Warped Tour '04 Concert

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Name: Charlsie or AIM xCharlsie182 / my chem romance6

Concert Seen: Warped Tour 04

Location: Boston

Rate?: Excellent

Comment: The biggest concert known for 10 years now in the whole punk rock scene is Warped Tour, the punk rock summer camp. It goes to different countries including the U.S over the summer, and includes over 50 bands, and 6 stages at the venue. My friends and I, Kelsey and Taylor, were watching our Simple Plan DVD, and watched a clip from when they played at Warped Tour. I've heard about it before, but once we saw that SP was on the tour, we were interested in going. About a month before our concert date, August 19th in Boston, MASS, we found out that Simple Plan had to cancel the date. We were all so mad and sad, but we still wanted to go, because other bands that we loved were going to play at our date. We still hadn't even gotten our tickets yet for the date, and the concert was in 5 days. My local radio station, WCYY, was giving out tickets for our date that day, so Kelsey and I decided to give it a shot. I won 2 tickets, and i think i practically screamed my lungs out over the phone when i called Kelsey to tell her. The night before the concert, We all slept over at Taylor's house, and then left in the morning since we had to drive almost 4 hours to get to Boston. The car ride was insane, my friends and I made a sign in the car that said "Hey, Are you going to Warped Tour?" and we would hold it up to the window so people could see it. A guy driving with his girlfriend read the sign and honked the horn, it was pretty awesome. :) We also passed the Volcom Skaters Crew in their Van on the way there, and we waved to them and they waved back excitedly. We all finally got to the parking lot of Gillette Stadium, where the concert was going to be held. The parking lot was the biggest i've ever seen, and it was all crammed with cars. We took a while to find a parking spot, then went in through the entrance door. When we were actually inside the concert area, I looked around and thought immeadiantly..."HEAVEN". There were 6 stages all spread apart, and tents from all the bands that were there lined the parking lot ground. We walked around for a while, until i heard a familiar sound, and my favorite band at the time, Story of the Year, was playing. I rushed over with my friends, but we were at the back of the crowd since we arrived so late. I got some pictures, but they were really far away. After seeing SOTY, i was pummped for the next band to come on. Everyone that was in the crowd mingled around after the set, so it gave us a change to push our way up to the front. We made it to the i would say 3rd row. I was pumped when I saw the drummer from Sugarcult take the stage, and they started to play. around the second song, the crowd was getting crazy, my friends and i were getting sucked back and forth and side to side, and getting nailed in the head by crowd surfers. People all around us were jumping, and it was crazy, and i was loving every bit of it. I looked over at my friend Taylor, and she wasn't there! She suddenly appeared, pushing her way towards us. Her ear was all blood, and we all got out of the crowd. Once we were out, Taylor said that a crowd surfer's belt got caught on her earing in her cartolage, and it ripped the earing right out of her ear. OUCH!..Kelsey and I lost taylor in another crowd that we entered, and we spent alot of concert time walking around looking for her. We decided to give up, and watch Taking Back Sunday tear up the stage. Adam the lead singer climbed up ontop of the amps, which were around 15 feet high. He jumped up and grabbed onto the frame of the stage and hung upside down, singing. After the set, New Found Glory was going to take the same stage. Me and Kelsey got all the way up to the front row once TBS was done, and we were ready for our last set. Jordan, the lead singer, came onto the stage, and they started to play. The crowd wasn't that bad this time, because we weren't really centered in a pit. Kelsey and I were jumping up and down, singing along. Ian, the bass player, noticed us, and kept comming over to our side of the stage, laughing and pointing at us. I later on stuck my tongue out at him, he laughed, then made a face and stuck his tongue back out at me. After that last set taylor"s mom found us and she was with taylor>>>who was looking for us the whole time>>>we all piled into the car and shared our stories about the concerts and laughed at ourselfs>saying how much fun it will be next year>>>>>warped tour is the place to be next summer and i hope you all get a change to go because it will deffinatly be the tour of the year for you!

ps, if you are into the punk sounding music, check out one of these local rock bands from my area!! they are awesome..