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Nine Inch Nails Facts.
  • Trent Reznor was born May 17, 1965 and grew up in Mercer, PA. His legal first name is Michael
  • Trend Reznor has on Marilyn Mansons Satanic Army t-shirt in concert video footage
  • Trent is the only permanent member of NIN
  • Trent produced 2 soundtracks
  • 'Pretty Hate Machine' sold double-platinum and was named one of Rolling Stones '200 albums essential to any rock collection'
  • Trent performed in a few high school plays

Trent Quotes.

"i tell you what i do feel like right now - it's like, i'm 34 now, yeah? i don't feel like it. the last time i checked i was about 26. 34, that's fucking old. that's not cool anymore. i never thought about age, i was never concerned about it. until i turned 34 this year and i went, 'Are those wrinkles? What the fuck? And is that hair? On my back? Jesus Christ.'"

"I used to hate being alone. I always used to have roommates, or somebody near me, because i couldn't stand being by myself. I remember one time, it was about 10 years ago, I was in a dilemma because I wanted to see this film but I didn't have anyone to go with. So I agonised over it - Everyone was going to know I didn't have a date, and it was a Friday night too. So I purposely crept in after the film started, and I didn't enjoy it because I don't know."

"When I went to college, the year that I went, I went there with this grandiose idea of. Well, I felt like I'd fucked up in high school because I was the guy in the art class not doing anything. I decided I was going to fit in, in college: 'I am going to fit in.' One semester later, I'm in the art room with all the other guys that don't fit in."

"One night I was in a 7-11 before the show and I saw this big thing of chocolate syrup and I got this idea. During a certain point in the show, I always molest the guitar player in some fashion. I said to him "Rich, tonight I've got a surprise for you, don't worry it'll be cool." He's like: "What is it? What is it!? You're going to make me look like an idiot and my brother's going to be there." The point in the show is when things lighten up a bit, there's a break from the violent intensity. I pulled out two things of chocolate syrup and start pouring them over his head. It looked cooler than I could have possibly imagined - it was just amazing. It totally dripped all over his guitar, everywhere."

"I got everything I ever dreamed I'd ever get, cuz I never thought I'd get it. I got it. And. Don't ever do that."

(About The Fragile) "I'm hearing that it's the most anticipated record of the year, before I knew I woudln't be done because I hadn't started it yet. I hear, 'Please come save rock,' it's like, I didn't ask to do that."

(About We're In This Together) "I'm pissed off at that song, and I want to fight it. And it's fought me every inch of the way."

(About the Closer video) "I remember when that was having problems, aside from nudity and a couple things which was obvious, the main complaint was the tone of it. And the tone wasn't one of 'Take that scene out.' It was the whole thing makes you feel like You might throw up."

"I could write an album about riding in a bus and puking after a show somewhere, but that's what Bon Jovi's for."

"I was curious about L.A. It seemed like a farming ground for silicone breasts."

"I sound like a fruitcake sitting here saying all this shit."

"A lot of times we sit around here and talk and comment, and rarely it is, 'Wow! I can't believe how good that is!' It's usually like, 'Oh my God! What'a happened to the world?' I can sit here and bitch about how bad music is, or I can go make it better."

"I cut my hair now, and nobody recognises me. It's that whole thing I was bitching about earlier - 'I can't go anywhere without someone pointing' - And now it's like, 'Hey, it's me man!' I'm standing in the N section with my laminate on and covered in mud. (laughs) I just can't get a response anymore."

"If it does, remind me. Please. Throw something hard at me. (laughs)"

(Trent's response when asked if his music was going to degenerate into a Rick Wakeman type thing.) "Blech! I can see records returning in droves! Oh no!"

"There are things I'd like to research when the pressure of saving all of music isn't on my head. (laughs)"

" Hit me again with this tomorrow. I'll memorize an answer."

"Oh, I wouldn't say I'm a rock star, though we're always the last to leave a party. Does that count? Jesus, what a loser!"

