Aaron Tippin Concert

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Name: Courtney

Concert Seen: Aaron Tippin

Location: Parkersburg WV

Rate?: Bad

About The Concert: I did NOT like that concert at all. He could have done better and if I had to pay to watch this then I would have been demanding my money back immediately. I went after work and watched him at my hometown at the Parkersburg Homecoming. I got there a few minutes late but I didn't miss much. I heard the music really loud and followed it to find out where he was and he was performing next to the tv station.

I got there and the crowd was insane.there were so many people there it was crazy. I seen people that I almost forgot about and I even ran into my boss from work and a cousin of mine was there. So I started off in the back standing there and I saw him a little bit but I didn't think it was enoughso I managed to get myself all the way to the middle and I saw that he was up there singing with a headset and dancing around like crazy. It actually sounded fake and like he was lip syncing. All he did was move too much though and here is what made me mad: he only sang about a minute of each song! He was sampling them or something.I don't know. He has too many songs and he wanted to sing them all. I personally would have rather heard a few whole songs than alot of 1 minute samples. I got so mad.

Another thing that bothered me. I went there to listen to music.not to hear him talk. He talked half of the time to his guitarist or whatever and they were telling stories. I think that he could have shut up and sang songs than to stand up there talking about stuff that isn't important. We all went for the musicnot to hear him ramble on and on. He even played the tune of a popular song but instead of singing.he talked about something. So sadly enough.for the first time in my life, I ditched a concert.

I got frusterated and went to ride the casino because I knew I would have fun doing that. I even got to stalk the radio stations again and get free stuff from them. So I got bored a bit and took off to the concert again to see if he improved and if he got his act together. I got there when he was singing "Kiss This" and I saw somebody walking by in a big Elmo costume. I walked closer and closer until I got behind Security. I sure wasn't going to walk in front of them.

While listening to 'Kiss This'.he did something amazing.he sang the whole song!!! I heard that he sang the last few songs completely whole without talking but I was out enjoying myself on the rides instead. Oh well. I asked a few people that I work with on what they think of the concert and nobody liked it. We was all annoyed. He could do better although he has the potential. I'm sure that even if I was in the front row that I still wouldn't even like it. But it was a free concert and I can't complain too much. At the end of the last song.he started to sound like a chipmunk!! I swear the guy was lip syncing or something. That was NO helium!

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