Aaron Lewis Concert

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Name: Crazy Rob

Concert Seen: Aaron Lewis Solo Acoustic Set

Location: Las Vegas. Nevada... At the Golden Nugget Hotel/Casino

Rate?: Excellent

Comment: "I arrived at about 7 O'clock, first one standing in line. They let us in, we all sat down. While waiting I just hung out talking with other Staind fans. Then Aaron came on at 8, everyone was cheering. Everyone quieted down for a second and I shouted, "Hey Aaron, your my fucking hero." then he turned and looked at me and said, "Im sorry." he then started playing "So Far Away". It was absolutely amazing. Then he played the cover of Alice in Chains "Nutshell" and "Rooster", which kicked ass. Then he covered a Led Zepplin song, but I cant remember what it was called. Then he covered Buffalo Springfield's "For What its Worth" at first I thought he was going to play "Black" by Pearl Jam, but then Aaron said "It's not what you think, many songs start in that key." Next he played "Home" it was cool, brought to me back to "Dysfunction". He then played Tool's "Sober" which was awesome, he sounded just like Maynard. Before the next song he said "This song is about ADD." in a j! oking matter, then he started playing "Epiphany". Next was "Fill me up" from the "14 Shades of Grey" album, which suprised me because I didn't know you could play it unplugged. He then went into Metallica's "Nothin Else Matters" which he hasn't played live since the MTV Icon show of Metallica, he actually sang the same cords at one part twice which was pretty funny. Then he stoped for a second and said, "I fucked up, didn't I?" then the whole crowd said "Just keep on goin."He played Ozzy Osbourne's "War Pigs", before he played it he said, "I don't even know why I play this song, but fuck it." Then he played "Outside" but I missed the first verse and chorus because I had to use the RR, but it was still cool. He said, "Goodnight vegas." and as he was walking off the stage the crowd started to cheer his name and encore, when he came back out for 2 more songs "Zoe Jane" and "It's Been A While" he said "Alright you guys can shut up now, I'm Back." and smiled. Before he started pl! aying "Zoe Jane" I shouted, "Hey Aaron hows your kid doing?" he looked right at me and said, "Shes doin fine, thanks for asking." After that he played in my opinion, the best version of "It's Been A While" I've ever heard plus the fact that I was there to witness it made it that much better. Then the show ended with the same result, chanting of his name and encore but the fans knew it was the end of this show. It was $110 a ticked but well worth it. On my way home, I couldn't get the songs out of my head, I wanted to go the next day also but, I'm too poor :-( so i couldn't go. I'll never forget that night, the night I witnessed my musical idol put on an awesome show, and by the way it was acustic and he was all by himself which made it even more special. If you ever get a chance to see Staind live go, it's well worth the money and I'm sure you will enjoy it."

clm800 Productions
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