji while scratching his ass

Fan (to Paul): "Spank you!!!
Paul: "Spank what?"

*What to wear at festivals*
Joel: "Bikini tops!"
Benji: "You've got to show off that stomach"
Billy: "Board shorts"
Benji: "A Turtleneck and a dress that goes to her ankles. And a veil and gloves"
Joel: "If its raining, a white t-shirt. Read the weather - if it says rain, white is always the way to go"

Benji: "I go to take a drink of my uh, "apple juice" and uh as I'm you know…drinking it, I realize everyone's laughing and it's, it's kind of warm."
Joel: "And it's not so satisfying."
Benji: "I drank PISS!"
Joel: "That's right! He drank urine! Pee-pee water! Fluid wastes! He drank it!"
Benji: "I am an idiot ladies and gentlemen!"

Benji: "Everyone say 'shut up Joel'
Crowd: "SHUT UP JOEL!"

Benji: "I just want to say the disclaimer. That we are not funny guys and everything we've said is probably."
Joel: "LIES"
Benji: "Gonna make you not want to be our fans. So we apoligize for this really weird interview, and awkward things we've said."
Joel: "And I wanna apoligize for us, being in your country and disrupting your way of life. I'm sorry."
Benji: "Is this ummm awkward for any of you?"
Joel: "Are you guys awkward? [talking into the camera]"
Benji: "I feel a little awkward.ok."

Benji: "Five, four, three, two, one." (After one Benji sticks up the finger.)

Joel (amazed): "You can count!"

"This song is for all the people who want to commit suicide.well HOLD ON"
- Billy

Joel: "I know what else can make you grow"
Benji: "What else can help make you grow?"
Joel: "Green beans and broccoli and carrots!" (smiles)

Joel: "Welcome back to All Things Rock!"
Benji: "Welcome back to All Things Rock!"
Joel: (sighs) "Ohhh yea.he's not funny is he?"

"And now it's time for Joel to stop talking."
- Benji

Benji: "Theres no way that can be true, we all know I hook up with dudes."
Joel: (gives weird look)
Benji: "It's all a lie."

Benji: "You know what? There's nothing wrong with making out with a girl here or there on the road."
Joel: "It's funny cause this is true."

Benji: "Alriite, Let's play the video, The Donnas, 'Who Invited You'."
Joel: (turns to Benji)" Who invited you?" (laughs) "Clever!"

Joel: "I'm Joel, this is Benji."
Benji: "Yep!"
Joel: "He's my brother."
Benji: "Yep!"
Joel: "We're in a band called Good Charlotte."
Benji: "Yep!"

"Making out is all fun and games until someone swallows a tongue ring"
- Benji after being asked about making out by a fan

" English? That's unpossible!"
- Benji

"I'm not famous. You're all just crazy!
- Billy

"I put on pretty good sock puppet shows and I can mime."
- Joel

"My dream is to go home and stay there."
- Paul

"It's ok, nobody's as much of a psycho as I am."
- Paul

"Masturbation Pro-justification"
- Benj after being asked what his favorite song was that the band sings

(Sydnie is a friend of GC's)
Sydnie- "Ya know you're so cute" *scratches joel behind the ear*
Joel- "Woof Woof" *leg kicks like a dogs*
*Sydnie laughs*
*Benji lays down on the floor and pulls his shirt up*
Benji- "Scratch my bellaaaaaaay"

*Sydnie pinches Benji in the butt*
"Sydnie that hurt. Turn around now it's your turn"- Benji
"She did that to me too, bro."- Joel
"Oh so you're into the Madden asses?"- Benj
"yah can't get enough of em"- Sydnie
"I don't blame you"- Joel and Benji, same time
*both moon sydnie*

Benji: "Everyone calls me a fag. That hurts me inside. I think the right word is a gay." (laughs)
Benji: "But I am not gay all the way. I am a bisexual. I dig both kinds" (has serious look on face)
*Interviewer takes him seriously.* "How did that come about?"
Benji: "I wana hump you right now dude NOW"
*interviewer freaks out*
Benji *begins to hump his chair*
Benji: "That was nice" (laughs really hard)

*Cleveland, April 18th*
(Fan Flashes Paul)
Paul: "That was weak!"
(Fan has confused look on face)
Paul: "Mines are bigger"
(Paul pulls up his shirt and shows his chest)

*Interviewer: Cloe*
Cloe- "You two need a show on MTV"
Benji- "Oh ya. You mean another one?"
Cloe- "You don't host TRL all the time dude"
Joel- "We have a show"
Cloe- "Sure sure"
Benji-"You need to watch more television stupid"
Joel- "Yea!! Well anyways, It's called ATR"
Benji- "Stupid. *pauses*"
Joel and Benji- "Stupid ass biatch"

