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  • Glenn Danzig's real name is Glenn Anzalone.
  • He stands 5'3
  • Resides in a small township in New Jersey
  • He's also an artist who designed bot Misfits and Samhain logos, plus all the record artwork.
  • He started a label for the Misfits called Plan 9 Records.
  • An avid collector of comic books (expecially Golden Age comics), Japanese toys, books, and videos which (amongst his favorites are Astro Boy, Captain Harlack, Devilman, Black Jack, and many more), horror related articles like B-movie posters and videos, and just vintage figure model kits, are just a few more of the items in his mass wasll to wall collection.
  • He silkscreened all the Misfits/Samhain shirts in the basement of his house by himself.
  • He got drunk alot, went out, went crazy, got in a lot of trouble & did some artwork before Misfits.
  • Once took his artwork to Marvel.
  • Misfits started in '77.

"Blessing is a curse, seduction and thirst, feeds the hunger that burns inside." - Glenn Danzig

"See how love unholy cuts into your mind. See how love unholy lies." Glenn Danzig


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