Good Charlotte Concert

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Name: Rachel

Concert Seen: Good Charlotte and For Amusement Only

Location: Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Rate?: Excellent

About The Concert: "ok, this may be a bit biased because it was my first ever concert, but it was the best concert ever! lol! The hall was really hot, the ground was shaking, it was super crowded and there were sweat-dripping ppl packed up against me, but i still had the best timeI took heaps of pictures despite the pesky peoples heads that were always in the way.i tried to get right in the front but there were death circles everywhere and the crowdsurfers kept kicking me in the head despite the fact that me and my friend bought our tickets seperately and accidentally bought different ones so she was sitting and i was in the mosh pit, it was still so excellent. If you ever get the chance to go to a GC or FAO concert in ur area, trust me, you DO NOT want to miss it! I had the best time of my life!!! :)"

Name: Joels riot guuurl

Concert Seen: Good charlotte

Location: UK, England, London, Brixton

Rate?: Excellent

Comment: "OK well it was the 16th december 2003 my friend and I had planned to go to a Good charlotte gig for ages then we got home from school and my mum handed us over 2 tickets to go and see them tonight we were sooo Happy but she got the sitting down 1's which was a dissapointment, anyways we arrived in London, Brixton and went straight over to the academy.. there was a huge queue but as soon as we got in we both bought a GC hoody and a mest tshirt we then went upstairs to watch mest who were on first, about half way through mest we sneaked past the security guards and got into the standing up part then we struggled out way to the very front it was unbelievable!!!! Benji Madden ran across the stage whilst mest were playing a a massive cheer from the crowd took place. Rachel and I were very upset when Mest left the stage but Sugarcult were next on and we ejoyed them equally!!!! After sugarcult had finished it was time to see our favourite band for the first time live... The whole place went pitch black and 'a new beginnig' strted to play, But the young and hopeless curtain was still down!!! About half way through 'A new beginning' the curtain gradually went up and the crowd went mad when it did I was sooo excited!!!! The gig was great it went on for ages and I loved every minute.... But it was the last song GC were to play and I got pretty upset cos I wanted to stay there with the twins forever and ever but I no that wouldn't be possible :( the last song finished and the crowd cleared off but not rachel and I we stayed there then I said to the security guard " Im Tony lovatos neice can i go and see him" (in an american accent) HAHA the security guard fell for it and me and rachel went backstage it was unbelieveable Joel & Beji even gave us their cell phone numbers and email addresses we were so happy and it wasnt until like 3 hours after the gig had ended we set off to go home... THE worst thing ever happened!!! The trains had stopped and ra! chel and I had been mugged we didnt have any money or train ticket home :'( we were so upset so we went back to the academy and told the people there and they actually let us go back to Good charlotte & Mest!!!! So we went back to benji & joel and told them what had happened they looked really serious and felt sorry for us so they let us sleep in their room it wasn't until the next day mum picked us up early in the morning (very early) because we had to go to school... We told all our friends at school but still to this very day they dont believe us!!! :("

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