Good Charlotte Concert

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Name: BenjizGurlie888

Concert Seen: Good Charlotte, Mest, Goldfinger

Location: Philidelphia

Rate?: Excellent

Comment: Ok picture this hundreds of fans screaming.Your favorite band up on stage playing there guts out!Sounds pretty awesome right!Well it is! On October 24,2003 Good Charlotte, Mest, and Goldfinger played in Philly at the Wachovia Spectrum. The concert started out with Mest playin some stuff from their new cd and then a lil bit of old songs. They were really funny by critizing everyone in the audience that wouldnt stand up. Then Goldfinger came up. I dont know much about them so i cant say much srry. Finally Good Charlotte was up. They started with a screen with The Young and the Hopeless CD cover on it while playing A New Begining. Then the screen fell and the concert began. They Played some old stuff like Motivation Proclimation and Little Things. The followed up with some Newer songs like Bloody Valentine, and Riot Girl. Most of the songs that were played were more rock loud rather then some slow stuff. Finally about one and a half hours into the concert they slowed things down a bit with Emotionless. They also took out time to sing Happy Birthday to Pauls dad. N some other fun things like square dancin (long story email me if ya wanna no) Im sure the thing runnin on ur mind is did she meet them or get their autograph. Unfortunatly i have to report i didnt. I also didnt get in the Mosh Pit!!! GrRrRrR. Not only did Benji throw his Pick into the audience after Emotionless. He threw his water n towel. While Benji was throwin little things Joel threw an Engagement ring and almost got in the head with an apple!!! Although i didnt get the sadisfaction of meeting them Benji did point at me n my cuzin during he end when we yelled that we loved him!They played about 2 1/2 hours so i thought it was pretty good! Especially for my first concert! Over all i give it like an A+ lol Well im out hope ya like my lil Summery thing Email me if you want any info ( the email Like GC or sumthin ok well im out ttyl Britt
Benji n Cashdogg
4 eva

clm800 Productions
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