"You know whats funny?" -Joel
"Yes" -Benji
"Okay tell me then" -Joel
"Umm your face" -Benji
"Ding ding ding you loose" -Joel
"So what? I know I am a loser." -Benji
"Just playing"- Joel
(whispers not really)

Benji: "My last name is scum now say that 3 times fast."
Bradford: "BenjiScum. oh my god"

"If I were in that pit I'd be making out with everyone of you!!"
- Joel

"When you get pissed off and want to beat the shit out of someone.take 3 deep breaths.then punch them in the face"
- Benjamin

"Plaques are cool"
- Joel

"We dont wanna quarel with Disturbed that would be disturbing"
- Benji

"Good going Benj"
- Joel

Benji: (introducing lifestyles video) "I feel like such an asshole for introducing our video."
Joel: "Benji, you are an asshole."

Joel: (talking about the Evanescence "Bring Me To Life" video)
Benji: "Yeah.I remember when I was holding a chick off a building and I dropped herit sucked."

*Cloe is a Simply GC Interviewer*
Cloe: "So, do you guys ever pull any pranks on the tour bus or in the hotel rooms?"
Joel: "Yes, I remember the ever famous lip ring flush prank. Let's let Benji tell you about it"
Benj: "Yes, I will tell"
Joel: "No I will"
Benj: "Fine then"
Joel: "So, I wanted to piss my brother off, right? So I record the toilet flushing and a metal thing that was tiny hitting marble (I hit a fork on the sink) and then I hid in the bathroom and played that and was like "whoops there goes Benj's 90 dollar new lip ring his friend July bought him"
Benj: "Yea I ran in and slapped him and was like 'You're diggin in the sewage to get that'.
Joel: "Then I just pulled the lip ring out of my pocket and laughed"
Benj: "Haha, I was "punk'd"
Joel: "Yea, that would suck to be on that show"

"Go Benji, it's your birfday. wait if it's your birthday it's my birthday too!" - Joel
(benji laughs) "I was being serious dude"-Joel, making mad face
"Oh noo I pissed the ghetto twin off" - Benji
"Don't make me go kung fu on you, punk twin" - Joel (benji makes karate noise)
"Don't really hit me bro" - Joel

"You all call me a pervert for joking around about having love with my brother well incest fits best and guys know what guys need"
- Benji after some chic asked why he was such a perverted poser

*Benji & Joel On All Things Rock*
Benji: "Actually Amy Lee says she stays away from many foods such as chilli, peppers, and onions so her voice stays clear. also, she stays away from poo."
Joel: "No poo kids. Wanna record deal? no poo!"
Benj: "She drinks a lot of warm water too"
Joel: "That works"
Benj: "So here's the Evanescence video, 'Bring Me To Life'. and remember no eating poo."

"Benj is violent"- Joel
"Yup once you graduate high school and then rehab it all goes downhill" - Benj
"Yea he needs to be locket up and hand cuffed"- Joel
"I would enjoy being cuffed"- Benj
"Uh huh fetish?"- Joel
"Yup I just love being punished"- Benj
"Thats why you were so sad when I quit slapping you"- Joel
"Uh sure I guess" - Benj

"One time at youth camp I shoved a gun in my ear" - Benji
"One time at youth camp I shoved a knife in my hand" - Benji
"One time oh my gosh why don't you just say shut up!?" - Benji **at a civic tour interview**

"I don't knowit seems like they can read eachother's thoughts sometimes."
-Paul (Talking about Benji and Joel)

Joel: (talking about the Evanescence "Bring Me To Life" video) "Benj remember when you were holding that girl over ledge and you dropped her?"
Benji: "I would nev.(realizes the question) No. No!"

Benji: "Yeah so me and Stevo (Sum 41) were prank callin Joel one night. He was so psyched cause he thought it was some chick."
Joel: "That was you?"
Benji: (laughes and keeps talking)
Joel: ".but we had phone sex."