"There's nothing wrong with borrowing, I've borrowed out the ass." (Trent on the funeral home he's currently using as a recording studio.) "We hear stories about how that place got shut down for, like, 'improper disposal of bodily fluids.' (Laughs) I don't know if that's true though. It has a pretty good vibe."

"My parents: 'You wanna try drugs? Here, do 'em. You wanna have a drink? Here, have a drink.' Puked on the rug that night. And then, 'Well, how was it?' It was demystified."

"I feel uncomfortable because I'm insecure about who I am."

"If I could make a million 'Happiness in Slavery' screaming, snarly. That's what people would expect and that's what fishnet-wearing men, skirt wearing Propaganda readers would expect, but to something that really opens me up for attack."

"Alanis Morrissette. I remember exactly the first time I heard that 'You Oughta Know' song. I was finishing Smells Like Children with Manson. I didn't have my studio yet, so we were about an hour and a half north. It was dawn, we'd been up all night, we'd just finished the last mix. There's a 30-mile bridge that goes across the lake right above us. Everyone's in the van, I'm in the front seat. I'm almost asleep, sun's up, seven in the morning, driving across this bridge. And that song comes on and it woke me up because I couldn't believe how bad the lyrics were. Like, 'Did she just say, 'I'll go down on you in a theatre?' (laughs) And everyone woke up and was like, "Oh my God, this is the worst f--kin' thing I've ever heard!" And in the back of my mind I'm going, "This is gonna be the biggest f--kin' single of the summer."

"Yeah. I could take a video of me taking a shit and here's the close-up of the turd coming out and that's offensive. But it's not.anyone could do that."

"I'm a f--kin' poor son of a bitch from white trash nowhere."

(On Tapeworm and the writing process) "Some of the Tapeworm stuff may end up being NIN stuff, but in my head right now I'm looking at NIN as something that comes more out of me directly. But it's also more of a thematic thing. That's another reason the NIN record didn't start up right away. I need a blueprint before I start building the house and I don't just write a bunch of songs and say, "Okay, I have a record."

(On The Perfect Drug) "And it's not in the film worth a shit. There's ten seconds of it buried somewhere, but it was just.I don't like being put in that 'make a record commercial, add this Nine Inch Nails bullshit thing to it' thing."

"Like, 'Mom, I want the new Marilyn Manson CD for Christmas.' Just one look at the cover and Mom is like, 'What the f--k?'"

"I'll tell you a funny story about Prince. I was in this studio and I heard Prince was coming in. There was a time I thought he was awesome, but what a f--king creep! The rules were, you were never to say the word

'Prince', you had to write down that symbol. You were never to look at him, or talk to him unless he approached you first, shit like that. So he shows up in a limo, wearing a fluorescent pink jumpsuit, giant hair, a cane, huge heels and a lollipop."

"People are always saying, 'You're really nice, I thought you were going to be a complete asshole.' I'm getting pretty fed up with it. I just want to say to them, 'Well I could always piss on your head.'"

"The only time I really want to murder people is when some f--kin' writer claims I'm fabricating everything just to be this thing. I hate doing interviews, 'cause I feel like I'm spreading my butthole open."

"One thing I always thought growing up was, 'Man, I hope I never get to the age where I don't like toys anymore 'cause I love Christmas and I love getting toys.' Later I thought, 'I hope I never get to the point where I lose touch with what's going on musically.' But then you realize this weird thing of maturity creeps in. Understand that I'm not saying I'm Mr. Old Guy right now, but I've gone through changes and I realize I'm not 21 right now and I still like innovative, cool things.but I'm lying if I think my brain hasn't changed."

"If I think the NIN record has to be all dobro and Jew's harp, then it has to be that."

"Yeah, trying something. Bush. Go away, man. Go the f--k away. And it's so disheartening to see. This is what people like. Safe crap. Even Bush write good songs for what they do, but what they do is so soulless and so f--king.I couldn't sleep at night."

