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Paul McCartney Quiz
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Billy Joel Trivia
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Funny Band Names: Real Or Not?

Fun Music Stuff

Do-It-Yourself Country Song
How To Sing The Blues
What Dead Russian Composer Are You?
Bad Songs Of The 70's

Music Generators

Hip/Hop Name Generator
Western Song Generator
Alanis Morissette Lyric Generator
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Fun Links

Nsync Dance
Nelly Dance
The Beatles Dance
Christina Aguilera Dance
Britney Spears Dance
Beat Up The Backstreet Boys

More Quick Quiz Links

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Dr. Wu's Quiz Corner
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Ear Trainer
Film & Pop Star Challenge
For The Record Sample Questions
Freddy & Steve's Music Trivia
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George's Trivia Box
Golden Age of Musical Enlightenment: Eighties Music Quiz and Name That Tune
Gospel Music Hall of Fame Trivia Game
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I Know My Music Weekly Music Trivia Quiz
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Jerry Jazz Musician Quiz Show
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Piano Keys (Java)
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Queen Trivia Quiz
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Rockmine On-Line: The Trivia Section
Rock Music Quiz
Ron Smith's Oldies Calendar
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Sixties Garage/Punk & Psychedelic Pspot
Song Bites
Soul of the Net Intro Trivia
Swingin' Down The Lane: Big Band Trivia
Tejano Proud Trivia Questions
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The 2000 Rhino Musical Aptitude Test
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USA Today Grammy Awards Quiz
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Who Can It Be Now?

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