"Don't bite, ya know, don't bite!"
- Joel

"Did you just say there's pimp juice? Haha that's nasty!
- Benji on TRL after Hillary introduced the next video

"I like your make-up"
- Benji to Liz at CD signing

".Kids should take pride in being different instead of trying to fit in because we'll never fit in."
- Benji ELLEgirl interview

"A fan grabbed me and bit me on the back of my neck. bit me like blood, ya know"
- Joel

"Evanescence is hanging on at number two again" - Joel
"Amy Lee, Amy Lee, Amy Lee" - Benji
"Thats right she's in her nightgown, shes falling" - Joel
"Bring me to life is the song " - Benj
"Yes" - Joel
"Amy Lee's the singer" - Benj
"Wake me up" - Benj
"You notice how when hes like pulling her the dude, the rapper dude is pulling her up. On the the thing. And you can." - Joel
"I won't let ya fall" - Benj
"I won't let ya fall" (Benj saying this when Joel's talking) "and her like nightgown and its like kinda showing her legs and your like wondering if you can see a little more and you keep kinda going like this into the tv (he kinda gets like hes looking at the tv) But ya don't and she falls" - Joel
"Amy I wouldn't let ya fall girl ya know this right" - Benj
"You gotta hold on" - Joel

"Let me straighten your box there (he straightens the box on Benji's Microphone)
- Joel

"Remember when that time a girl like uhCalled you a girl?" - Benji
"No"- Joel

"We're gonna go back stage and make a sandwich (Then he bobs his head side to side)"
- Benji on All Things Rock Countdown

"If I could pick my wife by name, It'd be Whitney. That name just sounds right"
- Joel Madden of Good Charlotte 2002

Benji: (to Paul) "Hey Paul" (slaps Paul in the head)
Paul: "Oww!!"
Benji: "Pain is love man pain is love!" *laughs*

"Once Joel fell off the stage" -Benji
"ANYWAYS. on to our ne-" (Benji cuts him off) - Joel
"It was his most embarassing moment EVER." - Benji
"No dude. YOUR my most embarassing moment!" - Joel

"Benji's motto isuhto not have a motto!"
- Benji

{Riot girl playing in the backround} "The only kind of girl I plan on settling down with is a punk rock chick. How many punk rock chicks are out there?" {All girls scream} "Its a beautiful thing"
- Benji

"This song is about you and you and you!!!!! Hey you! Don't look at me like that!
- Joel on stage to fans in the crowd

"I have hamsters in my pants"
- Billy

"I'm the self-proclaimed member of the band, self proclaimed" (Laughs)
- Benji talking about the band

Interviewer: "Who's the best kisser?"
Benji: "That would be me!"
Joel: "I've never kissed him so i don't know."

"I dont have a last name. My Last Name is Punk Rock." - Benji
"My last name is sex. S-E-X." - Joel

Interviewer: "What's the most romantic thing you two have ever done?"
Benji: "With each other?"

Benji: (staring at Billy) "Dude whats with your hair!"
Billy: "Nothin.Mr. leopard head!"
Benji: "Dudemy hair is better then yours GRR!" *laughs*

- Benji

Joel:" When you jam when you move your head side to look like a bobblehead!"
Benji: "Yeah man, lets be trendy and make GC Bobbleheads" (wiggles head)
Joel: "Nahh man"

"When were 100 and butt ugly, we'll still be having great sex."
- Benji (On tour w/ NFG on stage at the patriot center)

Interviewer- "What is your favorite girl name?"
Joel- "I think it would have to be Abby."

"I want to grow old with my wife and have unstopable sex"
- Benji

"Wait til we go to commercial or until Joel starts talking.he goes on."
- Benji

"Which means they're really rich and could buy me stuff."
-Benji (talking about Puddle of Mudd)

Benji: "Those guys are rich!"
Joel: "That's not all that matters, Benj."
" Benji: "Fame and money."
Joel: "Shutup, enough alright."(while laughing)

"Beotch, act like you know!"
- Joel (on IMX)

"I can juggle"
- Billy

"You read dirty magazines."
- Benji (to Joel on ATR)

Fan: (to Benji) "Is it true that you are learning Italian?"
Benji: "Yes"
Fan: "Soo, Quando e il tuo compleanno?"
Benji: "l mio compleanno e il.Joel, whens our birthday?"

Benji and Joel: "Dildo Baggins!"

"Some guys only like girls cause they've got big fake boobies." - Benji (Joel is practically crying with laughter when he says this, Paul and Billy are also laughing, Benji's trying not to.)
"Yeah, and some girls only like guys cause they have nice cars.(giggles) and we think that's stupid!"
- Benji, on UK Music show, Top of the Pops

"We still got to do our calestetics." *shrugs*
- Benji

"It's cool to be uncool!"
- Chris, on the Fuse interview

"It's also cool to pee your pants!"
- Billy said on the Fuse interview

"There's no room for Rock Stars in this band. What's cool about shitting on people?"
- Benji (Rolling Stone) May 2003

"Every morning I hear Joel singing 'wake me up inside'"
- Benji

Joel: "That was our video for 'The Young And The Hopeless'" *pauses* "I had nothing to do with that."
Benji: "Yes that would be dishonest."
*Benji and Joel stuff C.D.s and albums under their shirts*
Benji: "We would never do anything dishonest."

