SARSfest Concert

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Name: RoCkStArRoOkiE

Concert Seen: SARSfest, Toronto, Ontario (Including Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Justin Timberlake, Sam Roberts, etc.)

Location: Toronto Ontario

Rate: Bad

About The Concert: "Well, my day started off at 6.30 in the morning, as it should have with an hour long shower. We got off to a laste start (didn't leave the house until almost nine, whereas our goal was 8) but otherwise we were doing okay. Anyways, we got to Toronto after being stuck in traffic for 2 hours (normally a 40 minute drive), got our FREE parking space (yay for family, parking varied in costs from $10-$50 for most people) and headed for Downsview park."

"As we arrive within a few blocks of Downsview park, we can see people. Not a lot of anything else, but thats okay. We headed for the gates, and sat in line. for forty minutes. Aside from that, my best friends rag was due soon and mine arrived that morning, so we weren't big on the standing. In that 40 minutes, we had moved a distance between 8 and 12 feet. so Nik (my best friend) and I decided to head over to the mall for a few hours and come back later (AC/DC and the Stones weren't playing till night time anyways)."

"Heading back to DP wasn't too bad. It was 5.30 in the afternoon, the show had started at 2, and the lines to get in were almost non existant. We got in, sort of got scanned by the metal detectors (I could have been hiding a gun and they wouldn't have found it) and looked for the rest of our group, which was supposed to meet us by the gates. We got bottles of water form the water stand and started walking in the direction of the stage. 20 minutes of walking later and half the show away, we still couldn't hear any music. We later found out that was during Justin Timberlake's set so we weren't missing too much anyways:)"

"We found half of our group, who informed us of their diparture due to the aweful show. The BACK of the crowd was a half hour away from the water stand, and we could sit right in front of a speaker and still hear perfectly. I'm sure the concert was great from the front end of the people, but more and more of the crowd was leaving every second. We joined with the leaving after we found the remainder of our group, and headed back home. It was, in my personal opinion, a waste of time, walking, and gas, and I'll remember to bring my own water next time I go for a benefit concert, if I ever do bother again."