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  • Dec. 21 1987, frontman John Francis Speuse was 18 years old and shot and killed himself. He wrote a 2-page suicide not explaining his dispair
  • Adrian was the last to join the band
  • Tony took Gwen to his senior prom
  • Signed to Interscope Records
  • Southern California based
  • Came out during the Grunge scene when it was hard for them to sell records
  • March of 92 - self titled album was released
  • Interscope later rejected them because thier records flopped
  • Eric Stefani quit in 1994 and went into the career of Animation
  • Gwen wanted to quit because she thought she would never get ahead in life
  • 'Just A Girl' was the first hit
  • Spring of 1996 - opened for Bush
  • Gwen was once labeled 'Queen of Pop'
  • 'Tragic Kingdon' spent 80 weeks on the charts


Gwen Stefani-singer
Adrian Young-drummer
Tom Dumont-guitarist
Tony Kanal-bassist

Random Facts/Quotes:

Old article: Not everyone is tickled pink by Gwens no-holds-barred fashion aesthetic. "I was in NY walking down the street and this older woman goes, 'Is that your hair??'" she recalls. "I go 'Yeah' and she screams at me,'Get rid of it!' She got really upset." Gwen shrugs off such critisizm. "Most people really like it, It makes them happy. Pink is a happy color." Adrian is equally enthusiastic about his wild-animal-pattern hair design. "When I was a teenager, I saw alot of punkers at my high school who had leopard hair and I always wanted to do it," he says. "I'm over 30 years old, no I have the balls to do it."

Gwen Stefani's Favorite book- 'She's Come Undone' by Wally Lamb (Regan Books) "This girl gets raped when she is young and it effects the rest of her life. Lamb really gets into her world - you can really feal this girl fly!"

Her Personality Trait - Once dubbed "Every Girl" by her band, She has broad appeal.

Gwens Love Life - She finds Harmony in Commitment to Bush's Gavin Rossdale.

Future Forcast - She'll rock, raid Hollywood, raise a family, and never retire.

"Our stage show is what No Doubt is all about. We're a live band, and we will always be a live band. We feed off the audience a lot - it's really important to us that every night we put out as much energy as possible" -Gwen Stefani

"I'm trying to live in the moment and really enjoy this wave that I'm riding." - Gwen

"I never thought the solo record would turn out as good as it did." - Gwen

"Gavin and I try not to get too far apart. That's when all the disasters come." - Gwen

"Designing clothes is just a very creative, fulfilling, passionate thing for me." - Gwen


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