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  • the 4 original members were Beyonce, Kelly, LeToya Luckett, and LaTivia Roberson
  • 'The Writings on The Wall' went 6 times platinum
  • Michelle was a former backup singer for Monica
  • They won the Artist Of the Year Award in January 2001 and recieved 5 grammy nominations, including Record and Song of the year for
  • Beyonce is her mothers maiden name
  • Beyonce's mother Tina styles Destiny Child's outfits
  • Beyonce's first exhibited star quality when, at 7 years old, she sang
  • Beyonce played lead in a made-for-tv update of the classic opera 'Carmen'. Titled 'Carmen: A Hip Hopera'. Others on hand: Lil'Bow Wow and Da Brat. It was shot in LA.
  • They Believe Beyonce's mom makes the best gumbo in the world and she makes it really spicy if its just for the family.


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Beyonce Knowles-1982
Kelly Rowland-1981
Michelle Williams-1981

Other Facts


The girls were listening to the radio one day when they heard the DJ's voice mention Destiny's Child - and not in a compelementary way! "He was saying, 'Oh, Destiny's Child is like the TV show Survivor." says Beyonce, "You know, like whick member is going to last the longest on the island."


HOW NERVOUS WERE YOU DOING YOUR FIRST MOVIE? "I was worried I'd be wack in frong of all the actors, but Kelly and Michelle ecouraged me to try it. They said, 'Girl, this is a great opportunity.' Everyone treated me like I had been doing this forever."

WHAT WAS THE HARDEST PART OF MAKING THE SWITCH TO ACTING? "Pretending to be in love. My co-star Mekhi Phifer made it easier, but I thought, What? I have to kiss him?"

WHAT WAS YOUR BIGGEST PART OF MAKING THE SWITCH TO ACTING? "Crying. I'd tried to before and it didnt work. So when I finally got into the scene and tears came streaming down my face, I was so surprised.

YOUR CHARACTER, CARMEN, REALLY WANTS TO SUCCEDD IN THE MUSIC INDUSTERY AND SHE'LL DO ANYTHING-INCLUDING USING MEN-TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN. COULD YOU RELATE TO HER PERSONALITY AT ALL? "Yeah, to her dream of becoming a star. It took Destiny's Child six years of hard work to get a record deal. But she's a really flirtatious diva, who says what's on her mind and hurts people's feelings-anything to accomplish her dream. I want to achieve my goals but I wouldnt step on anyone to do it."

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