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Slipknot facts.
  • Shawn is the founding member who is known for his sadistic stage presence and onstage drum and keg beating percussion
  • Shawn thinks politics is the worst business to be in
  • Selling cds isnt thier own objective. But speaking to thir million-plus fans who bought slipknot records is.
  • They are not in the business to be comfortable. They want to be as uncomfortable as possible
  • Tattoo The Earth: The First Crusade went platinum
  • Shawn was the producer of Mudvaynes CD
  • been called everything from 'LA neo-metal' to 'subterranean heavy hop'
  • they have no intention of being one of those one hit wonder bands
  • From Des Moines Iowa
  • they have toured with Black Sabath, Coal Chamber and Slayer
  • they formed in late 1995
  • they self-released their first album in 1996
  • signed to Roadrunner Records in 1997 and now on the new I Am record label.
  • Their debut album, Slipknot, sold nearly 2 million copies.
  • Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat emerged on the scene in 1996
  • Their producer is Ross Robinson (famed for his work with KoRn and Limp Bizkit)

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#0 Sid Wilson(DJ)
#1 Joey Jordison (drums)
#2 Paul Gray (bass)
#3 Chris Fehn (percussion)
#4 Jim Root(guitar)
#5 Craig Jones (sampling)
#6 Shawn Crahan(Percussion)
#7 Mick Thomson (guitar)
#8 Corey Taylor (vocals)


NAME: Sid Wilson
INSTRUMENT: DJ, Turntables
FACTS: the youngest member of the band, almost never on stage bucause he is usually crowd surfs, he once broke 2 ribs when he missed the audience and landed on a railing.

NAME: Joey Jordison
FACTS: the shortest member, really talkative, and posed naked with only his spare mask covering his manhood in Kerrang. He was the guy to call slipknot fans 'Maggots'

NAME: Paul Gray
FACTS: Paul and Shawn co-founded Slipknot, he is one of the more mysterous members of the group. Hes the only Des Moines native.

NAME: Chris Fehn
FORMER MASK: Pickle Nose
INSTRUMENT: Percussion
FACTS: generaly thought of as a pervert onstage, always suggestively stroking his mask, they tend to agree that Chris is the most handsome of the band, he is also known as the funniest.

NAME: James Root
FACTS: joined the band during the recording of the first album, he claims he was pretty mello until Slipknot brought out the monster in him.

NAME: Craig Jones
FACTS: used to play guitar for the band and he has his feelings hurt nightly when he headbangs onstage and everyone runs away. If your missing the humor here, he's the guy with the long metal nails all over his head! The rumor is false about them being rubber. They are indeed metal!

NAME: Shawn Crahan
INSTRUMENT: Percussion
FACTS: the craziest member of Slipknot! he seems to enjoy frequenting hospitals. he purposley busted his head open on his drum, with his blood filling his mask and EMT's forcing him into an ambulance, and he's sustained many more injurys, he is the guy most likely to punch other band members onstage

NAME: Mick Thompson
FORMER MASK: Black leather hockey mask
FACTS: first original guitarist, loves cats and serial killers. he is the tallest guy in the band and probably the least forthcoming with personal info.

NAME: Corey Taylor
FORMER MASK: Leather face with dreadlocks
FACTS: down to earth, joined the band after leaving his other band, Stone Sour. known as the least likely to have fun.

Circus Magazine interview:

Why is Iowa darker sounding than the group's first album?
Jordison: Before recording Iowa, we agreed it was important for the band to rid itself of any current mainstream rock cliches. We wanted t remove ourselves from - no offence to these bands - the Papa Roaches, the Linkin Parks and the other rap-rockers. We've already done it. and the band doesn't' feel the need to repent itself. We're more interested in introducing blazing grindbeats and blastbeats to a new generation than repeating ourselves musically.
Thompson: Our first record represents what we were then. The reason our second record is darker and heavier is because some members of the band have stopped worrying about the band being too heavy. Sic years ago, I would bring in riff's and some guys would say they were too fast or too mean. But the band has grown since then. Now, when I play those same riffs, the same people who were against them are into it.

Do you feel like you're introducing a new generation of fans to death metal bands that often go unnoticed?
Jordison: It's such an awesome thing to be able to turn kinds into death metal because that's what a lot of guys in Slipknot grew up on. We're bringing that kind of old-school sound back, but with a Slipknot twist. New songs like "Iowa" and "Skin Ticket" are very much influenced by death metal bands like Head of David, Godflesh and Neurosis.
Thompson: Paul [Gray, bassist] and I used to be in a death metal band together 10 years ago. A lot of riffs we wrote back then have popped up on both Slipknot albums. We love that kind of music, and I'm happy we can turn kids on to it. I used to do the same thing when I was teaching guitar. A kid would come in asking how to play "Enter Sandman" by Metallica song, and I would show them "Ride the Lightning" too.

How do you top yourself for the third album?
Jordison: We still have a few tricks up our sleeve. We pulled some key songs off of Iowa because we wanted to save them and use them to build upton for the third album. A lot of songs on Iowa were actually written a long time ago like the title-track and "Gently." It didn't feel right to put them on the first record because we wanted to keep working on them. Some of the songs we kept off of "Iowa" are too far ahead of their time and will work better on the third album.