Joel: "Hi I'm Joel. I sing."
Billy: "I'm Billy and I play guitar"
Benji: "I'm Benji and I play"

(Talking about "Girls And Boys)":
Benji: "You can do a lot of things to that song. I've tried"
Billy: "I've witnessed"

"Look mom. I'm on TV."
-Joel (While performing 'The Anthem')

Interviewer: (to billy) "You kissed an old person in the video? Did you like it?"
Benji: "Was it tantalizing?"

Paul: (to Benji and Joel) "You guys are fucked up"
Billy: "Yeah you guys are mean to us"

"I think Benji has the coolest hair in rock"
- Billy

"How are we gonna piss anybody off if we're not sexist?"
- Benji

"Hey look my spit is Frappucino colored!"
- Joel

"I don't know who told you that but I swear it only happened the one time. Plus, we do way crazier stuff than that!"
- Joel, On being asked about a prank involving wearing scary masks and terrorising shoppers at a mall

Benji: (about Joel) "I'm the worst of the 2 just because hes a nicer person"
Joel: "He's crazier than I am"

"We're the nicest guys in the world."
- Joel

"I wanna ride on a magical piano"
- Benji (Talking about the Vanessa Carlton video)

"Let me put on my leather pants and unbutton my shirt, to appear younger."
- Benji

"Can we go fishing nooow??"
- Paul

"Billy drives like an old grandma."
- Paul

"I was in Menudo."
- Joel

"Walking all along the.grass, ya told me.ah y'all I forgot the words."
- Joel (Singing 'Seasons')

- Billy

"Benji likes to match his hair with his underwear and we caught him in a pink thong once. We videotaped it"
- Billy

"Sometimes Billy is very polite"
- Chris

Benji: "Joel you're the R.Kelly of our generation"
Joel: "Thats disgusting, whats that supposed to mean?"
(Benji seemed rather pleased with himself and Joel just seemed disgusted)

"I may not have a dad but I have an awesome mom who gives me enough love for three dads"
- Benji

"There's no room for Rock Stars in this band. What's cool about shitting on people?"
- Benji (Rolling Stone) May 2003

"My mom always said that there would be haters. Not everyone can love ya"
- Joel Madden

Joel: "The best thing about being famous is you get free stuff!"
Paul: "And free food!!!!!!!!"
Joel: "No Paul, YOU get free food."
Paul: "Ohh.oh yeah"

"You wanna know why we don't hug? It's because Joel won't touch me. He need to use a Klennex to open the bathroom door.
- Benji (when asked why they didn't hug

"My teenage years have definitely left me with a very bitter, bad self-image. I don`t like myself. I don`t like anything I do. I don`t like my music. I don`t like anything. I enjoy playing music. I love being in a band. but if you put me alone in a room & make me look in a mirror it`s justit`s just not good enough. And we all feel that way."
- Benji Madden of Good Charlotte

Benji & Joel on How Zak Davidson Sounds like the kid next door:
Benji: "Hey mom, can I go to to Zak Davidson's house? Hey mom can Zak Davidson come to my birthday party?"
Joel: "Can we play T-ball? Zak Davidson's on the team."
Benji: "Hey mom, Zak Davidson's on my soccer team. Sounds like the kid next door."
Joel: "It's cool."
Benji: "Eh, Good Name, Zak Davidson."
Joel: "Benji Madden & Zak Davidson forever."

"Having a little sister is cool, but what the worst part is having one."
- Joel

"I played baseball, I was actually pretty good, the coach didn't think so but I was.
- Joel

"The best thing is being really close. The worst thing is being really close."
- Joel

"Eyeliner, it always comes in handy."
- Benji

"Painted finger nails didnt really go with testosterone."
- Benji

"Uh, my name is Benji... I grew up in Waldorf. Single white male. Enjoys long walks on the beach. In search of someone sensitive and caring for conversation, friendship, possible serious relationship, coffee or a good book"
- Benji

"When I meet girls I like, I throw up on them."
- Benji

"So you can buy these at any craft store."
- Benji

"This is the get better sign."
- Benji

"My ass smells like joel."
- Benji

"Look! there's Joel! Theres the other one!"
- Benji

"Yeah, we got kicked out of a Limp Bizkit concert....yeah, who's laughing now?"
- Benji

"I'm agoraphobic. I just want someone to love me."
- Benji

"I always got caught. One time, I actually got spanked for something joel did."
- Benji

