Phil Dirt & The Dozers Concert

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Name: Courtney

Concert Seen: Phil Dirt & The Dozers

Location: Marietta Ohio At The Sternwheel Festival

Rate?: Excellent

About The Concert: "They rocked and they were funny. They sang basically nothing but the really good oldies that were major hits including "My Girl", "Jailhouse Rock" and many many others. They reminded me of Bob & Tom from their syndicated morning talk show. The band would joke around and tell jokes and my favorite part was when they said something like "You remember back when we had records?! And we would play them so much that they would skip?!" and right after that, they played a whole song that sounded EXACTLY like an old record. It was great! It skipped perfectly!!!"

"I stayed for most of the performance and then left. It was awesome looking cause they were singing on a boat and you can sit along the ohio river and watch them. It was a good night for it too and they sounded so good. I should have bought a cd!!!"