Lacuna Coil Concert

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Name: TwistedSarah-X

Concert Seen: Lacuna Coil

Location: Roseland Theater [Portland, Oregon]

Rate?: Excellent

Comment: Lacuna Coil was the first band to play at the P.O.D./Blindside/Hazen St./Lacuna Coil concert, and they had to be the best. Although, they music didn't match up quite well with the rest of the lineup, being that Lacuna Coil is quite goth metal, it was still a very good concert. Anyway, Lacuna Coil were amazing, Cristina's voice sounded awesome live, and Andi's voice as well. Everyone of them put on the best show that they could, and it seemed that not many people had known them before they played, as I and my friend, Memily, did. They only played songs off of their latest CD, Comalies, and they didn't play any off of their old ones, but it was still awesome. We were in front (as we always are at the Roseland, because it's always GA [General Admission]) and this was my eigth time being at the Roseland, fifteenth time at a concert. Third concert for Memily, first time for her being there. After Lacuna Coil played, they were going to do a meet/greet thing at the FYE tab!

le next to the Merch booth, as they did nearly everytime I went to the Roseland. So, of course we went to the FYE table to meet them, and we got our tickets signed by the whole band. We also got in a picture with Marco "Maus", because - well, Memily and I think he's hot. And Memily had no hesitation of telling him so. He let us sit on his lap while we took the picture ::wink:: haha. My picture turned out kind of fuzzy and dark, most likely because Memily took the picture =P but you can still see the picture, and also you can see Cristina in the background kinda laughing, lol. In her picture, it was a light brighter and clearer, because I took it! =D haha. Well, yeah, that's about it for my story. I have like, eleventy billion more!

-- Sarah --