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  • Formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1986 and disbanded in 1993 and reunited in 1994.
  • Black Francis' real name is Charles Thompson.
  • One of the Pixies' greatest hits was the song "Where is my Mind?". This song is featured on the "Fight Club" soundtrack and is the only song not composed by The Dust Brothers.
  • They arrived at a name Pixies after Joey Santiago selected the word randomly from a dictionary & liked the definition.
  • They were originally named Pixies In Panoply for a short amount of time.
  • Kim Deal formed The Breeders with Tanya Donelly of Throwing Muses.
  • In early 1993, Francis supposedly faxed an official notice to the other members that the band had split.
  • Kim Deal returned to the Breeders, and scored a hit with "Cannonball" from that group's 'Last Splash' in 1993.
  • Kim Deal once recorded with The Amps.
  • Joey Santiago has appeared on Frank Black's solo albums, on an album by indie-rock musician Charles Douglas called "Statecraft," writes music for FOX television, and has a band called The_Martinis with his wife, Linda Mallari. They released their debut album, 'Smitten', in 2004.
  • In 2005, Pixies embarked on tour with Weezer across North America.


Black Francis - Vocals, Guitar
Joey Santiago - Lead Guitar
Kim Deal - Bass Guitar, Vocals
David Lovering - Drums


"My head was feeling scared but my heart was feeling free" - Black Francis

"There was a f**king review in f**king Melody Maker [of the first BOSSANOVA single, 'Velouria'] - 'Sounds like someone's been taking singing lessons'. Like, motherf**king A! I am the singer. Who does sing SONGS. It's like I never sang before; like I was - I don't know - reading PROSE on my previous records and now I sing. EXCUUUUUUSE me for singing." - Black Francis

"I wanted to command some faith to the audience. I wanted them to be intrigued, absolutely curious about what I am. That's what makes music attractive to me - it's the hole you get sucked into when you really get into a song." - Black Francis

"I need my own pirate TV station. I wanna go to the moon. I wanna do this duet with Morrissey. I wanna keep making good rocking music that takes me. I just wanna be reduced to skin and bone. I want my songs to paralyze me." - Black Francis

"When I reached my teens, I discovered rock 'n roll and started getting interested in girls. So I guess that sort of religious/sexual conflict of interests is where a lot of the songs come from. The Bible's got a lot of wild stories in the Old Testament - the incest thing pops up a lot in my songs." - Black Francis

"Our love is rice and beans and horses lard." - Black Francis

"We want UFOs to be an acceptable topic. They're romantic" - Black Francis

"I'm really depressed there are no frontiers left to cross. And we'll be dead probably before people can go out to space" - Black Francis

"We're not totally stupid. We're a little fucked up. We're pretty hard. We're kinda sweet. We're dark. We're beautiful. That's enough for anyone I suppose" - Black Francis

"I'm making a living, yeah. But I could make a living doing lots of thing. It's not like I went to astronaut school and now I'm going to the moon." - Black Francis

"Jean and I blew a ton of savings so we could fly Concorde just to see the curvature of the earth. It's something you don't normally get to see, so I figured out, if you can do it, do it." - Black Francis

"Ultimately I'd like to release a single once a month, every now and then have a hit and every couple of years put them together as a compilation album. And then retire and run a coffee shop in Rotterdam and play reggae and classic punk records all day" - Black Francis

"We want to be the best and the coolest, but we'll have to knock down Rush first" - David Lovering

"Actually I don't even know the words to a lot of the songs. And they've never been explained to me." - Kim Deal

"We look like K-Mart rock 'n rollers, you know, the discount clothes stores where all the hicks go." - Kim Deal

"I'd like to sing more. That'd be cool. But I started The Breeders to prove I can do that. Do I write the same kind of songs as Charles? No! Get outta here! I don't care about the Bible! I don't care about UFOs! Who wants to know about that stuff? No, I'm joking. Charles' songs are good." - Kim Deal

"Basically, we appeal to everyone but the criminal insane. They're too busy thinking of their next meal to bother about The Pixies. They're too busy plotting their next breakdown. Getting ready for their next lobotomy. I guess they'll get around to us sooner or later. Hey Charles, can we play some prisons?" - Kim Deal

"I don't think there's anything innately erotic about pigs. But, generally, they are sweet, shy, mysterious creatures. Especially the little ones. When they get big, they get kinda gross." - Kim Deal


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