Zwan Concert

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Name: josh

Concert Seen: djali zwan (zwan)

Location: emerson theater, indianapolis, in

Rate?: Excellent

Comment: "i hadnt heard of zwan until my ex wife heard about them on the radio. they hadnt released anything yet and was just testing the band out. as my ex was hearing about them she discovered that billy corgan was in zwan. she told me about so i kept my eyes and ears open."

"when i heard that zwan was going to perform in indianapolis i tried my hardest to get tickets but it was sold out in a matter of minutes. a few days later, they announced that zwan was going to play a second show so as soon as i found out i bought tickets. my ex and i went to the show and it was the middle of december, it was about ten o clock at night and freezing cold. we stood outside for almost two hours waiting to get inside. and mind u my ex was pregnant with our daughter at the time so she was in worst shape than i was waiting outside. we finally go inside and stand through the opening act. then, it was almost as if god himself came down to earth. billy came onstage and started playing. it was just him for fifteen minutes. then the rest of the band came on stage and the music totally blew me away. it was nothing that i had ever expect billy to ever write."

"the entire show was acoustic so it was pretty much like watching mtv unplugged. i was able to sneak a camera into the venue and got some awesome pictures of the band. billy was only three feet in front of me. that night he kinda reminded me of freddy kruegar with the outfit that he wore. however, we all could tell that he was having a good time. i was pretty fortunate to find the show that i went to in its entirity through a different web site. and everytime i jam to that disc, i remember what a kick ass show it was. it was the best show that i ever went to."