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Name: Sean Combs
Birth Name: Sean John Combs
Sex: M
Nationality: American
Date: November 4, 1969
Birth Place: Harlem, New York, USA
Occupation: actor, musician
Husband/Wife: Misa Hylton (hip-hop fashion stylist; divorced)
Relationship: Kelis (R&B singer), Jennifer Lopez (actress, musician; dating as of 1998; broke up on February 14 2001), Kim Porter (model)
Father: Melvin Combs (murdered in 1973)
Mother: Janice Combs (model)
Son: Christian Casey Combs (born in 1997; mother: Kim Porter), Justin Combs (born in 1994; mother: Misa Hylton)
Claim to fame: Howard University, Washington, D.C. (majored in Business)

Short History:

Influential music producer who, at a very young age, launched the careers of such rap artists as Notorious B.I.G. and Craig Mack through his extraordinarily successful venture, Bad Boy Entertainment.
More importantly, Puff Daddy has launched his own career with an album, No Way Out (1997)
Puff Daddy is one of the rappers in the music world that has kept out of trouble with the law for the better part of his life. Until the mid-1990's this was true but then there was a set of altercations with Death Row Records and one of its artists Tupac Shakur. Shakur claimed that Puff Daddy and B.I.G. had something to do with a shooting involving Shakur. Shakur claimed that he had slept with Faith Evans, fiance to The Notorious B.I.G.
A couple of weeks later Tupac was gunned down by two unknown assailants and they were never found. Puffy was questioned but nothing came of it. A few weeks later Notorious was gunned down in the same manner. Later thoughout the year, Puffy was arrested for carrying a gun in his car along with some marijuana.


  • Combs and Microsoft mogul Bill Gates have more than just lots of cash in common the unlikely duo are pairing up in the fight against AIDS; Combs and singer Alicia Keys, along with several South African artists, are scheduled to perform at MTV's HIV/AIDS Awareness Concert in Cape Town on November 23. (October 25, 2002)
  • His bodyguards argued with Heath Ledger and his fellow Hollywood star girlfriend Naomi Watts - because the couple were dancing too close to the rapper at a night club. (October 18, 2002)
  • P. Diddy, ever the host, vowed at a London press conference Monday to toss a big ol' party in Barcelona as up to one billion fans select this year's MTV Europe Music Award winners, to be presented Nov. 14. (October 1, 2002)
  • Combs has been ordered to pay $2.45 million to a man who claims he was beaten by bodyguards the rap mogul hired to protect Mary J. Blige in 1995. (September 2002)
  • Comb has been sensationally dropped by his record label because he is too expensive and too controversial. (September 2002)
  • P. Diddy has expanded into the polling business with his own market research company that it will release a national survey on a different topic.
  • He already owns his own record label, a clothing line and two restaurants.
  • Combs, who will star in the MTV Realty Show's 10 half-hour episodes in which he and his colleagues will travel to cities across the country for their quest, made it clear at a press conference on Wednesday that the show will not focus on his personal life.
  • Sean 'Puffy' Combs is very talented and is looking to be hip-hop's leader into the 21st century.
  • Puffy recorded a track entitled Missing You which was a sample of Sting's Every Breath You Take in memorial for Biggie Smalls. This track surprisingly went platinum bring in 3 million dollars for that one track.
  • The 3 million dollars that Missing You made was generously given to the family of The Notorious BIG by Puff Daddy In Summer of '97.
  • Puff Daddy runs a charity called Daddy's House which gives money to the kids of New York for computer camps, trips to Africa, ETC.
  • In one scene of MADE (2001), Sean Combs commented on Vince Vaughn's character getting all 21 Jump Street. Vince Vaughn was in an episode of 21 JUMP STREET (1987)
  • He is the wealthiest star on this year's Fortune's 40 Under- 40 Rich List (September 2002)
  • He says despite being extremely wealthy, he still lives his life exposed to too much violence.

  • Born in Harlem in 1970
  • Attended Howard University in Washington D.C.
  • Has his own record label Bad Boy Entertainment
  • Won 2 Grammy Award's for "I'll be Missing You"

"It gives me a chance to have it clear to people what I do. That I just don't throw white parties in the Hamptons every day. That I do work 20 hours a day and I am good at what I do." (about his new TV show in MTV)

"I feel safe in white because, deep down inside, I'm an angel." - RS. Issue 858/859.


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