"Hold on you can make fun of me when im done making my point."
- Benji

"We actually grew up amish."
- Benji

"BEAT IT!!!!!!"
- Benji

"And while were here in Orlando, we have to give a shout out to our buddies N*SYNC."
- Benji

"She's so punk-y! (*shudder*)"
Benji on Avril Lavigne

"We rented a car while we are here at the studio and I already put a huge scratch in it."
- Benji

"I like to rip tags off mattresses."
- Benji

"I usually hit my head on the wall."
- Benji

"Hooked on phonics worked for me."
- Benji

"Nickelback, Default, Adema, ect, ect, make me want to stick a fork in my eye."
- Benji

"I dont know what I had for breakfast today. It was like.......something with wood."
- Billy

"Another thing I hate is when St. Paul (Paul of GC) touches my......nevermind.

"I have to go do MY nails now."
- Benji

"Positive, positive, everything is positive."
- Benji

"Hi, were crazytown and we suck!"
- Benji

"Were all gonna run around naked and make animal noises."
- Benji

"Were not the type of band thats too cool for school."
- Benji

Joel: "We were nominated for a grammy but we declined."
Benji: "Yeah, We said 'ya know what? keep your grammy shove it.up your ass!"

"We just want kids to come to our concert and forget about everything"
- Joel Madden

"Punk rockers have feelings to!"
- Benji Madden

"We've been together since the womb. We met in the womb."
- Joel

"Corruption, whats that? No, we probably corrupted each other""
- Benji

"Up my ass, literally"
- Benji (when asked where Joel is)

Benji: "Hey, I like big guys ok"
Joel with a big grin: "Yeah he does."

"What! There goes my heart walking down the street."
- Billy

Person: "Hey Billy can ya sign my arm?"
Billy: "Sure thing sweetie!"
Another Person: "Hey Billy, can you sign my ass?"
Billy: "There will be no ass signing tonight. Im sorry for the inconvenience."

Benji to Joel after a sex scene in a movie: "How did you like that scene there brother?"

Joel during a contest where girls are diving through bins of foam popcorn: "Hey that's kinda like Benji in the bathtub"
Benji: "And you would know how?"

Benji: "I dont think there is anything wrong with being feminine"
Joel: "Benj, they should call you feminine."

"Benj, rock your body""
- Joel

Benji on Joel wrestling in high school: "He just wanted to wear one of those tight uniforms."

"Why dont you come in the picture it will be more special that way."
- Billy

Benji: "Send joel below"

Some girl: "This question is for Benji and Joel since your twins..."
Benji (cutting her off): "No we dont sleep together or shower together. We stopped doing that last week"

Interviewer: "Do you get along with the other band members".
Benji: "Not at all. They're all assholes. As soon as I find some other guys to replace them with they are out. Nah, were all friends, we all get along. Joel and I are best friends."

Joel reading post: "This post comes from gcchick20."
Benji: "Joels old screen name."

"Hey guys you ready for some rock and roll?"
- Billy

"You dont want to go near the inside of that, our van stinks!"
- Billy

Benji: "Joel likes legos" (Joel nods his head and smiles).

"Go back to the circus....FREAK!""
- Joel

"That's 'sk8er' with an 8 and 'boi' with an I. Like totally!"
- Joel

"When I have to settle down and get married you know im gonna hafta marry a punk rock girl. Well be 70 and listening to punk rock. We wont be able to hear each other, but well be listening to punk rock....and were gonna....well still have sex with viagra"
- Benji

"On the old dog and bone"
- Benji on TRL UK

Joel: "That was Linkin Park at #5 w/ Faint. Heard those guys were uh pickin on us when they were hosting the day"
Benji: "Because they beat us at the #1 spot. Not this week though. Linkin Park is at #5."
Joel: "#5. It's not even a #2."
Benji: "More like stinky park."
Joel: "More like..."
Benji: "More like stinky fart. How bout that? (laughs) Huh? Linkin Park?"
Joel: "How bout Linkin smart?"
Benji: "Alright you're killin it. Now comin up speaking of stinky farts, Amy Lee (Joel laughs really hard) from Evaneceance does her best Johnny Depp impersonation."

"I look for color, style, size, texture... thickness. The breatheability of a shirt."
- Joel

"I'm sitting beside you big guy (On sitting with businessmen on 1st class flights)"
- Billy

Joel: "I don't have any bad habits do I?"
Billy: "You do wear airplane socks!"

"You are watching Hard Rock Live, change the channel and you will die!"
- Benji

"I want to see everybody square dancin"
- Joel

Joel: "Benji, your a dirty dirty man!"
Benji: "Thats what your mom said last night!"
Joel: "Eww man thats sick! My mom is your mom!"