"People go, 'I remember where I was when Kennedy was shot.' Well, uh, we remember where we were when we first heard 'You Oughta Know!' (laughing) Oh! Here's the chick that got dumped! She's bitchin' at you, 'I'm not gonna just leave!'"

"I worked in a music shop, which was hellish. The last thing you feel like doing is coming home and playing an instrument. And I cleaned toilets in a rehearsal studio. I wiped many a musician's pubic hair off the toilet seat. It sucked."

"The tour bus grinds to a halt, and there's a party for YOU! Every night, a party for ME! "

"Well, it's weird when you play a show somewhere and there's a disproportionate number of people backstage talking about how they're witches. And that there's a cool place to go - 'Hey, you guys want to go out tonight after the show?' 'Yeah, where?' ' Well, there's a great place. There's this old abandoned church that these satanic cults hang out at.' It's not,

'Let's go down to the bar.' It's like, 'Let's go out and slaughter a cow.' What the fuck? It's the last thing you're expecting. And they assume that you must be into that. I've got someone coming up to me saying, 'The promoter is telling everyone you're a warlock.' I think a lot of spare time breeds incredible weirdness. They're looking for some way to rebel. I don't know."

"Sometimes we pee on each other before we go on stage."

"Interscope went into it like they really wanted to know what I wanted. It was good- after I put my raving lunatic act on."

"I didn't want to come across as an industrial, snarling, Satan-singing entity"

"To a large extent, my music is about me coming to terms with who I am, and addressing that in a potentially ugly manner. Sometimes that's a shocking thing because when you peel back the skin, sometimes you find that what you see is not always the person you originally hoped or thought you were."

"I do actually believe in love. I can't say that I'm 100 percent sucessful in that department, but I think it's one of the few worthwhile human experiences. It's cooler than anything I can think of right now."

"I've not thought about suicide a lot because it's kind of dangerous in your own mind to think about it. But I make myself think about it once in a while to explore what it would be like, you know, what if I did? I don't want to do it, I have no plans to do it, but there's been times when I've seen that black f---ing cloud, and I don't even want to get up, like, what's to get up for? Because there's no way I can fix everything that's f--ked up."

"It wasn't me standing over that bowl of fruit loops!"

"My legs look amazing. But that's another story. I just run into things."

"I don't know too much about bulleten boards. That's one area of my intelligence that's underdelveloped."

"I could lighten up a dark room with the undersides of my arms."

"There's something about the sight of every single person flipping you off in a giant stadium that makes you go instantly numb At that moment I se this f__king link sausage come flying up on stage and I thought, 'Okay, Germany, link sausage, you got us,' so that was a penis shrinker."

"I'm in my Travis Pickle outfit!"

"It's amazing how beautiful looking down into a smog pit can be."

"I knew I wasn't going to get laid studying piano with a nun."

"There's nothing like a stressful day."

"Look what I can do, check it out. I can do 15 minute drony crap." (Regarding the new album) "There's quite an element of darkness but.I'd say it's a David Cronenberg movie instead of Tetsuo the Iron Man. This one's much less of a baseball bat in the head."

"Tour guide parties walk past my house and Anne Rice's house every day. It's like, 'that's where the woman who wrote Interview With The Vampire lives, and that's where the Satan-worshipping rock star lives'!"

"I mean I'm sitting there in my underpants and it's like whoah!"

"I found myself looking at him, going, 'Jesus Christ, David Lynch!'. I've probably seen 'Blue Velvet' about 50 times, y'know?! It was like, 'He's talking to me! He created Frank Booth!'."

"I tried to help their songwriting," he explains. "Like, 'Let's get a chorus where it kicks in and you can pump it in your f__king car!'"

"I don't want to see a f__king gas station attendant. I want f__king blood and fire and explosions, naked tits and all that stuff!"

