Famtomas Concert

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Concert Seen: Famtomas featuring Mike Patton from Faith No More

Location: Fillmore in San Francisco California

Rate?: Excellent

Comment: On April 29th of 2005 I saw Mike Patton's band Fantomas live in san fransisco at the Fillmore. Here's what went down. I got there early wanting to find parking and get a good place in line. So after standing around a while they let us in and After some coffee went to the rail up front to wait. About 1/2 hour later a guy named Ostris came out alone with a guitar and what looked like a drum machine. Moments later he broke out....shredding his guitar at very high speeds. He was picking and fretting so fast I couldnt believe my eyes. It sounded pretty sweet but more impressive was to watch his fingers blur and watch his disect the guitar like nobody I've seen, not even satriani. After about 20 minutes he waved and walked offstage.

20 Minutes went by and then 3 people came onstage one of them being Trevor Dunn, Bassist of the now broken up Mr Bungle. (He is also in the headlining band Fantomas) along with Ches Smith (Bungle percusion, Secret CHiefs 3 drummer) and a girl I dont know her name on Guitar. This Band was called "Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant and for me they were the highlight of the evening. They played a cool artsy jazz piece which had some mild distortion on guitar a off beat drumline and Trevor Slapped out basslines on an Upright Contrabass. The music was eerie and Brilliant building in speed and tempo ranging from ecclectic to Advant Garde and built to a mad fever just about to peak and become a horrible Metal piece that was sic and Heavy.........pop..the music broke and went back to artsy jazz pieces. It made people very uncomortable and was wonderful to be a part of. They Played for about 45 minutes I think and after the set Trevor said " Thanks for comin, this is the last show of thi s tour and we've had a blast, thanks and we'll see ya real soon" he waved and they left the stage. I was very impressed. Shortly after they left another band set up and then played some muddy tone deaf rock. They were called "Hella" which is funny cause they "Hella Sucked" I couldnt wait for them to stop. Fuckin Shit Band!!!!!!

Once Hella finished they set up all 3 drum sets onstage and then Dave Lombardo (drummer for Slayer, Grip Inc., and Fantomas,- CHes Smith Drummer from Trevor's 3, and Secret CHiefs 3, one time Bungle percusionist- and the lame drummer from hella) all sat down and together played the most amazing 3 man drum solo I ever saw. Lombardo is such an amazing drummer he stole the show but Smith was Epic as well, the hella drummer was ok too but nothing like his partners. Double Bass drums, alternative beats and blazing fills were fuckin Metal!!!! It was awesome. After seting up the stage for Fantomas they came out around 9 or 930 and everyone was smashed up against the front row railing. They played some stuff off the new album "suspended Animation" and it sounded perfect. All the squeeks, bells, whistles, growls, boings and beats were perfectly recreated on stage. After that they played bits fromn the first album called "Pages" which are lots of fun......Heavy and beautiful. Then They Broke out with "Ave Satani" the theme from the Horror Movie "The Omen" this was the highlight of my concert exspierience. It rocked so hard heavy and sic. Patton was perfect Screaming and growling like only he can.....along with Buzz Osbourne on guitar (Melvins frontman) Trevor dunn on Bass (Mr Bungle, Masada, John Zorn stuff) Lombardo on drums and the 4 of them were perfect all night. It ended with more stuff from the new album and by 11:40 we were walking back to the car dazed from the Heavy Music and creative atmosphere. I was perfectly content. Like after really good sex. Happy, dazed, and Hungry. (We Got Pizza) Once again Mike Pattin put on a sic show for all his fans.....young and old, cool and lame, crazy and insane,, he himself being a psychopath. CHeck out all 5 fantomas albums if you get the chance each one is very different, includes music heavy and not, and is unlike anything you already have. Perfect new music from the master of creativity

Fuck Ya!
Pattondrac for Dracul's Music

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