How do you envision the end of Slipknot?
Jordison: After touring for "Iowa," I think we'll probably do two more records and then call it quits. None of us want to end up turning this band into a parody of itself. It's too special for that. I think this band could easily exist for 10 years, but the physical and mental strain is just too hard. I would rather go out on top like the Sex Pistols. Just like Johnny Rotten said, 'the easiest thing to do is just stop.' Plus, the people in this band have other musical projects they want to pursue.


Iowa is probably best known as "the middle of nowhere." Most non-residents consider the corn-and-pig-state a geographical black hole. Since rock'n'roll's dawning in the early '50's, Iowa has had no singular voice to put on the musical map. Naming a significant musical identity from the state is inarguably a fruitless task; it simply can't be done. However, nine freaks from Des Moines--draped in industrial coveralls, surrealistic self-made masks, and an attack that combines violently regurgitated "L.A. neo-metal," death metal, hip-hop, and downtuned screeching horror--are about to leap upon the unsuspecting world like a musical of Clockwork Orange. Have you ever thought about what a messed-up hardcore metal band from "the middle of nowhere" would sound like? "Ultra-violence" only begins to descibe it.

Meet 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. (In human terms that's DJ Sid Wilson, drummer Joey Jordison, bassist Paul Gray, percussionist Chris Fehn, guitarist James Root, sampler Craig Jones, percussionist Shawn Crahan, guitarist Mic Thompson, and vocalist Corey Taylor, respectively.) Each comes equipped with not only a frightening visual persona and number assignment, but a talent on his particular instrument that combines and collides to form the nine-headed savior/destructor of modern heavy music dubbed Slipknot. Now, with the tools and talents (not to mention complex-yet-infectiously-catchy songs) that this band holds in its grasp, the world has no choice: Slipknot has arrived, and you must now decide how to deal with it.

Formed during the latter half of 1995, the band went through necessary lineup changes to arrive at what they now descibe as "a family unit." All native Iowans, their rather unassuming, un-happening locale gave the members plenty of space and time to perfect their unusual take on heaviosity. The band recorded and distributed the self-released debut Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. in 1996, and the ball hasn't stopped rolling since. Attracting the attention of a number of labels, Slipknot finally signed to Roadrunner through noted producer Ross Robinson's I AM RECORDS imprint in 1997 and entered Indigo Ranch Studios in L.A. with Robinson to record Slipknot. From the pummeling Sic and the unforgiving bludgeon of Surfacing to the sublime melodies within Wait And Bleed and the hypnotizing rhythmic drive of Prosthetics, Slipknot's vast array of influences comes seamlessly wrapped up in a 13-song love/hate letter to the outside world. The touring that will follow is promised to be "unlike anything else that's going on out there. Seeing is believing." So says Shawn Crahan. And it's a gross understatement of what actually transpires when it all comes together on stage.

Until you hear the sound they create, having nine members in the band might seem ludicrous. Shawn claims it couldn't work any other way: "We've maintained an excellent practice schedule for the last three years. Everybody's on time, everybody's always there, and we always practice as a unit. Our music is so reliant on each other that if one guy, even the DJ, is gone, it just wouldn't be our songs without him. Without one person, something is really, really missing. Everybody has to be present. Even the littlest things make the songs magical."

Just as striking visually as they are musically, Slipknot stresses that the visuals do not take precedence over the music. "We never put on the shit we wear to try and get people into us," says Joey Jordison. "We did it because, after being degraded constantly for trying to play music or do something in Des Moines, it just came to be like we were an anonymous entity. No one gave a fuck, no one cared, so we were never about our names or our faces; we're just about music. So we just put it on and it started gettin' people, and it just started to turn into this big thing. The music's the most important, though. The coveralls and masks happened, and for some reason it worked, therefore we had to kind of continue with it. We got stuck with it." Now that they're stuck with it, they hardly feel like themselves without it. Shawn feels that ".the masks are extensions of our personalities.

Everybody's got sort of a tweaked, demented way about themselves, and we just alter the masks over time. It feels really, really good when we wear our masks for an hour, and then afterwards we take it off, and the first thing we do is go, 'God, what a relief!', but we always seem to put 'em back on after a show and walk around the place." And the visual presentation will change over time, just as the music certainly will. "I think things will always be changing with Slipknot. Everybody grows older every year, and with that you change, and that's somethin' Slipknot is always going to do." As for the number assignments they wear on their coverall sleeves, they're lucky numbers, significant and vitally important to each member. When choosing them, "Everybody fell into a number," says Shawn. "There was not one person in the band arguing over a number. It was really weird."

Thanks to a hefty Ross Robinson production job on Slipknot, Slipknot's vision, part one, has been successfully realized. Shawn feels that Robinson was as highly motivated to work on the record as the band were to work with him. "We're a highly, highly aggressive band, and very seldom do we meet people who are in the realm of our aggressiveness when we play as a unit, and Ross took us into the recording room and was throwing punches at us. He was into it. Ross got up every day and went and worked out so he could be in shape to do our album."

When label reps and Robinson himself came to Des Moines to check out Slipknot at their best (on stage), the members were left with little to do for after-show entertainment than go to local strip clubs. After hosting guest after guest, the band were completely burnt out. Now, nobody in Slipknot ever wants to step inside a strip club again (it's Des Moines's leading form of entertainment, incidentally). Shawn grunts in disgust: "Fuck the strip bars. Fuck taking anybody to strip joints. We got shit to do."

The "shit" is wrapped up in a pretty little package called Slipknot. It's the discordant sound of the middle of nowhere, a terrain where Slipknot is jester and king.