"I'm really vein, I like to see myself on T.V."
- Benji

"Go drink your hateorade kids!"
- Joel talkin about GC haters

"I must admit, I'm a gassy man."
- Benji

"I have this feeling guys, this feeling that I'm gonna marry a girl from Seattle." - Benji
"And I have a feeling, too. Know what my feeling is? That I'm gonna HATE a girl from Seattle for the REST of my life." -Joel

"Spank you Sharon Osbourne, Spank you very much!"
- Joel on the All Things Rock Countdown

"Hey what are you doin those are my six" - Joel
"Since when did that stop me before?" - Benji
*Joel hits Benji in the head and runs away!*

"I am a video director, what's that slappy thing called?"
- Benji making fun of Joel

"Hey! Look! My spit's frappuccino colored!!"
- Joel (GC) while having a spitting competition off the side of a building after drinking frappuccino.

"Benji is the evil twin"
- Joel

"I like getting toilet paper thrown at me."
- Joel Madden, when talking about their music video "Festival Song".

"Elijah Wood from Lord Of The Rings can't get married with a girl named Holly beacause it would make Holly Wood get it HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Joel Madden

"Everybody wants to try and prove were not a real band."
- Billy on Seek And Destroy

"3 years ago I was stocking shelves at Target, living on Ramen noodles, and crashing at Billy's house. Now I'm on tour"
- Benji Madden

"Sorry if i spit on ya'll... I kinda have a problem with doing that..." - Joel
"Ya, you guys should go to the doctor if he does cause he has um...uh.... hepatitis A ....or somethin.."- Benji

"Stand in front of a mirrior with a dozen roses and you will see 13 of the most beautiful things"
- Billy

Benji (after someone proposed onstage): "Guess what they get to do ... They get to have SEX they get to have SEX!!!"

- Benji

"Yeah, me and paul will take a picture with you. HEY PAUL! PAUL! Ok, he's not listening you'll just have to do for a picture with me"
- Billy

"Nobody ever asks for a Billy hug. I guess Billy hugs aren't quiet as fun."
- Billy

Billy: "Do you ever think about saucepans?"
Joel: "Saucepan?"
Billy: "Me neither..."

Benji - "The other day we were eating chocolate cake and I put poop in Billy's and he ate it"
Billy - "It tasted the same to me"
Interviewer- "So the chocolate just covered it all up"
Benji - "Yup!!"

Benji (to the mom): "So do your kids ever help with the cooking....I did, you help mom you get to lick the spoon..." (from Crashing with Good Charlotte)

"I don't know what I had for breakfast today. It was like......something with wood"
- Billy

Joel: "I got a picture of me, Benj and Sam holdin this snap thing" (slapping his hands together)
Benji: "Yeah I wanna be a director whats that slappy thing called? Slate, yeah" (laughing and slapping hands together)
Joel: "Shut up!"
Benji: "Just kiddin'"

Fan to Billy: "Can You sign my arm?"
Billy: "I'm sorry, they don't let us sign arms."

"Your not part of that group for a reason, because your better than them."
- Benji

"I like cheese"
- Joel

Billy: "Yeah And For Lifestyles Sam would always give us a video postcard with something new added to it."
Paul: "Yeah and every time it would just be a new way for him to talk like on one he was all like oh oh hey guys and just a weird way for him to start talkin' and just talk and talk and talk."

"If I was sitting on the couch watching tv with a girl I really liked and that video came on, I would pretend I didn't know what it was."
- Benji about Little Things video

Benji: "I used to be a dancer for Lionel Ritchie...."

"Ekkk" -

(Good Charlotte playing a show in grand rapids)
Benji: "We got any riot girls in here"
(crowd screaming)
Benji: "No I dont think we have any"
Joel: "Everybody say 'shut up Benji, we love Joel!'"
(crowd says it)
Benji: "I'm hurt now"

Joel - "I didnt get lessons of any kind I slept through school"

Joel (pretending to eat cereal): "Benj eating lucky charms....thinking"
Benji (laughs): "Thats Joel's favourite bit in the video" on talking about the Motivation Proclamation video.

(During a show in Winnipeg)
Benji: "We got any riot gurls out there?"
(Crowds Screaming)
Benji: "No, I don't think we have any!"
Joel: "Everyone say 'Shut up Benji, we love Joel'"
(Crowd says it)
Benji: "I'm hurt now!"

"Would any of you be offended if I left?"
- Billy on IMX interview

Joel: "...And this is the 97' album Nimrod"
Benji: "Hey thats the year I graduated high school."
Joel: "Yes it is."
Benji: (looks at camera) "See told you I graduated"

"Oops, I didn't mean to hit you Joel...but I'm glad I did"
- Benji said to Joel after punching him by accident.