"I mean, I don't f__king know how to write songs. I opened my journal up, wrote things I could never let anybody hear, and it turned out people liked them. I was embarrassed, because it was like telling people your most naked thoughts. Each new song probably won't start with the word 'I'. If you add up the number of 'I's' I've used in my life, it comes to.quite a lot! There's also a real element of boxing yourself into a corner. How much more dead can you be? How much closer to suicide can you get?!"

"NIN is gonna be The Rolling Stones! I'll be 60, with a f__king colostomy bag. No one might be there at the shows, apart from the Vietnam vet reunion in Pennsylvania or somewhere. The advert would be 'Featuring No Original Members!'. Actually, I can't say that - I already don't have any original members!"

"Lots of people can have girlfriends. But I can throw around guitars onstage! That'll be my epitaph: 'He never had a girlfriend, but you should've seen him smash a Les Paul!'"

(On the rumor that he had enilsted a homeless guy to help mix the new album)"I heard something about that. Where did that come from? Yeah, of course it was real. Actually, a corpse came in and started mixing the album!. Nah, it's flattering that people are going to the trouble to come up with that shit!"

"Death to Hootie and the Blowfish, you know?"

"I'm not the happiest guy in the world. I'm not sure why. But I can't say, 'It's because someone stole my bike.'"

"I was raised by my grandparents, the greatest people in the world. I try to tell them, 'You're not going to hear my music on the radio. I'm not going to be on soap operas singing this.' I can imagine what my grandfather tells people: 'It's called Nine Inch Nails-here's the video. And here he is lying dead at the end of it.' I warned my grandfather that the church might be after him."

"I think my next album is going to be called 'Music for Titty Bars'".

"My butt hurts."

"An intergral part of any relationship is knowing that you could be killed in your sleep at any time."

(In response to somebody scanning a red laser beam over his body during a concert) "Can someone do me a favour and beat the shit out of the asshole with the red light before I kill the asshole?" (Later) "I'm just waiting to have my arm blown off. It's that feeling when it's zipping across your face and you're wondering when the JFK moment is going to come."

"Sometimes it's fun just to be retarded."

(When asked about memorable kisses) "From my dog, Maise, licking me in the mouth, after I had passed out drinking. I was sleeping with my mouth open and Maise never does that normally (I gave her) A little kiss back. I prefer to kiss her on the side of the mouth rather than getting right in. It's kind of incestuous, you understand, because she's part of the family."

(When asked what girls shouldn't do when they are on a date with him) "It's all good. (pause) But usually fart lighting is not one of my favorites."

(About Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.) "It's the perfect balance of shitty peanut material and chocolate."

"Christ, I'm ugly. What kind of hats are out now?"

(About the rumor that Courtney Love was pregnant with his child) "It would be the second Immaculate Conception."

"Why do I not jump in the crowd? Because my shirt gets ripped off and someone sticks their finger in my butt."

"I'm not afraid to think about certain things you're not supposed to think about. I mean, I do wonder what it would be like to kill somebody, though I'm not going to do it. But I can see why people idolize serial killers."

"You just realize you're not on Happy Days. It's the real world; You need to ignore what you are programmed by sitcoms to think your life should be."

"I hated school. I f__cking hated it. The fact is that it revolved around something you didn't have acess to. If you weren't on the football team, if you were in the band, you were a leper. When people say those are the best years of our lives, I want to scream."

(Talking about Mercer, Penysylvania) "My scope of travel was maybe a half-hour radius, and every little town had the same Kmart and Cinemax playing the same 5 movies, all Sylvester Stalone. It's hard for people who've grown up in cities to understand that,to have an endless cornfield for your backyard. But that's what a lot of America is - It's not dodging gunfire from gangs."

"Kiss changed my world. It seemed evil and scary - The embodiment of rebelliousness when you're age 12 and starting to get hair on your balls."

"I didn't want to accept the fact that my destiny was to pump gas down the street."


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