Staind/Chevelle/Sevendust Concert

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Name: Brinny

Concert Seen: Staind/Chevelle/Sevendust

About The Concert: "me and my friend got dropped off at my friend tina's house, (her dad was bringing us to it) and when we got there, we went to bull moose, a very cool music place, wehre the 7dust guys were giving such a chicken..we walk into the mall place where it was..and tina and steph ( was with them) go in the line where people were wating to get autographcs and pics and stuff..AND I WAS TOO AFRAID TO GO WAIT IN LINE!!! WHICH WASN'T EVEN IN THE STORE!! MY FRIEND STEPHANIE HAD TO COME AND GET ME BECUZ I WAS TOO AFRAID...FOR 7DUST..7DUST..IMAGINE IF IT WAS..OHH...GC OR SOMETHING!!!!!!! THIS WAS JUST 7DUST!!(by the way, i wasnt acting like a teenie,haha i was just too afraid,hah) so anyways...we got in there, and i only got a ripped out piece of note-book paper signed by three of the guys, dont ask me what ones, becuz i cant even remember..haha, they were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice too, extremly nice..not mean for a second!! okay, i got my picture taken with the drummer, and one of hte guitarest and i think thats all. i shook hands with all of them,hahah and the one of the guitarest shook tinas hand,(well all of our hands) and says to her "whats your name? you're beautiful" and he said that to all of us,hahahaha. he lead singer, was so nice! tina got a picture with him, and 2 of the guitarest i think, i dont know about stephanie..then one of the guitarest.(who i KNOW had a few drinks,they all did hahahahahahhaha which was funny) was like to one of the workers at bull moose" wheres your bathroom" started walking to go, and he went passed me, and before he went he gave me a hug, i was like okay..thanx hahahah i didnt say that but i was thinking that becuz it was totally random..(okay dont think im stupid or anything, but one of the guys asked what all of our names were, and tina said they wrote it down on a peice of paper, so her and steph were like "ahh what if they call us up on stage!!!!" but i knew they wouldnt..haha) and then we got some more pics, and stuff..then fter we went back to tinas, ate, and left for the concert. We got there and only waited outside for like..5-10 minutes, then got inside,haha. we got our seats and all chevelle played first they were okay, then 7dust who were great. then staind. Well while staind was playing we went to the bathroom, and when we cam eout we saw the lead singer from 7dust and waved and he did a hand motion to us to come here, so we did, and my friend tina and steph hugged him, i didnt really i just said like hi and you guys were awesome and stuff. Then we came back to sit down, and we saw him again down behind this rope thingy near the seats (no, we were not down on the floor, we were int he seats but we could see pretty good) and me, steph, and tina went down there, and tina.being the weird person she is who loves this guy now,heh not really but yeah, gave him a hug and he kissed her on the forehead!! hahahahaha of course she was happy, and then one of the guitarest was down there too leaning down kinda, and i leaned over and waved, well yeah he waved back, then steph told him to come ehre and he gave her a hug without her even asking,heh,t ehyw ere all just really nice..THEN..this is crazy becuz i didnt think i would see them, but we were heading back becuz we were leaving becuz it was like.5 minutes before it was voer, and we walk by, (ill tell yuo who in a sec) and i stop and im like "TINA!!! THATS THE LEAD SINGER AN DRUMMER.." of...of.. "CHEVELLE!!!!" AHHHHHH it was crazy!! they were standing RIGHT there watching staind!!! and we were too afraid to tapp on there shoulder or something becuz we thoguht they would be mean or ignore us ro something..then i was like "push me into him!" ( meaning pete teh lead singer, i had forgotten his name becuz i was all ahh and i probably would have said pete, can i have your autograph, and joe was there too and i would have asked for his but i wasnt thinking about names and stuff!) and we were just standing behind them for 2 minutes, tina was going " ahhh ah" screaming but they couldnt hear us,lol and then i barly pushed her into pete and she yells "OH SORRY" and he didnt even turn around!! so i went up to him and stood RIGHT next to was crazy..i was closer than 1/2 an inch to him! we were practically touching shoulders! well it was my shoulder and the top of his right arm, becuz he is tall and joe is TALLER! but i had my chance to meet them!! AND I BLEW IT!! SOMEONE SLAP ME PLEASE!! i do not care if i sound like a teenie right now!!! but we had to go her dad wouldnt wait for us to talk to them or something, and we were only near them for about 2 minutes or so..BUT AHH I CANT BELIEVE IT!! IM SO MAD AT MYSELF NOW!!! blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but my night was great!!!!"