Joel: "They think I'm funny mom."

"I hurt my finger does anyone have a band-aid?"
- Joel

"My names not Billy, it's Ballina!"
- Billy

"Never eat peanut butter first thing in the morning... it starts to get gross and ewwwww"
- Billy

- Benji

Joel: *Looks around nods head* "I like this place."

Joel: "Whats that little slappy thing called?"
Benji: "Clap board ...."

"Revolvitating, its what the Earth does. It revolves and it rotates and its revolvitating"
- Benji, From GC

"Purr i'm a sex kitten"

"My old man, right Joel?"
- Benji

"Uh uh, Uh huh, uh uh"
- Benji (while trying to write a song with Joel and Paul)

"Asbury Park, New Jersey"
- Billy

"Erm, Joel I don't think they want to see that."
- Benji

"I went to the doctor today, and I told them to stick the thermometer up my butt, just like my mom used to do."
- Joel at the 9/26/03 Dayton concert

"Did you ever have food poisoning so bad that you are pissing out of your ass"
- Benji

"This show's an important one...we gotta be really energetic-(sniffs)- I hope my allergies dont act up"-Benji(he says this, and he sounds like he's weezing, and has a stuffy nose)

"I don't know what a lot of this is," Joel says.
"Hey, what does caviar taste like?" Benji furrows his brow.
"This is the most expensive restaurant I've ever been in,"

*after a fan handed Benji a ring that lights up when you push it*
Benji runs over to Joel and pushes it into Joel's cheek- "Look Joel! It's So Pertty!!!"
- Benji

"I want to feel lucky every night when I go onstage, and not feel like, 'Oh, great, here we go again."
- Joel

"I murdered Paul's whole family!"
- Billy

"My poo came out in 3 different colors this morning!"
- Joel

"Good dog!"
- Benji (says to Cashdogg and rubs his head)

"I drank my own pee once"
- Benji

"I must say I'm most inspired by my dog!"
-Benji sitting in a studio

Benji: "Joel, I wanna go."
Joel: "Hold on a minute."
Benji: "JOOOOOEL! I WANNA GOOOOOOO!" (stomps his feet cuz he wants to go to disneyland)

Joel: "Okay, now who stole my wallet?"

"I want some peanut butter covered hampsters"
- Billy Martin

"Do you like my hair?" - Benji to Emma and Lisa
"Yeah its cool" - Emma
"Yeah!" - Lisa
"I hate it!" - Joel, leaning his head shyly into Benji
"Yeah - he hates it!" - Benji, leaning towards Joel

Joel: "You know, this is a pretty good opportunity to make out with a security guard. their not all assholes, their actually pretty nice to me"

Billy: "Lets runaway to Mexico and get married." (to chris)

Billy: I would be Ken so I could be on top of Barbie all day"

Billy: "C'mon we have to move...the security here sucks (glares at the security guard & the security guard laughs)"

Joel (somewhere): "What the fuck are those clams?"

Joel (at a store): "This store reminds me of the toys I played with when I was little."
Benji (at same store and time): "That's not all you played with."

Joel: "I've sung to a girl under the stars."

"No offence guys but none of us are really that cool."
- Joel, On fuse interview.

"They think im funny ma!"
- Joel

"I'm moving to Sacramento tomorrow."
- Benji (at the Sacramento concert, on November 20, 2003)

"I love the name Jessica it reminds me of my ex who was hot"
- Joel

"I'm learning french. Bonjour Biatch. Au Revour Biatch"
-Benji Madden

"OK, now who stole my wallet."

Billy: "I was running across the stage and I tripped over our bass player Paul's cord and did a Superman across the stage. I felt so stupid, but then I got up and did it again going the other way!"

"I read Harry Potter"
- Joel

"And some nookie, yo!"
-Billy (pretending to be Fred Durst in the Triple M interview)

"Hi Brucey"
- Benji (to Joel)

Person: "Hi Billy!"
Billy: "Hi!"

"Me, fail English? Thats unpossible"
- Benji

Joel: "Dude, are those my socks?"
Benji: "Maybe, are they?"
Joel: "Those are my socks and my boxers!"
*joel wedgies benji*

"Shit happens!!!
- Joel

Joel: "We can say anything? ANYTHING? Okay. Who wants to fuck Billy?"
Billy: "Who wants to fuck me? That's totally not something we should discuss!"

