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First of all, Joe Nichols sounds GREAT in concert and has a cd-quality sound live. He performed at the West Virginia Interstate Fair & Exposition. I only drove 15 minutes to see him but it would be worth an hour drive. After sort of stalking the radio stations like I usually do when I know they are around (I only bug them cause I want their job), I walked over to see him. He started preforming at 7 and he did an hour long preformance (technically 1 hour and 1 minute). I stood the whole time. I didn't have patience to wait in line to pay $5 to sit down. I actually saw him really well from where I was standing.

He came out and kept complimenting West Virginia and his only complaint was that it was too hot. He sang all the songs off the current album that reached Gold this year (2003) and with 3 hit singles. He also sang "Honky Tonk Woman" and a few Merle Haggard songs and he was trying REALLY hard to get the audience to participate. He made all of us sing E-I-E-I-O over and over again and had everybody stand up and wave their hands. And I noticed that he has a great sense of humor too. He would stand up there making jokes and laughing around and being extremely down-to-earth.

The whole crowd was getting into "Brokenheartsville", and that was the best song he sang that I could honestly say that the crowd just absolutely went crazy over. He really got everybody going with that song.especially the 4 guys standing next to me but that's a different story all in it's own. Anyways, I actually seen the crowd get restless until he ended with that song so it was a great ending to a performance. I was actually debating on whether or not I should stick around and watch him again at 9. But I wouldn't want to over do it so I went and rode some rides and left. But if I ever have another chance to watch him again. I'd personally do it. it's worth it.

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