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  • Created the 'Family Values Tour' and Elementree records
  • From Bakersfield California.
  • Put out 'Issues' just 15 months after 'Follow The Leader' sold more than 4 million copies world wide.
  • One of their many projects include a 'KoRn TV' website at korn.com.
  • 'Issues' sold over 500,000 copies its first day of release and over 4 million copies in the U.S. alone.
  • They are the single and most potent commercial and artistic force in the hard rock world.
  • KoRn appears on 'Amplified' the album by rapper Q-Tip.
  • The song 'Kill You' is about Jonathons mother and how she constanty harrassed, punished, and tormented him.
  • When Jon was trippin out, he would tape Mr. Rogers and watch it over and over again.
  • Jons parents divorced.
  • 'Dead Bodies Everywhere' is a song about how Jon didnt want his son to be a musician.
  • Jon joined KoRn when he was 22.
  • Jon was an autopsy assistant for Kern County Coroners Office.
  • Jon's son Nathon was born in October of 1995.
  • In 1996, KoRn made cyberspace history by becoming the first band to conduct an interactive radio broadcast on the internet.
  • Jonathon suffers from post-tramatic stress disorders and has nightmares to this day.
  • Jon earned the nickname 'HIV' after the 'faggot' term he was dubbed in High school. He stood apart from his peers because of the difference of style of dress mimiving his pop star idols 'duran duran'.
  • 'Life Is Peachy' was released in 1996.
  • Orgy is signed on thier Elementree records.
  • They had a co-headlining gig on 1996's Lalapalooza Festival.
  • KoRn holds the distinction of being one of the few late '90's heavy metal acts to attain and then maintain extremely healthy status.
  • Their self-titled album was released in 1994.
  • 'Blind' began getting light rotation on MTV in 1995.
  • KoRn won Circus Magazines best band of the Millenium Poll.

Members of the band:

Jonathon Davis - singer
Brian 'Head' Welch - guitarist
James 'Munky' Shafer - guitarist
Reg 'Feildy' Arivizu - bassist
David Silveria - drummer

Image by FlamingText.com


"When I was a little kid watching Mr. Rogers, that shit was scary. He was a freaky old man. Land Of Make Believe and Mr. Fuckin McFeely and shit. Made me sick."
- Jonathon Davis

Member Bios

NAME: Jonathon Davis
HOMETOWN: Bakersfield, CA
BORN: Jan 18, 1971
FACTS: Graduated at the San Fransisco School of Mortuary Science.
On Jonathons upper right arm is a tattoo of a crazed bishop ripping up his skin. "The bishop is a symbol of the atrocities that religion is making. He's ripping up my skin to reveal christ. It's more of a symbol of how corrupt religion is. I dont believe in any of that b/c of shit like telvangelism. Do you think that money really goes to charity?" "Before I joined KoRn, I tried to be Jesus Christ just so I could face his ass." says Jonathon Davis of the show Jesus Christ Superstar, "He was such an asshole to me, but it still made me cry to watch him hang by his neck."
Davis does not have AIDS or the HIV virus, even though he has a tattoo that says 'HIV'

NAME: David Silveria
BORN: September 21, 1972
FACT: The first serious band he joined was LAPD

NAME: Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu
BORN: November 2, 1969
FACT: got his nickname from what he calls his 'chipmunk cheeks'

NAME: James "Munky" Shaffer
BORN: June 6, 1970
FACT: got the nickname 'Munky' because of his feet, which people say look like Monkey hands.

NAME: Brian "Head" Welch
BORN: June 19, 1970
FACT: He and Munky met in high school and started jamming out, teaching each other licks.

Band Biography

Korn's cathartic alternative funk-metal sound positioned the group among the most popular and provocative to emerge during the post-grunge era. Korn began its existence as the Bakersfield, California-based metal band LAPD, which included guitarists James "Munky" Shaffer and Brian "Head" Welch, bassist Reginald "Fieldy Snuts" Arvizu, and drummer David Silveria. After issuing an LP, the members of LAPD in 1993 crossed paths with Jonathan Davis, a mortuary science student moonlighting as the lead vocalist for the local group Sexart; they soon asked Davis to join the band, and upon his arrival, the quintet rechristened themselves Korn. After signing to Epic's Immortal imprint, they issued their debut album in late 1994; thanks to a relentless tour schedule that included stints opening for Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, Marilyn Manson and 311, the record slowly but steadily rose the charts, eventually going gold. Its 1996 follow-up, Life Is Peachy , was a more immediate smash, reaching the number three spot on the pop album charts. The following summer, they headlined Lollapalooza, but were forced to drop off the tour when Shaffer was diagnosed with viral meningitis. While recording their 1998 LP Follow the Leader , Korn made national headlines when a student in Zeeland, Michigan was suspended for wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the group's logo; the school's principal later declared their music "indecent, vulgar and obscene," prompting the band to issue a cease-and-desist order.


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