Benji: "Joel you suck"
Joel: "So....?"
Benji: "What no good comeback?"
Joel: "I would rather talk to cashdogg"

Ashley: "It's ok I'm just stupid."
Alexis: "Ashley you're a dork, don't you agree Benji?"
Benji: "Yes Ashley is the biggest whales dick on earth!"
Ashley: "Am not!"
Benji: "Are not! "
*continutes "am not" and "are too" for a while*

Benji: "I love Billy."
Billy: (places hand on Benji's thigh) "And I love Benji........just joking man."

"I'm the best man alive! Beethoven bows to me!!!!!!!"
- Benji at the concert in Detroit, playing both the drums and guitar

"We try and put are fans first"
- Joel and Benji Madden

"Somehow I thought the red pants were cool"
- Billy

Melissa: (at the GC concert/autograph signing) "OMG!! Benji your soo hott I would do you any day."
Benji: "Really? Meet me after im done. (laughs) .. just kidding "

"And you're being a bitch about it!"
- Benji, on Punk'd

Dave Berry (interviewer): "So, have you ever dated any celebs?
Joel: "Oh yeah, all the time."
Dave: "Nice(!) Who, exactly?"
Benji (in an exaggerated american accent): "Tom Cruise.......been there! (holds habds up to camera in a guilty sort of way)"

"I think if we have one more argument about clothes, then we will have to split up"
- Joel, on TRL UK

"Have I seen any moves lately? What does that have to do with guitars?!"
- Billy

"Wlways wear cute pajamas to bed, 'cause you never know who you'll meet in your dreams."
- Joel

On the radio....
Garbage song: "Girls.... "
Paul: "Like YOU!"
Song: "Boys...."
Paul: "Like ME!"
Song: Girls.....
Paul: "like JOEL!"

(During Intimate and Interactive at MuchMusic)
Rick: "Who's're Canadian fans or American fans? "
Benji: "All I can say is the bacon's better in Canada!"

"It's cool to piss your pants."
- Billy Martin

"Blow and it will go away. Blow and it will go away. BLOW ON THE STUPID SPIDER!!"

Joel: "I sang to a girl under tha stairs and i wrote a song for her"
Benji: "Yea well, I sang a girl to sleep"

"I think Chris had the most fun. He just likes breaking things."
-Joel on Young and hopeless

"G to the mother fucking C"
- Joel and Benji

"C'mon people. What have we come to. I mean, Ryan Cabrara? Seriously, what have we come to."
- Joel on TRL

"He has more talent in one finger than you do in your whole BODY!"
- Benji talking to Joel about Ryan Cabrara

"I Got Pregnant while watching that video. Yeah, I'm Pregnant right now."
- Benji (After the music video for "My Prerogative" By Brittney Spears

Joel: "Cheers London"
Benji: "I have one rule in life. You can only say 'Cheers' if you're from England. I think everyone who says 'cheers' and isn't from england is a POSER, MAN."
*Joel waves to the audience*

"I'm only 23, but I feel like I've lived a lot already, I had a conversation with my dad, and he was telling me how he really felt like I was still the same person. I've always felt like that, but it's nice to hear it from someone like that."
- Billy Martin

"Between all the stuff that we're doing, Billy will always have a job for me, and Joel will have a job for me. I'll pack the toys,"
- Benji said with a laugh.

"One thing I never worry about is money. Because I have my health and my family and I can always go back to work,"
- Benji

"These are my back up dancers. Hit it boys! (The band starts dancing)
- Billy

- Billy of GC summing up with a bumpersticker

"I want to ask you guys a serious question! Will you be my life partner?"
- Joel, 2004 Universal Studios

"Look kids.....this is what you're missing backstage"
- Chris

"Yeah, I kissed your girlfriend Benji, but don't worry i didn't like it...she used to much tongue."
- Joel

"See, look kids I give you my blood."
- Benji

Benji: "Because i love you, because it's a must, because, BECAUSE YOU NEED CLEAN SOCKS!!!"
Joel: "DUDE, SHUT UP! I'll put on the frickin socks...... " Benji: "YAY! i knew sid is looking down at me! protecting me, loving me....."

"I think you know the answer to that."
- Joel

- Benji

"I feel like such a hippy, oooh the world is black, everything sucks"
- Benji Madden

"Benji likes to match his hair with his underwear... one time we caugt him wearing a pink thong, we video taped it"
- Billy Martin

"I'm scared of cops."
- Billy Martin

"Final scene I gotta keep it jiggy on the dance floor"
- Chris *starts doing the dance he does in the I Just Wanna Live video*

"Never! AHHHH I'M SO SAD!!!!"
-Benji, mocking Joel whilst singing Predictable

"Dude, I've just woken up duuuude"
- Joel

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