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  • During early band rehearsals, band in 1992, Mark used to flash his friends to make them laugh
  • They didn't want to be known as The Naked Band
  • The trio opened the 1999 Billboard music awards via a filmed segment of them streaking through Las Vegas
  • Mark managed a punk band out of Texas named Fenix-TX
  • Blinks beginnings can be traced back to 1992 when Mark droped out of college and moved to San Deigo to start a band
  • Mark grew up in Ridgecrest California, a town so boring that he and his friends used to go out and burn things in the desert.
  • Marks parents divorced when he was 8
  • Mark met Tom Through his sister, who was dating one of Tom's best friends
  • Scott Raynor was the original drummer
  • Travis was in a band called the Aquabats
  • Tom went to high school in Poway, California (where he grew up with his mom, Connie, now a real estate agent; his dad, tom, an energy company executive; sister Kari and brother Shon)
  • Tom was expelled for a year in school for consumming alcohol
  • Tom was voted Homecoming King but only because his friends did it to make the administrators mad because they all hated them (?)
  • Travis grew up in Fontana, California, in a high crime neighborhood, with his dad, a machinist, and his mom, Gloria, a housewife who babysat Local Kids
  • Travis' mother died the day before the started high school, after being diagnosed with cancer only 3 months earlier
  • Travis was a mama's boy. She made his bed, did his laundry, and helped him with his laundry, and helped him with his homework. She made him start playing drums at the age of 4.
  • Started off with the name Cajones, then El Cuatro, and then Blink and finally Blink 182!
  • they were dissed for being a punk band signed on a major label and not an indie label
  • A track by blink 182 appears on 'Say A Prayer for the Liberdale; viva east timor.' An australian benefit CD for orphans in war-torn East Timor. Its available on import only.
  • Janine is the name of the Porn Star on the cover of the CD
  • Their first cd was 'Cheshire Cat'
  • Mark stripped naked during a live indoor BMX race on TRL. Afterward, Carson Daly allegedly refused to do a live interview the 'naked man'.
  • Travis has a second job as a drum teacher in Riverside, California.
  • Mark wont sing without first brushing his teeth.
  • Travis was once a trashman in Laguna Beach.
  • Mark's sister, Anne Hoppus dated Damon from Fenix TX.
  • Mark's father's name is Tex, his mother's name is Carrie, and his younger sister is Anne.
  • Tom's mother's name is Connie.
  • Tom chose the name [Blink] simply because he likes short verbs
  • Other names considered for Enema of the State were: Turn your head and cough, Viking Wizard Eyes and blink 182: Electric Boogaloo
  • Adam's song was inspired by a magazine article about a teenager who committed suicide.
  • Used to call themselves "Sexual Monkey" as a joke.
  • Appears in the movie, American Pie.
  • Their album, Dude Ranch, is certified gold in both the U.S. and Canada, and is certified platinum in Australia.
  • Enema of the State, is certified gold in the U.S.
  • 'Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full of Lies',was a consideration for the name of the album, instead of 'Enema of the State'
  • 'Enema of the State' has sold over 1,000,000 copies.
  • The band's favorite movies were once: Fletch, Three Amigos, and Vacation.
  • The band had their own on-line retail skate shop called Loser Kids.
  • The store has music, clothing, and boarding/skating items.
  • Tom worked at a place called Gary's Chicken and Ribbs in his hometown of Poway, California.
  • He has a big obsession with Aliens, claiming the only reason he got a computer was to look up UFO sites. His big belief in Aliens also formed the song, Aliens Exist.
  • Tom, grewing up in Poway, California. His mom, Connie, is now a real estate agent. His dad, Tom, is a energy company executive. And he has a sister, Kari, and brother, Shon.
  • Tom's favorite CD of all time is Less Talk, More Rock by Propaghandi.
  • Tom appears in the movie Idle Hands as a fast food employee, who wears a sombrero. He only has one line.
  • The very first album Tom ever bought was a DI album.
  • Tom attended Poway High school in California.
  • Tom's girlfriend, Jennifer got mad about the line from Dumpweed, "I need a girl that I can train."
  • [Tom's]Favorite movies were: Karate Kid, Back To The Future Trilogy, Die hard Trilogy, and Braveheart Last Of The Mohicans.
  • Mark wrote "Going away to college" on Valentine's Day after watching 'Can't Hardly Wait'.
  • Mark has his nipple pierced.
  • Mark's hero of all time is none other than Homer J. Simpson.
  • Mark appeared on-stage nude, at MTV's Castaway Countdown, during the band's performance of What's My Age Again?
  • Mark appeared on-stage nude, again, at KROQ's 1999 Weenie Roast.
  • Mark actually hates the taste of beer, no lie.
  • [Mark]At a show in Boston, he took an inflatable sheep, shoved a drum stick up it's ass, and tossed it into the crowd.
  • Mark thinks Disney Movies kick ass!
  • Mark attended Burroughs High School in Ridgecrest, California.
  • Mark wrote Dammit in just 5 minutes, about a break-up that never actually happened.
  • Mark owned a pet beagle, named Ahi.
  • Travis' Stage name for the Aquabats was "Travis Baron von Tito."
  • Travis has 50+ tattoos on his body, including a giant boom box on his stomach.
  • Travis is really big collector of muscle cars.
  • Travis also played in a band called Feeble.
  • Travis loves leopard prints he has a cowboy hat to prove it.
  • Travis grew up in Fontana, California, which is located in San Bernadino county.
  • Travis tried taking up Tattoo drawing because he got board in high school.
  • Travis' favorite cereal is/was Lucky Charms.


FAVORITE TOUR BUS TUNES: Mark - "anything by Jimmy Eat World" Tom - "Hip/Hop Stuff" Travis - "King diomond (heavy metal band)"

FAVORITE CONSTANT COMPANION Mark - "cd player" Tom - "an Am Radio" Travis - "Tim Millhouse (his best friend)"

FAVORITE TV SHOW Mark - "The Simpsons" Tom - "The X-files" Travis - "dont watch tv"

FAVORITE SHOES Mark - "Pumas (baby blue)" Tom - "Converse All Stars (low-top, black, size 10)" Travis - "Pumas"

FAVORITE TYPE OF GIRL Mark - "Intellegent, funny, and fun to be with" Tom - "brown hair, blue eyes, dark skin" Travis - "Christina Aguilera"

FAVORITE TEEN DREAM Mark - "Sarah Michelle Geller and Jennifer Love Hewitt" Tom - "Ricky Martin" Travis - "Christina Aguilera"

FAVORITE THING TO DO ON A FIRST DATE Mark - "kiss at the end" Tom - "make out" Travis - "not aloud to say"

About Mark

THE BEST ADVICE HIS MOM EVER GAVE HIM: "to believe in myself and follow my heart"
HIS NICKNAME: "fishguts - I like to fish"
HE WOULD LOVE TO GO TO DINNER WITH.: "Ralph Wiggam from the Simpsons"
THE BEST PART ABOUT BEING FAMOUS: "being able to make a living doing what I love"
SOME THINGS YOU'LL FIND IN HIS FRIDGE: "I love to cook,Its always well stocked"
NOTHING MAKES HIM WANT TO DANCE THAN.: "Nothing makes me wanna dance. I look like such an idiot when I try. Dancing sucks."


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